It is so fitting that California’s Great America Theme Park is holding AUTISM AWARENESS DAY on this auspicious date! When I first heard about this it seemed like a cosmic alignment! Just like the amazing coincidence at the recent EMMY AWARDS!! The cosmic alignment that allowed Miss Temple Grandin to win 5 emmys for her life-story on her BIRTHDAY!! She really is an AWARENESS GIFT that keeps giving!!

Awareness is what we as ASD Families need to GIVE THE WORLD!! Everyone else is too busy with all of the world’s “other matters.” it is so EXCITING that is PARTNERING with this awesome AMUSEMENT PARK!! For Great America to plan an event in mid-September is BEAUTIFUL!! Too often people believe awareness is only for Awareness mo. in APRIL! When WE living on the SPECTRUM know that awareness does not stop on MAY DAY!!!

If it does than…HELP!! …MAY DAY !! & S.O.S.!! We need mass mainstream appeal here folks!! There are people out there that don’t even know who Temple Grandin IS ??! Please take the time to watch her AMAZING HBO MOVIE, if you do nothing else!!

So this is why I am SO IMPRESSED with Great America’s AUTISM AWARENESS DAY held on September 11th! Thinking outside of the box! It has been 9 yrs. since the fateful 911 event that rocked human spirits far and wide. An EYE-OPENER to diversity to say the least. A diversity that many were unaware of. People share so many different perceptions, and that gets lost in the shuffle of life!! The perception of AUTISM has been lost in the shuffle of the mainstream. FOR YEARS!! So many times people need something catastrophic or earth-shattering to become aware! How many times have we all noticed that!

AUTISM teaches an important lesson. Much like the events in 2001…You realize what is truly important and what is frivolity!! I say lets concentrate on useful knowledge. It’s about appreciating and learning from the differences we ALL share!

There are no two of us exactly alike. Sure, Noah paired ’em off by species. But, are there 2 of a kind? Truly? I think not. Has anyone EVER had a spouse, child, sibling, dog, cat or even a horse with the same personality as another? We ALL have a little different experience in the way we process AWARENESS. Children can be taught about diversity while they are young and pliable. Adults not so much! and perceive our worlds.

So, I plan to read my Autism Awareness Books to children on 9~11 in Santa Clara. Hoping to engage their parents as well! The dialogue has to become mainstream! The United States loves to be considered a world leader. In the world of AUTISM we need to pick up the pace for that consideration!! Yes, GREAT STRIDES have been made in genetic discoveries and more. But AWARENESS just seems like a lead balloon sometimes!! GREAT AMERICA is setting a great precedent here! Opening GREAT dialogue on an important issue on a MOST IMPORTANT Day of Honor and Memory and Respect! is honored and delighted to be on our way to THIS Autism Awareness Day!!

Click here for fb event page!