This week has been very difficult on the AutismHWY because we have lost our original patron saint, Catherine Louise Kirkland. My mother, Wyatt’s grandmother, our rock of love and acceptance. Her calm and steady character has guided our HWY like the best GPS. Now she’s taking a new, higher road where we will all meet again ETA…TBD.





Louise spreading THE JOY.

Louise spreading THE JOY.

Louise’s strength, love and support allowed the AutismHWY’s annual Chalk Festival  now permanently located in downtown Covina California to emerge powerfully. She came  from Cleveland Ohio to Covina  in the late 1950’s. Began working in Covina, met a 1951 Covina High School graduate got married and gave birth to 3 babies just blocks away from Heritage Plaza where we gather to free express each spring. She was grounded in this beautiful community as are we.



Her willingness to follow our AutismHWY dreams helped make the event possible… manifesting itself in countless, selfless ways. From pulling the first $500.00 permit in the city of Azusa 9 years ago to picking up the Artist’s favorite breakfast burritos at El Merendero near the L.A.Co fairgrounds. Louise was always there to back us up.

Her ability to multi-task and support our beloved event financially and emotionally has been epic over the years. Her energy lingers and will be one of the everlasting strengths driving OUR FORCES that will always be chalking and talking about LOVE and ACCEPTANCE on the AutismHWY.

chalk heART

So long Louise …until we chalk again. Xo…

mom wy