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…..Making Friends with Autism.



The book Title and subtitle idea that started me on this amazing…. website  JOURNEY. An excellent road-trip of creations for connection to deep understanding!

OUR Thinking.....EXACTLY!

OUR Thinking…..EXACTLY!



My journey from a literal “lightening bolt moment” during prayer for my ailing brother in 2009  sending me in a new direction and toward a new purpose in life. That voice in my head urging me to combine all of my life’s artistic experience, knowledge, old and NEW friendships- together for good use! An informative artistic mission really. A mission to teach children exactly “WhAt” they are seeing when they look in the direction of my brilliantly different Autistic son, Wyatt! Our Making Friends with Autism children’s coloring book series describing Autistic traits and my son’s Autism to the countless ‘questioning eyes’ we encounter daily!

#1″Making Friends with Autism”

#2 ”Why Does Wyatt Do That?” and our latest edition…

#3  “Awareness EVERY Month” Coloring Pages.

Advocating for brain diversity through engaging imagery and useful information.

Out latest and...GREATEST! Teaching moments every month!

Out latest and…GREATEST! Teaching moments every month!

My whole life I have enjoyed trying to talk sense with children. Listening to the perceptions they have and expanding on that. I imagined myself having thousands of conversations with my 2 boys. Conversations that have never yet come to fruition. My oldest son Aaron (who is 10 yrs. older than 14 yr. old Wyatt)  grew up and away so fast he seemingly had no time to talk…perhaps whenever he settles down we will have that chance. Wyatt’s speech disintegrated after age 3. It is an ever changing art interpreting his  tones, vocalizations and  emotion filled communicational movements. I want others to understand that just because a child does not communicate or express themselves in the typical ways, friendships are still attainable and FUN! The whole purpose of this heart-filled project. To disarm and engage people in a positive fashion. To undo some of the Autism mythology that misleads and dissuades friendships. To ‘get over’ the stumbling blocks to understanding and acceptance!! Our everlasting mission in life.

Making Friends with Autism ROCKS!!

Making Friends with Autism ROCKS!!

My understand.

My mission…to understand.

Creating conversations that pave the AutismHWY of friendship! Conversations that are finally starting to evolve! Exactly what we want to be doing in this great “Decade of Change” for Autism!! I have felt this positive energy surrounding my son since his birth even if I had no clue where it was driving me. Since my advocating mission began 4 yrs. ago I am seeing so much more positive and encouraging change in dialogue! I see it in many, many  amazing organizations old and new. It is happening, it is tangible. It is so very exciting to see the movement on these multiple levels driven by families and Autistic Activists. All of us ascending in this positive and much more effective direction! It feels magnetic. We live in an excellent age.

An age where we as a community an emerging culture are finally sending positive messages to society. What Autism really is and how even if, it may shape some things about people, it does not define nor count them out.  Autistic people are people first, with all of the fantastic individuality that each and every person on this planet is born with.  It is funny how such obvious information can escape generations of thought. But those days are gladly long over. The floodgates  of useful information regarding the Autistic condition / thought process are opening and the energy is overwhelming!  Overwhelmingly pragmatic with a side of natural innocence. To me a more meaningful way of being by dropping pretenses and communicating purely. A lot of people’s true character has been tampered with in this overtly social society and somehow long forgotten. People must return to a more  socially direct and honest self, finding more authentic pathways to friendship. Understanding the deeper less superficial give and take of communication. How we all experience that differently and most importantly what works for each person in that regard. This will help people define who they truly are without outside pressures. Understanding Autism and those communication differences can define a more authentic way of expression and being for each and everyone of us.

Always and Forever.

Always and Forever.

We all have our OWN ZONES !!

We all have our OWN ZONES !!


Each of our three, 20 page books are designed to empower children and adults with simple information to ease fears and  erase stigmas regarding Autism.

When you can understand a few concepts about Autism and how differently Autistic people are built, connections are that much simpler.

