Today, November 8th 2016 is election day in the U.S.A. It should be a proud and exhilarating day for each and every one of us. However, that is just not the case this year. The past political campaign of Hillary Clinton verses Donald Trump has been soul crushing. In a country that prides itself in being “United” today is most ironic. The great divide will become apparent as the poles close one by one. Many of us wonder this morning what tomorrow will bring? The barrage of hateful rhetoric that has traveled in both directions is hard to process. For anyone.


Sadly, it is reminiscent of the Autism Divides we see so prominently. Those that believe Autism is a disease that must be eradicated, those that seek to blame others for Autism’s existence, those that use harmful language to share their frustration about a life which includes Autism and Autistic people.sand hand

Juxtaposed against a vibrant community of love and understanding for Autism and Autistic people. A community of people that accept and appreciate that; Autistic DNA runs throughout a human system for a lifetime. That Autism is an INTEGRAL part of humanity and must be supported in ways that make the Autistic person comfortable NOT in ways that make “others” comfortable.

Listening to Autistic voices about Autism...priceless.

Listening to Autistic voices about Autism…priceless.

At we have faith in people, in self worth and in UNITY. We came on line 6 years ago to prove that different thinkers are to be uplifted and united with society not marginalized and held down by it. We are all better together, respected and…UNITED FREELY. IMG_0098 BRIGHT FUTURES full of bright ideas for ALL PEOPLE is what AutismHWY is VOTING FOR and BANKING ON!