There’s No Place Like Home

This past weekend we thoroughly enjoyed participating in the 27th annual Pasadena Chalk Festival here in our beloved home of Southern California. It was our 5th yr. on the ground amplifying the magnificence

Chalking from Positions of Power!

We are loving the power held within this design that emerged at our April 13th 2019 chalking event!! A geometrical gem patterned with rays of color created by our featured artist Lesley Perdomo!

Tick, tick ticK!!

It's WORLD AUTISM DAY and the official 11 day countdown to our 9th year chalking UP community connections. Stacy Nalapraya designs it the way it IS! Inviting the community to come out and

The Forest Awaits You

There is an age-old saying about looking to the forest by perceiving beyond the trees. Go to the source #ActuallyAutistic people for inside information...   I think most folks have learned

AutismHWY Chalk Festival 2018 : Infinitely GR8! It's hard to believe our 8th Festival looking up to and celebrating the HeART of Neurodiversity has already been chalked up, fully experienced and is now gone with the beautiful chalk dust wind! The

Chalking Up Infinite Friendships

If you have never been to a Chalk Festival you should really remedy that. So much connection is happening at each and every event. Cities and communities are now feeling the 'power of

Dreaming in Autistic Culture Technicolor

GIVING IT...OUR ALL. Soon it will be our favorite time of year! Time to share our lives with the community through our artistic translations at the AutismHWY Chalk festival. Heiroglyphicly baring

Tracy Lee Stum Creates with the Neurotribe!

Going into our 8th year event I must say that "Southern California's hottest Autism acceptance" event has truly evolved! From a handful of friends and vendors chalking in various parking lots to the powerful diversity

Growing A Conscience: Remembering To Be Human 2018

As we land into the year 2018 it seems that this is finally happening. People understanding the multi-faceted everyday marginalization of others and the harm that causes. We here at AutismHWY have been chalking

Vibrating Three Dimensional Energy

That's what's happening. This universe, this planet, this country, this very vibrational moment in creation. Dimensions of humanistic expansions and remembrances of knowledge. Cutting edge knowledge that will be communicated through literature, science

Autism Awareness Antics

As another April winds down and all of the amped up Autism awareness antics die down we MAY resume our normal lives.   There was a time when I believed that "awareness" was a

It’s Amazing What a Day can Change…

Every year just keeps getting BETTER! This year's event video by Manuel Valenzuela features the heART and soul of our event. Our hat's are off to ALL of our participants. ALL of you

7th Year for the AutismHWY Chalk Festival!!

Leading up to this year's fantastic 7th event everyone was itching to get down on the ground with sweet mother Earth and pour our colorful, artful souls directly into her. Bringing out a

Balls Deep in Bullying

A "funny thing" happened to me on fb the day after watching the UPLIFTING worldwide Women's March of 2017... I had the "unmitigated balls" to react with honest feelings to this snarky meme posted on that day

Autistic Voices WILL Trump Trump’s Stance   Donald J Trump's reign begins... Here on the AutismHWY we often times find ourselves in the Autism fast-lane. Researching and focusing on the information that Autistic people share about

The Shattered Dream

Today, Martin Luther King Day in 2017 feels odd. As if this great day of reverence and respect should not occur in such a climate. This daily political climate change that is shifting

The AutismHWY Blog: What it’s ALL About

In late 2009 the AutismHWY website was in the factory tuning up and preparing to plug into our brand-new electric HWY, the world-wide web! How exciting to find ourselves in a whole 'new head

Kissing 2016 Goodbye!

Mwah! 2016 will be remembered as a very challenging and unpredictable year for ALL of US! It is so indicative of the fully-connected world we now live in. Information literally barraging us from every

AutismHWY’s 6th Drive Around the Sun

Our ANNIVERSARY... quietly occurred this past week! ~December 16th 2010 was the exact date we went LIVE on this world wide web. OUR Drive on the AutismHWY ready to roll globally...full of natural

That’s the Way We Roll

Craig Quat. WoW. Remember the name.   Paul-Constatin Cojocaru, Craig Quat and Archie David with a juggle board at the 2016 AWAF event. He is by far one of the most amazing

Recognizing Autism Naturally: Hold the Shame and Fear

Something wonderful happens when you have a super- natural, Autistic child and you then make friends with other super-natural, Autistic people. You feel super-naturally empowered. You don't feel like you are operating in the

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