We want everyone to understand that Autism is just a thing in life, something to understand, accept and validate as part of the human condition. We all need to be understood and accepted in order to be comfortable with who we are.

Because truly, WHO ELSE CAN WE BE?



BOOK SIGNING August 17th at VROMAN’S in Pasadena:

See YOU there!






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“Pos~Autism” Book signing!

This Saturday, September 15th at 3 p.m. I am getting an early Birthday present! A slot for AutismHWY, Making Friends with Autism , The Art of Autism, Joel’s Vision Arts and Celebrate Autism to share center-stage at Vroman’s Bookstore in Pasadena California!  A Southern California icon serving the community for 118 yrs. Growing up here in the San Gabriel Valley I am very proud to have this chance! I hope you will come out and JOIN US.

Join us for a chance to talk about Autism and meet some people thriving with it…Discover books describing the daily challenges the many talents,the comical moments and most importantly the hopes and dreams of acceptance and inclusion!


I will be sharing my Coloring Books: “Making Friends with Autism” and “Why Does Wyatt Do That?” PLUS previewing our new addition: MFWA “Awareness Every Month” Coloring Pages.  Which will be coming soon! Teaching Brain Awareness on the AutismHWY!


Debra Hosseini will be on hand with her fabulous book The Art of Autism: Shifting Perceptions. A visually stunning collection of Art created by 77 Artists on the Autism Spectrum. Hear about the Artists personal journey and see the inspiration of their work! Such an uplifting movement and most likely the largest collaboration of Spectrum Artists Internationally! Quite a mosaic of talent! Please come and be awed! All of you Artists out there on the spectrum: come out and meet a true champion for your cause! 

We are so proud to be joined by Joel Anderson! Artist, Advocate deluxe! Joel has many accomplishments and projects that never cease to slow down. He is on a mission to help Autistic children be understood and loved for who they are! He is an exceptional role model for all of us! Joel is available to speak publicly to any and all that need useful Awareness tools!! Schools, Communities and Families can all benefit from Joel’s good will and talent! Soon Joel will be traveling to Canada for a 3rd yr. in a row! In 2010 he became an ANCA Int’l Naturally Autistic People Award recipient for his excellence in Community Service. In 2011 he returned as a Host and Performer during the fantastic 3-day event. Next month he will return as an Ambassador for these excellent Awards joining the ranks of Temple Grandin! This young man has alot to offer the Autism Community you really won’t want to miss a chance to meet him and his creative business partner /Mom~Sandi!

Topping all of that will be Linda Gund Anderson sharing the literal mind of Autism and it’s “Unintentional Humor”!! In her hilarious book of the same name! Linda and her son Brent are Advocates and leaders in this positive movement ‘spectrum families’ are making! Working resource and information fairs, conferences and more criss-crossing across the entire country! Founder’s of the website Linda and Brent are a great team in our knowledge building efforts as we share our perspective from the AutismHWY!! See you  all this Saturday!

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AutismHWY to a …”GREAT America!!”

Yes folks, that is exactly where we are headed! I am just so glad to be on that ride!! Literally AND Figuratively!! The ride to Santa Clara California’s Great America… & their AUTISM AWARENESS DAY and the ride to the “More Enlightened” Great America…coming soon! The more Autism Aware AMERICA!! It has been a long and winding road and I sense we are “almost there!” ALMOST THERE!! The famous words heard in every car on family vacations EVERYWHERE!

We all want to get to our desired destination. Especially in the Summer!! My desired destination is not a physical space at all. It is more a state of mind, an understanding. An attitude! COMPLETE AWARENESS & ACCEPTANCE of all things ASD! That is the GREAT AMERICA I am envisioning. That is the America our kids deserve. The America I want to live in! That WAS the premise of this great country after all! People wanted the freedom. The freedom to be themselves!! Well, this is not the Revolutionary War. Just the 21st CENTURY!!

