Street ART is an amazing opportunity to share your work and the work of other’s whom you believe in. Chalk art is a colorful way to engage with people you have never met, yet! This weekend at the 24th annual Pasadena Chalk Festival I am once again…chalking it up with an Autistic spin!! Sharing imagery about what’s REAL in the world of AUTISM.  This is my 4th year at this Festival and the fans expect me to be here NOW! They know what I am saying is REAL and are actually looking for me to hear that. One gentlemen came running up to me so happy to CONNECT again. Fantastic times.


It is truly my pleasure to share this amazing documentary. An important film featuring the tremendous mission ANCA’s Naturally Autistic has steadfastly built for communities globally. Such a pleasure and a JOY to open hearts, minds and eyes….Now if we could just turn the Southern California Father’s day sun down to a reasonable degree!…Here is “SCENE #1″…what was put on pavement TODAY! Back tomorrow when it’s a wrap!  
pasadena 2016
pasadena 20161

pasadena 2016a
Scene #2: Day 2 at the 24th Pasadena Chalk Festival was a brutal 108 degrees for all of the hot Dad’s out there. I talked to quite a few of them about Autism and Heart. Another wonderfully eye-opening day for myself and all that I engaged and engaged me! Every year the love from this event compounds. People were very excited to discuss Autism in relation to what is happening in the world today and to see my presentation of this stunning documentary…

Here is the Connected Chalk Art canvas in the silent auction gallery that was bid on and won by a very excited fan that made a point to come find me! PLUS all of the fun finishing touches…on our mural!
What a wonderfully connected weekend. We were prominently displayed and made quite an impact on Pasadena this year. Thanks to the Bernstein Family for always supporting my chalking and Naturally Autistic. Most importantly for helping me through to the finish line just when I needed you both MOST!
CONNECTION is a choice…we can all make!


Like Rodina pictured below. She purchased the Connected Silent Auction Canvas and came to connect with me. Fantastic!
connectedcanvas Rodina