An Amazing ARTIST that has become my friend created this beautiful work with this thought provoking title!! It is profound, really. People have things staring them in the face everyday. Seemingly very appearant yet, obviously not seen. This can describe AUTISM. How it feels for US. The parents, families and care-givers.You are essentially operating in 2 REALITIES …1 WORLD!! We walk the tight-rope with our children. With essentially all the worlds professionals. Some aware of ASD’s others~ not so much. Out in the community…our kids need people to not assume they are “typical.” Autism is such that we need to explain the world to our children. AND…explain our children to the world!! We are their “buffers,” their “conduits,” their translators. We are all those things and more. So we see both worlds! Our minds are anything but “Abstract!” lol

That is why Wendy McCormick Lopez is such a wonder. Dealing with a beautiful ASD son. Complicates the daily routine in ANY # of ways… ADD a daughter, family life and a career. Your lucky what even fits in after that!! Well , lucky we are!! Wendy’s work is stunning …take a look for yourself! You will love the feelings that will be evoked!

She has a beautiful soothing style. I love the way her work makes me feel. Very calm very zen…something not always so readily available in spectrum life!! lol …So definitely take a peak at her work. Months ago I asked Wendy if I could use her designs in my home. I have envisioned a zen spa bathroom with this amazing look…

Just STUNNING isn’t it? So much like all of life ~INTERPRETATION is the key!! If you see a great future despite an unwanted diagnosis you can have it. If you see gloom and doom, you are bound to it!! THIS MUCH I HAVE LEARNED!! Sure an ASD Lifestyle is not a bed of roses. We all have a set of challenges we manage. How we rise to that CHALLENGE creativity is where it is at.Let our kids create!! Parents and Teachers across the globe need to realize this and push past the “budget constraints.” is the real test. More and more I am in the belief that

We can accomplish A LOT as passionate caring parents of the SPECTRUM! Grass roots efforts will be popping up!! I am seeing this EVERYWHERE!! Our individuals NEED VENUES!! To create and do what “Comes~Naturally” So get busy planting the seeds for creative futures…invent ways and means in your neighborhoods!! will be announcing something SPECIAL in this regard very soon!! As for “Knowing what AUTISM looks like?”… I will hope that in OUR “NEW” Creative FUTURES will start to look a little deeper MULTI~DIMENSIONAL World!! people and see if they really know what they are looking at …in this very

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