Just the century to get to that destination!! That enlightened future! It is a noble aspiration! With all the amazing groups and organizations on line…there is a natural alignment forming! I FEEL IT! We all want the same thing. Great minds DO think alike!! So as we all use our creative energies to drive the awareness forward…the HWY Widens!! The AutismHWY!! Blinkers on…merging in. ASD Handbook!! Our work is cut out for us! So take the challenge and help make autism mainstream!!

We will be at the AMAZING AMUSEMENT PARK on 9~11~10 doing just that! I can’t wait to meet everyone and talk about AutismHWY and my “Wyatt Books.”

It is so fun to talk to kids and find out what they know about the spectrum!What a FANTASTIC setting for that Dialogue. “Great America” in beautiful sunny Santa Clara! Northern California’s premiere amusement park!!


100′s of acres of rides, shows and attractions! YOU will not know where to start!! For the thrill-seekers there are nearly a dozen EXTREME RIDES!! For those seeking a cool down…try “White~Water” and “The Logger’s Run!!” KidZville has 18 amazing adventures for the little ones!! Wyatt loves a good Merry-go-round and The world’s TALLEST Double Decker carousel is here!! WooHOO!! Planet SNOOPY is NEW this year! A Peanuts party in Celebration Plaza…Charlie Brown’s song-filled Hoedown and an all you can eat country BBQ!! Awareness and FUN on the AGENDA!!

If you still have energy after that…Go and be a “STAR” ! Jack’s Jukebox Karaoke goes down in the 50′s gazebo!! Perhaps, your child is a “Circus-Star”? Join the Ringmaster for the “Backyard Circus” in the KidZville Theatre!! We hope YOU can ALL make plans to JOIN US for the FUN~AWARENESS~CELEBRATION!! “Support Group” DISCOUNTS for 15 or more!! Check the site for all the details…and COME ON DOWN, UP or SIDEWAYS !! Whatever the case may be!!! SEE YOU There!!

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For the BIG EVENT in Pasadena, California Sat. April 24! The huge Autism Speaks Walk at the ROSEBOWL! What a great day that will be. Everyone out for OUR CAUSE, Vitamin D and of course …Some “SAME TEAM” Feel!!

Please strap on your tennis shoes or boots…and let’s do some walking!! Wyatt & I will be surrounded by our ‘support net’…Grandma Louise & Grampa “deep pressure” Bob. Uncle Kevin will even join the fun, as he is an avid walker! As we ALL should be. So exhilerating a brisk walk with friends you have LOTS IN COMMON with!! WOO HOO! Go TEAM “A”!!

I will be sharing a booth with the Fabulous Lora Mancini…as she talks to interested parties about AUTISM BASEBALL LEAGUES!! Baseball has been very,very good to our kids!! With plenty of season left… more room for growth, NO DOUBT! Lora and her adventures in autism baseball are remarkable. So stop by and talk about how you can get your ball rolling for FUTURE SEASONS! Lora can be reached here .

I will be “doing my thing!” Painting childrens faces or arms…their choice! FOR FREE ~While I continue my AUTISM DIALOGUE with them! On opening Day of “A-LEAGUE” I had a ball. I have always loved talking to kids! Very fun to see what they know about autism. Sad to say it is very limited so far but, folks that is about to change!! With the creation of our “Why does Wyatt do that” book …the learning will begin! Illustrator Rachel Walker has some color book pages for everyone to preview while we await books completion! So we will be passing those out with another little giveaway! We also have some cute surprises to unveil!

I am getting very excited to talk strategies with all of you! We ALL seem to have game plans that ROCK ! I am so loving seeing EVERYONE’S Creative “Actions”! Seems I am more amazed everyday! Sports, The Arts, NEW Books!! Promoting Friendship Through Common Understanding!! AutismHWY is on that mission and so HOPE you ALL stop by to say HI, and discuss the exciting possibilities and vibrations that are out there!! Hey and possibly get painted !!

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