This past weekend we thoroughly enjoyed participating in the 27th annual Pasadena Chalk Festival here in our beloved home of Southern California. It was our 5th yr. on the ground amplifying the magnificence of the Autistic perspective in chalk at the world’s largest street painting festival!! In past year’s we have challenged this huge weekend crowd to rethink what the mainstream media has been telling them about Autism. We have been gently letting them know that they may not truly ‘innerstand’ how Autistic people actually traverse in our busy daily world. We chalk out loud the words people need to hear and speak out about Autism. Last year’s design could not have been clearer…Hearing people read that message aloud all weekend was music to our ears.

This year we felt the urgent need to memorialize a tribute to Greta Thunberg the Swedish Autistic teenager working tirelessly to wake the people of this world to the climate crisis we are all facing. Her climate activism is something to behold. Her use of precise language and fierce determination is something we have seen before and admire greatly. The many Autistic activists we follow and learn from daily sound much like the fantastic pragmatic voice Greta now shares globally. Take the time to hear Greta’s powerful environmental message here…


This year’s design re-imagined Greta as a NEW more confidant Dorothy, from the Wizard of Oz. A young girl with Courage, Brains and Heart set on a golden path toward making planet saving changes.

Her determination and authentic purpose shines beyond rainbows and it’s almost as if she is clicking her heels with each and every amazing speech.

Won’t we all be pragmatic and focused enough to join her on the most important journey of our lifetimes…?

Please follow Greta’s great work and make the changes you can to reduce the overuse of our earth’s resources…NOW more than ever. Thank you Greta, our hat is off to YOU! The courage you self employ, the heart you draw out of others and the brains you share are life affirming and energizing.

A new generational vision of utmost importance for us ALL as we fast approach 2020 and beyond… because there truly is no place like this glorious planet we all call HOME.