7th Year for the AutismHWY Chalk Festival!!

April 8th, 2017|

Leading up to this year's fantastic 7th event everyone was itching to get down on the ground with sweet mother Earth and pour our colorful, artful souls directly into her. Bringing out a concept, a smile, a masterpiece re-imagined and often times a beautiful moment lost in time. A temporary art form meant to touch

Would YOU Know what AUTISM looks like?

September 6th, 2010|

An Amazing ARTIST that has become my friend created this beautiful work with this thought provoking title!! It is profound, really. People have things staring them in the face everyday. Seemingly very appearant yet, obviously not seen. This can describe AUTISM. How it feels for US. The parents, families and care-givers.You are essentially operating in

The…”FUN & ONLY”!!!

September 3rd, 2010|

Will be happening, NON~STOP!! Next Saturday on September Eleventh. Come on out to California's GREAT AMERICA Theme Park in beautiful, sunny Santa Clara!! AutismHWY.com is counting down the minutes!! Literally...the minutes to our ~Fun DAY for AutismAwareness~ and the LAUNCH of the website! AutismHWY has been "under construction" in one form or another since April

GREAT~America…on 9~11!!

September 1st, 2010|

http://www.cagreatamerica.com/events/event_detail.cfm?event_id=435&ec_id=13 It is so fitting that California's Great America Theme Park is holding AUTISM AWARENESS DAY on this auspicious date! When I first heard about this it seemed like a cosmic alignment! Just like the amazing coincidence at the recent EMMY AWARDS!! The cosmic alignment that allowed Miss Temple Grandin to win 5 emmys for

AutismHWY to a …”GREAT America!!”

August 5th, 2010|

Yes folks, that is exactly where we are headed! I am just so glad to be on that ride!! Literally AND Figuratively!! The ride to Santa Clara California's Great America... & their AUTISM AWARENESS DAY and the ride to the "More Enlightened" Great America...coming soon! The more Autism Aware AMERICA!! It has been a long

Advertise on Autismhwy.com

July 13th, 2010|

For those of your interested in advertising on Autism Hwy we want to talk to you! Let us know if you are interested. We have many packages available for all budgets large and small. Autism Hwy will include a separate "Find a Specialist" section on the website. Each of the main cities in the USA


June 10th, 2010|

It is that time of year!! Time to honor Our Dads and Our Grads! Two factions of constant hard work!! These factions need support. Since June is the time to GIVE IT...it is so fitting that Jim Gott ex- L.A. Dodger(father to 2 sons w/ AUTISM) has picked this Saturday for an amazing event!!FOR MEN

A Celebrated…SEASON!!

June 2nd, 2010|

Seems I just heard about A-League a couple of days ago. What ?? Autism Baseball ? Little League teams for players with AUTISM !? Really? YES, REALLY !! And as the saying goes TIME FLIES when you're having fun!! The INAUGURAL SEASON ends this Sat.! Can't believe how fast and smooth it went...considering (?). I

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