…Not the one in China. The one that will be seen in Vancouver British Columbia on the weekend of September 23rd-25th. The wall of support we will build. Adorning this wall with the brilliant images of cutting edge culture! The LOGOS of companies on the frontline of Autism reform. The NEW GUARD if you will. Setting a very positive precedent!

A precedent for change. A change to partnerships not charity. Where support goes both ways…a two way HWY! Business to business. Where your dollars go toward changing  the culture…to advertise to the world that your company believes in the strengths and talents of the Autistic Community! Supporting the growth of self esteem in a previously marginalized group. Branding yourselves in history as  SUPPORTERS OF  POSTIVE CHANGE for Autistic People and their families globally.

The writing will be on the wall!!  The vinyl backdrop for the AWARDS PARTICIPANTS to be photographed in front of! A very powerful photo-op! Our AutismHWY “A” will be front and center…IF you would like to “Partner” with us and support success. Send in your sponsorship and get your logo on this great wall. Progressive thinkers paving opportunities for the world. We have to order this backdrop early and we will need your commitments  by July 31st in order for your logo to appear on this GREAT WALL!  Companies sponsoring after this cut-off date  will  still get all of the premium advertising which consists of  blogradio spots, printed materials; flyers, posters & programs. On -line newsletters, blogs, announcements etc. through numerous websites and all social media.

In my mind the most important place to have our logo is on this GREAT WALL!  Aligned with an amazing cast of people, people putting their money where our heart is… into the Autistic Population. Joining us as we march ahead in our own walk. Our walk toward acceptance, understanding, inclusion, appreciation and CELEBRATION!!

GET YOUR LOGO ON THE WALL!:  click here for sponsorship info! www.naturallyautistic.com