Something wonderful happens when you have a super- natural, Autistic child and you then make friends with other super-natural, Autistic people. You feel super-naturally empowered. You don’t feel like you are operating in the dark all alone. You have friends full of enLIGHTenment that understand and recognize Autism and your child in ways that you cannot experience; internally (unless of course you yourself are Autistic and parenting from an Autistic perspective.) Internal understanding of Autism is essential for the enlightenment of all people and something I have long called “innerstanding.” It’s a concept that non-Autistic parents need when raising Autistic people of any age at ANY STAGE. 


It is critical to understand that the varied sensitivities and processing systems Autistic people experience daily are ‘differentials that slide on scales’ within each individual person’s framework and development over a lifetime of experience. This valuable information has opened my mind to the bigger Autism picture. A pragmatic reality void of fear and full of realistic knowledge.  A more worldly and intelligent view of Autism and all of the variables experienced within Autistic people. The sooner parents and ALL PEOPLE empower themselves by learning and thinking about this BIGGER Autism PICTURE… the better.
light in the dark


Autistic people have always been innovators in this world and will continue that work “in the closet or out of it.”


Right up until and into the amazing days ahead… when there are NO CLOSETS hiding Autistic people!


Be proud to understand this truth. This knowledge builds power and will have you and your family operating from a position of power that will lead you, your Autistic loved one and your entire inner circle towards success in the LIGHT. When you are being hidden OR hiding behind Autism’s dark and erroneous stigmas you will undoubtedly remain hidden away and invariably keep those oppressive stigmas in place. When Autistic people and their families do not take pride in their own lives by continuing to reside in shame and fear how then will we garner worldwide innerstandings and acceptance as a whole?


We won’t. The world will follow the Autistic communities lead. Where will we lead the world?


Shame, fear and insisted upon confidentiality are emotionally unhealthy places to reside.



The longer you are hidden or choose to hide, the longer the stigma controls your life, your spirit, your free-will and ultimately your soul.


Confidentiality and exposure are two separate entities that mutually exclude each other regardless if you are the child of the President-elect or the corner grocer… We cannot have it both ways and that plays out today more than ever. In an age of ‘electronic cuneiform’ we are no longer writing our thoughts on a rock that no one will see for centuries. We are literally telegraphing our thoughts, ideas and experiences globally in real time. It is mind boggling as stated in our last blog post here. We live in a time quickly moving to re-define itself. We urge Autistic people to step up, be heard and contribute! Remove the shameful confidentiality enforcement and painful stigmas that have kept the world in the DARK concerning valuable Autistic people and their priceless Autism truths.

It’s time we hold the shame , fear and stigma by operating from positions of power by stopping the world (and some Autism stakeholders) from continually pathologizing the super natural Autistic way of being!