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AutismHWY Travels to ANCA Naturally Autistic: Chalk It For Autism 2016!

What an exciting initiative taking place at this year’s 7th ANCA WORLD Autism Festival Âû!
I am so pleased to announce that the / Chalk Festival and myself, will be coloring perceptions regarding Autism, at this amazing international gathering! I am so honored and excited to be returning to the Naturally Autistic People Awards in Vancouver Canada this fall as a …NOMINEE! My trip in 2011 as a sponsor partner was so inspiring and life changing. It will be fantastic to be back in this expansive vortex of complete acceptance and connection for AUTISTIC PEOPLE AND THEIR SUPPORTERS!
AWAF LOGO July 2016I am thrilled and so proud to be conducting an interactive Chalk Art Workshop. A workshop about this fantastic, OLD & NEW artistic medium as a part of this year’s spectacular global event. WOW!
Chalk and Street Art really do bring people back to their ancestrial roots. Our uniquely human instinctual need …to self express through creativity. Heiroglyphics in the 21st century if you will.  The experience will be exhilarating. I guarantee. As an artist working in the streets, sign painting I learned the power of colorful imagery inserted into everyday life, at a very young age.  I see how imagery markets everything to the world. I have since come to use this skill while engaging with the general public in realistic conversations about Autism. A very grounded way to connect on very deep levels!



It has been such a fantastic experience engaging with random people seemingly ‘not involved with Autism’ and learning through further discussion… that the majority in fact  are. We are indeed all connected, heARTfully.
At this years ANCA World Autism Festival I will share the story of how we built the Chalk Festival. How we came to a partnership with my fabulous hometown of Covina California. How everyone can experience the joys that ‘Street Art’ brings to people participating and spectating, something great for every community. We will see how the process emerges. I will share instruction, pointers and tips, showing the work from our past events and some of my special Autism chalkings from other festivals.

Autistic pride







Participants of the workshop will have the chance to chalk designs on square paper adhered to the table (simulating the chalk square model.) We will have imagery to prompt ART or encourage participants to work from their hearts and see what unexpected messages emerge!
BOOMWe will also be doing an inclusive rainbow color smudging which will activate us experientially. The weaving of the color scheme signifies that we all are made up of many characteristics that shift and blend throughout a lifetime! Using your fingers to literally blur your lines is a powerful feeling! It catapults us into the realization that we are all merging our similarities and/or our differing ‘ways of being’…into a NEW and more accepting way for the future.
A colorful, diverse and more intuitive way of communicating who we are. I am looking forward to authentically meeting and seeing you ALL this fall!

Kelly Green

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Memorialize it!

Isn’t that what we do with the things that mean the most to us? We honor them, remember them, imbed the imagery forever if we can. We  MEMORIALIZE it.  Document it.  Showing our deepest regards for  the nobility, strengths and ernest endeavors of the human spirit. So I find it fitting that this Memorial Weekend we are wrapping up the submissions and nominations for the Naturally Autistic People Awards. A group of talented and diverse people just waiting to document their strengths and talents for the world!

That documentation began last year on October 30th when the first Awards Event was held in Vancouver CANADA. These are the flags from last year’s participants! Add YOUR FLAG to this global stage! Thankyou to everyone at ANCA for starting this awesome tradition for the Autistic Community! An amazing showcase of perspectives. Layers of talent unfolding. Tucked away for years while others looked elsewhere. Thank goodness that the time has come for these floodgates to open. The heart of the community is something to behold. A pureness this world has been lacking at times. As James Durbin ~the 4th place American Idol~ with Aspergers said recently, “Different is the new normal!”

Viva La Difference!! So this weekend as we Memorialize the strengths of generations that have forged the HWY’S before us…in order for us to have better lives. Think of the NEW Generation…the generation that will finally see the Autism Community as valid individuals with many talents, strengths and differences despite their challenges. Adding a rich  new and exciting facet to the vibrant tapestry of this world. Ultimately insuring that the ASD Communities quality of life will improve in so many ways!




Visual and Literary arts submission form


Community Award Nominatios And Categories Old version of microsoft

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