The Generations of Communication

After the unprecedented 2016 presidential election a glass ceiling has been shattered here in the United States of America. Not the obvious gender based one that all attention had been trained upon. The 'glass ceiling' we

The Divided States of Autism

Today, November 8th 2016 is election day in the U.S.A. It should be a proud and exhilarating day for each and every one of us. However, that is just not the case this

Speaking Acceptance or Just Saying Uncle?

Today October, 14th 2016 Autism $peaks has announced that they have updated their organizations mission statement for the first time in their 10 years of existence. Correctly removing the word cure from it's content and

Grown Up Autism

*EDITED~ Watch the AWARD CEREMONIES HERE! SO Proud to BE Nominated! Take a bow everybody!! Grown Up Autism... That's exactly where we are headed as a culture, shifting away from an outdated


Today is International Peace Day! At AutismHWY we are truly all about Peace and Respect. Without understanding and respect for Autistic people of all ages at all stages we believe there will be

The Autism Secret Sauce

That special blend... that works for YOU and/or your Autistic loved one. That's the Autism Secret Sauce. The secret is within each Autistic person. Understanding a person's Autistic framework and building upon that throughout

Chalking It Up with Cool Cats!

So energized from an amazing weekend at the Ventura Harbor! The Ventura Art and Street painting Festival that happens the 2nd weekend in September is becoming a favorite here at AutismHWY! It was our

Bee Happy!

The first Friday in September has become a traditional day for me to be chalking in Carpinteria! After having my Coloring Book Series highlighted at the former Curious Cup Bookstore there, this delightful

Right Ways & Wrong Ways

On the AutismHWY there are always road signs even if you are missing them at first. There are rights of ways...and many wrong way: do not enter signs. They are something that must

Red, White, Purple and Blue

Over the last 6 years my non-speaking very vocal Autistic son has intermittently communicated some excruciating pain to me and to those within view of our lives moments. For some people I am sure

How Low Functioning Can You Go?

When you strive to 'raise the bar' for Autistic people sadly, you must prepare yourself to be 'brought down' by parents of other Autistic people. Apparently there are people out here that do

The Chalk Connection

Street ART is an amazing opportunity to share your work and the work of other's whom you believe in. Chalk art is a colorful way to engage with people you have never met, yet!

Chalking What WE Believe!

At we don't just walk the walk or talk the talk we also chalk the chalk! We CHALK what we believe IN...... The AutismHWY we roll on is chalked UP with street art for

Seeing Through Blessings and Curses

Sometimes the concept of 'seeing the forest through the trees' not as cut and dried as people expect. Much like the perspective I gain from the above photo. Photo description of: My son

Touchy, Touchy, TOUCHY!

When I was growing up in the 70's...I remember hearing this common 'threepeat phrase' being said to people in school, in the community, at home, in the media...pretty much anywhere and everywhere. You would hear


It was fantastic to see ANCA Naturally Autistic in L.A. today on the 'Big Screen.' In the midst of a turbulent year the Life Fest Film Fest chose to screen the fantastic and

The Power IS Ours!

I was reminded of this in a very BIG way in the months and weeks leading up to OUR 2016 AutismHWY Chalk Festival in downtown Covina. Our 6th annual event that has grown from a

2016 Chalk Festival: Unadulterated Bliss!

OUR 6th Annual AutismHWY Chalk Festival....FULL OF Ooooo's and Ahhhh's, X's and O's... JUST Hit Play...and listen to Susan Sheller's "If I Can Feel IT" while you view our 2016 photo gallery!....

The Art of Authenticity

Art is authentic. It communicates, it calms, it can do just about whatever you need it to. That is why ART is truly crucial to all people even if they are often unaware of

The Autism “R” Word: Is not what you think…

While we have come so far, blazing forward with the information that Autistic people need to be heard. We have also hit brick walls trying to create these 'inroads' to listening within our own community of

Our Autistic Friends!

Our 5th 'Making Friends with Autism' coloring book is a culmination of fantastic friends that love Art and Autism. Friends that want the world to be a more respectful and inclusive place for Autistic people.

Getting THAT Call

That 'call-out' no one wants. When a friend or group of friends and/or acquaintances feel badly about something you have done. It eventually happens to all of us and most likely does not feel good. Learning that something

Ah Ha Ha Moments

Ah ha moments. We all have them everyday in life. Big ones and little ones. Happy and sad moments, moments ripe with epic wins and moments rife with epic loss. Life is "full of  it!"

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