Yes folks, that is exactly where we are headed! I am just so glad to be on that ride!! Literally AND Figuratively!! The ride to Santa Clara California’s Great America… & their AUTISM AWARENESS DAY and the ride to the “More Enlightened” Great America…coming soon! The more Autism Aware AMERICA!! It has been a long and winding road and I sense we are “almost there!” ALMOST THERE!! The famous words heard in every car on family vacations EVERYWHERE!

We all want to get to our desired destination. Especially in the Summer!! My desired destination is not a physical space at all. It is more a state of mind, an understanding. An attitude! COMPLETE AWARENESS & ACCEPTANCE of all things ASD! That is the GREAT AMERICA I am envisioning. That is the America our kids deserve. The America I want to live in! That WAS the premise of this great country after all! People wanted the freedom. The freedom to be themselves!! Well, this is not the Revolutionary War. Just the 21st CENTURY!!

Just the century to get to that destination!! That enlightened future! It is a noble aspiration! With all the amazing groups and organizations on line…there is a natural alignment forming! I FEEL IT! We all want the same thing. Great minds DO think alike!! So as we all use our creative energies to drive the awareness forward…the HWY Widens!! The AutismHWY!! Blinkers on…merging in. ASD Handbook!! Our work is cut out for us! So take the challenge and help make autism mainstream!!

We will be at the AMAZING AMUSEMENT PARK on 9~11~10 doing just that! I can’t wait to meet everyone and talk about AutismHWY and my “Wyatt Books.”

It is so fun to talk to kids and find out what they know about the spectrum!What a FANTASTIC setting for that Dialogue. “Great America” in beautiful sunny Santa Clara! Northern California’s premiere amusement park!!


100’s of acres of rides, shows and attractions! YOU will not know where to start!! For the thrill-seekers there are nearly a dozen EXTREME RIDES!! For those seeking a cool down…try “White~Water” and “The Logger’s Run!!” KidZville has 18 amazing adventures for the little ones!! Wyatt loves a good Merry-go-round and The world’s TALLEST Double Decker carousel is here!! WooHOO!! Planet SNOOPY is NEW this year! A Peanuts party in Celebration Plaza…Charlie Brown’s song-filled Hoedown and an all you can eat country BBQ!! Awareness and FUN on the AGENDA!!

If you still have energy after that…Go and be a “STAR” ! Jack’s Jukebox Karaoke goes down in the 50’s gazebo!! Perhaps, your child is a “Circus-Star”? Join the Ringmaster for the “Backyard Circus” in the KidZville Theatre!! We hope YOU can ALL make plans to JOIN US for the FUN~AWARENESS~CELEBRATION!! “Support Group” DISCOUNTS for 15 or more!! Check the site for all the details…and COME ON DOWN, UP or SIDEWAYS !! Whatever the case may be!!! SEE YOU There!!