The Learning Flow

There is a distinct Autistic learning flow. Go with it. That's what we believe. If something is clogging that flow, define and understand why things are not flowing for your Autistic loved one.

Be Mighty Yourselves! must be a 'good thing'... I guess I never really noticed "The Mighty" website as it built up their disability community writings and subsequent following. When I started seeing people excitedly sharing their

2016 and BEYOND…

Toot~Toot!! Z! Marks the spot...   Toot~Toot! The AutismHWY has been full of more twists and turns than "normal" in this past year and we do not expect anything less


AutismHWY is blessed to know so many amazing Autistic activists and advocates. This has been THE biggest and best result of our 5 year history. Our GIFT. Thank you to the Autistic community and it's

5 Things “Autism Moms” Aut to Know

Where is the Acceptance HWY? Before we get to this list I would like to say I never got the memo telling me to dub myself an "Autism Mom." It never occurred

Coloring Our World!

5 years of splashing the world with color. Coloring perceptions and shifting attitudes about Autism, Autistic people and OUR COLLECTIVE FUTURES! Thank YOU to the many people that have joined our color brigade.....

The AutismHWY Roadblocks

Careful Road Work Ahead,   Paradigm Shifting,   Buckle Your Seat Belts,   Unexplored Terrain Ahead,   Road-Rules; to be determined...   Hopefully, soon! Those are all signs I see as I traverse


  Sarah Van Deisel's cool view! Autism is a continuum that ranges in degree. Autistic traits are human traits amplified and de amplified in variations on all Autistic themes. United in similarities and

Birds of a Feather: Chalk Together!

In partnership with Tashi I brought her design to the Ventura Art and Street Painting Festival at the beautiful Ventura Harbor the weekend of September 12th. A very calm and wonderful art filled event this year.

Against the Grain

"Going against the grain": Idioms and Autism go hand and hand we have all discovered that at one time or another. When you have subsets of people viewing the exact same concept (or

Super Autistic

My son is " super Autistic." I actually love the sound of that! Super Autistic! Like a comic book character leaping problematic sensory situations while absorbing a chaotic planet daily.   In all reality

Cover Us?

Part of the Why I #BoycottAutismSpeaks Flashblog.           Living in a constantly upgrading world, all families want to feel they are "covered." Having all of our bases covered is

Communication Breakdown

      When a child is born a first time parent wonders so many things. How will I be as a parent? What will I do? How will I ever teach another

Ladles of Love

    For the 4th Autism Positivity Day Flash Blog you know what I am serving up. Same bat time, same bat channel!!   Ladles of LOVE. Yes, big oversized spoons " full of

Progressive Connections

In 2015 we are so connected. Finally, we can chat with our out of state OR international family and friends being connected to whomever we desire just about whenever we desire. It's awesome.

Acceptance Reigns at the 5th Annual Chalk Festival

Another incredible, indelible year connecting ACCEPTANCE to the heARTS and minds of all that show up for our annual chalk party. Each year the momentum feels  reinforced, more powerful. The labor of colorful love that has been

Autism Speaks the Silent Treatment

Autism $peaks turned 10 years old this year. In 2005 when Bob and Suzanne Wright started their Autism conglomerate my son was 6 yrs. old with a two year old diagnosis of ...very Autistic. It

Visionary Wish List

We here at feel very blessed as we reflect on the year that was 2014. We are now 4 yrs. old as a visionary website and we feel a positive force for change. AutismHWY

Out in Front of and Behind the Veil

Last weekend we took the Ventura Hwy toward the sunshine!! The Ventura Art and Street Painting Festival was happening at their beautiful Harbor and I was a featured artist!!  WOW.  I am an Artist yet,  have

Chalked Under the Sea

For the 4th year in a row I have enjoyed a quick trip to the coastal town of Carpinteria for chalking purposes! Chalk Art is truly an infectious occurrence. Everyone should try it! People,

Spammed by Negative Autism Rhetoric

We all receive our fair share of spam, which really doesn't seem fair at all!  The never ending world of millionaires, Russian prostitutes, and hungry investors juxtaposed with  Viagra and watch salesmen. I have to

Different Hearts…

Different dreams, different ways of being. We all have them and are quite aware of that. So why are people so afraid and uncomfortable with difference? Why do people cling to sameness, ridiculing (or

Filling in the Blanks

      As a mom to an incredibly cool Autistic teen I do this a lot. Fill in the blanks. The blanks in thinking that my neurotypical mind had never considered before

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