If you have never been to a Chalk Festival you should really remedy that. So much connection is happening at each and every event. Cities and communities are now feeling the ‘power of the chalk’ and festivals highlighting street art are popping up on many HWY’s circling the globe!
GLOBAL Recognition...for ALL of US!


Artists have always known the healing powers that free expression addresses. Art helps us ALL define where and how we live in life. So naturally, chalk lends itself well to every possible community expression out there! It’s a relatively cheap medium and has maximum transformative power without permanently changing the community outwardly.


Inwardly…well, that is THE whole “other story” isn’t IT?




Chalk Art Festivals enable us to experience a rollercoaster of thought and emotion encompassed within a colorful blend of sensory bliss. So, IN REALITY all chalk festivals are theme parks for the soul. A stroll through a park that can and WILL bring us to places we never knew we would land! Places we need to BE.
cf17sn Stacy Nalapraya dreamed up this powerful imagery last year which colorfully brands the world as it is, a place of infinite natural diversity. When I see this it resonates powerfully within me and I believe within us ALL. It depicts that powerful DREAM in which this event was created and will always reside. A home where we can all assemble as valued souls with something wonderful to contribute no matter who or how we are. A world of acceptance and enjoyment is embodied at these infectious outdoor affairs. Ask anyone that has attended our festival as we embark on year #8. Fabulous friends from near and far connecting these simple yet crucial -life affirming dots- with drums, love and chalk!
drum circle 16
2018 Chalk Art - Covina Today - Spring
2018 drum