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Oh I Wish I Was A….

….Weiner, Schwarzenegger, Spitzer, Edwards !? NOT!  What are our ‘role models’ ~coming to…Ooops. BAD PUN! Sorry folks, this is a family AUTISM~FRIENDLY website ! I just have to seriously question the “social skills “of more and more Neuro-typicals.  In positions of power or not. People are people. The longer I live the more and more that becomes crystal clear. As humans we put people on pedestals. These undeservered pinnacles. Idolized and fantasized. Made into perfection, “socially” and morally.  A certain subset transported and morphed into powerful specimens.  Propped up icons, if you will.

The 1st problem with this equation is that pesky “P-word” P E R F E C T I O N. I have said it before and I will say it again simply unattainable. Let that helium balloon go folks. You will feel a big weight dropping off of your shoulders. We are all human and we all lack social graces at times. Especially when it comes to opening our minds to embracing  imperfection in ourselves and others. Imperfection in all of it’s brilliant humanity. Why do we believe that the value of a person can be quantified against the value of another? Prettiest, Smartest, Hippest, most Perfect… what else…hmmm…most Egotistical? Can’t we just  agree all people are amazing creatures of earth?

Why do people pedestal prop others, then sit in judgement when said icon shows their humanity in all its glory? Constantly idolizing percieved perfections and social superiority without careful consideration is assinine. Yet,  it’s done all day, every day backed by dollars flowing through a wind tunnel of insanity. The “3 pronged” trillion dollar deficits… financially, socially and morally.  It’s a feeding frenzy that tells me it is time to go back to basics. Understanding the human psyche. The way Autism focuses your knowledge of the brain. Understanding, how our brain dictates why we do what we do. Funny,  the lessons mankind has forgotten to teach ITSELF. Well, don’t fret, AUTISM is here!

So, haha how IRONIC!! The population of people supposedly so socially inept have taught an army of us a new insight. A NEW Insight we can teach others to realize how silly it is to have every bit of your feelings and /or emotions tied to your thinking. More than likely causing your social life stress and anxiety. Highly emotional thinking. What’s the point of it anyway?  Oh yeah, it is keeping ‘Reality TV’ cranked on high and those big buck$ rolling in. The studios love it.  Are these socially rude and impudent  reality stars recieving millions for…rescuing humanity? Setting  social skill standards and trends for the rest of us?  Such scary contemplations.

That is why I will keep fighting the Brain-styles Awareness ’good fight’ to help others wake-up and examine their own social skills and how they “do what they do.” There is alot to it. If you examine the interactions and or lack of interactions of the Autistic Mind. It SHINES  a light on some things untapped in you. How you can step out of the trap . The trap of constantly idolizing and fantasizing about the perfection people are trying to sell to you. The elusive item all seem to crave. The pedestal not worth fighting for…because we all know what goes up must come down! Literally.

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“WHY…WY…Y ???”

What the Mothers and Fathers of toddlers hear everyday!! What the Family & Friends of ASD Individuals wonder!! What ALOT of US wondered this past weekend upon viewing a hate filled facebook group masking as …hmmm COMEDY? ! All of the above …ladies and gentlemen, ALL of the above. Yes, life can be a “wonderland.” In good ways and bad ways. Being the mother of a boy with regressive AUTISM I really wonder somedays. Especially when things were going along ‘swimmingly’ and then the gradual regression. (In Wyatt’s case anyway.) Very PUZZLING!

Very puzzling indeed. This thing called AUTISM. & this thing called “Human Nature!”No I am not “Octo-mom”…just feels that way somedays. So with all the days “Normal Questions” that constantly barrage ASD to have to QUESTION Human Nature. Questioning how adults can post hatred for our different minded children.(?!!) Calling it Funny!! So hurtful and so cruel. Many of these mean- people~ are actually parents themselves. (?!) Soulless parents to some unlucky innocent children. “Why, Wy, Y” has rung in my ears and permeated my brain. Almost as if I had: 8~ 3 yr. olds asking me questions ALL DAY ! Individuals and Family members. It was VERY disheartening.

It shouldn’t surprise me. The world is unforgiving in so many ways. Yet, this just felt so wrong. It was an assault on my senses. Many of us had that “just got kicked in the gut” FEELING! Not nice! Talk about sensory issues. To think that SANE ADULTS could be laughing at and posting nastiness about innocent disabled kids?? It was an eye-opener. Some of these people say,” we should just ignore the fact that they are there reveling in their FILTH!!” In essence leave them alone and don’t JUDGE THEM! Gladly!

We can leave that to the “Big-Guy.” Our on-line AUTISM COMMUNITY is forever trying to pass on HOPE & KNOWLEDGE! I have a nice pair of “Rose-Colored” Glasses I wear while doing that. I Wish I could send them to the creators of this hateful group. Trouble is HATRED is Blinding. It has obviously affected all of these individuals EYE SIGHT ! So, my glasses would be wasted on them. Plus I NEED THEM! lol…

So back to the OG QUESTION…WHY? An astute friend told me that both sides of the “Hate / Love Equation” need to be experienced in order to make the choice to LOVE. Yes, I get that…but, what I will NEVER get is WHY the choice to HATE?!! I have said that Neuro-diversity needs to be CELEBRATED. Only this type of “Diversity” hadn’t even occurred to me. Perhaps, I am sheltered and Naive. Much like my son with AUTISM!!

Maybe we should just stay in our ROSE-COLORED Autism Bubble. Where HOPE and KNOWLEDGE rule. Running on the fuel of POSITIVITY!! Our wonderful on-line AUTISM Community of SANE Adults that don’t create web-pages to laugh at those less fortunate. I am beginning to wonder about the “social-skills” classes SO OFTEN pushed off on Autistics. Has anyone ever thought that perhaps… those classes are needed for the MAINSTREAM ?!! Skills that this hate filled group so sorely lack. The SKILL of being a loving and compassionate human being on our beautiful PLANET!!

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This Monday nite’s Board meeting was the presentation of our finalized plan for Autism Division SUMMER / FALL Little League! OUR NEW Self Esteem/Social Skills Group!! Hot Fun in the CITY , The City of San Dimas!! How could I get so lucky?? To live right here in the hub of this historical venture!! Normally for a summer activity Wyatt & I would go to our local Regional center. His case worker would have funding for 2 weeks of a summer day program. This summer not possible, due to the states budget problems.

Lucky for us we will pay a very reasonable amount of cash for FUN, SOCIALIZATION and SELF~ESTEEM!! Unbelievable, “BANG FOR YOUR BUCK if you ask me !! I seriously have never seen ANYTHING quite like what we are seeing here at Marchant Park!! Not ONLY are these players progressing with their gameplay. Improving and aquiring skills they never knew they had. They are becoming a tight knit group!!


Did you catch THAT?? I said they are becoming tight knit… and I am not kidding! A-LEAGUE, is bringing something to these players lives… that is NEW. New and very EXCITING! To watch these kids play is pure poetry! Not in the same sense as the rest of the S.D.L.L. Our players will never make the ALL~STARS for their continued stellar performances. We undoubtedly will not be fighting and jockeying our players for college ball and beyond. We are as previously stated… just happy to be under the sun, shootin the breeze …while watching our angels “DO WHAT THEY DO!

No pressure styles, ALL imperfections welcome! No derision, NO breaking spirits, just good pure unaffected fun!! Truly…a little AUTISM won’t hurt anybody. The way our kids are wired is something NEW for Little League and a little alien to the intense competetive nature. Our kids are just more CHILL!! We are hoping to have all our current A-Leaguer’s return. In addition to that an influx of more!! Lora & I talked to alot of people at the Autism Speaks walk in Pasadena last month. All of our interested friends are WELCOME !This is a very accepting and nurturing enviornment- so give it a shot. Your child WILL SURPRISE YOU

GUARANTEED !! I have seen these players independently thinking about their teammates!! So unheard of in A.S.D. individuals…or so we’ve been told. Perhaps, we just were’nt seeing it from the proper perspective in the past. Now… we are seeing it in a whole NEW LIGHT! Very illuminating indeed! Here’s hoping so many more will see this light! The LIGHT that self-esteem and self worth TURN-ON. This is what A- league has done , is doing and WILL CONTINUE TO DO.

This opportunity has TURNED ON a light so to speak in our kids. Autism has many dark moments. So feeling this light~ this connection… is hard to describe to people that are in THE DARK about AUTISM. That being said! Check out this INCREDIBLE Scheduele! We will end this season. June 5th with our Last game. On Sun. June 6th we will be having our CELEBRATION come on by between 2-4 to register. The following Sat. June 12th will be Our S.D.L.L. Closing Day Ceremony. Again come on out Celebrate The kids of S.D.L.L.! and another registration will be available 1 to 3 P.M. Click Here for OUR… SUMMER SESSION SCHEDULE OF EVENTS

Please consider this for your child …we are seeing and feeling the amazing results. The results of allowing some amazing people the opportunity to excel in the fashion they are able with complete adoration and acceptance!! NO MATTER , they will never win the tournament. That is not the point for Our League we are a winner PURELY because we’ve shown up. Trophies, plaques and pins are weak in comparison to the smiles excitement and friendships our children are enjoying.

AS WE DO WHAT WE DO!! Thankyou very much…..

summer league autism flyer <MORE INFO!!

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Season’s SHIFTING…

…as we tick into SUMMER from SPRING! What an amazing spring we have had! The very 1st ALL~ AUTISM~DIVISION! Thankyou to LITTLE LEAGUE, San Dimas Little League …League President, Tim Roe and Mom on a Mission “DIVISION VISIONARY” Lora Mancini. Without the ALIGNMENT of these entities we would have been missing the boat this season yet again. HAPPILY not the case!

With this initial season we have seen and felt amazing things.For the MOST PART… very clear sailing! Our young players connecting and bonding with peers like never before! Social SKILLS to the 10th POWER! I have not really seen one meltdown or unhappy kid in ALL of the practices and games. We HAVE HAD a few stomps, pouts and whoops around the bases from time to time. The only bat throwing is not in anger …more in danger. Whoops! Some of the kids are not quite sure about that dropping of the bat ritual. (We will be working diligently on that to be sure…)

Which we will have time to do …this SUMMER!! Woo Hoo ~The adventure continues! Our season ends June 5th… and after we Celebrate that & take a couple of weeks off…WE WILL BE BACK!! With a Summer-League! So Awesome… especially this summer, when California has ~completely~ cut our Summer DAY-CAMP Budget to – ZIP ! Uh Oh…everyone with a kid on the spectrum knows…busy is good. So busy, “lucky us” will be!! Thanks again LITTLE LEAGUE, S.D.L.L., Tim Roe, Lora Mancini…& the hard working moms and dads on the board and on the field. SUMMER in the DUGOUT!!

Our hats are off to you!! You have affected such change and happiness that the effects will be rippling on for years! How is that possible you say ?? Simple. Two words. SELF ESTEEM! A simple yet, pure basic human need. Something we have not been affording these amazing kids. Seems society had decided that they didn’t have the skills or desire or the NEED. Society has been ~Wrong~dead wrong! I have seen EVERY kid open up. Regardless of “how-autistic” you would consider each player. We ARE all variations on A theme…and this baseball breaks BARRIERS! I have been seeing it, living it, breathing it …..WRITING IT!!

I have thoroughly convinced myself and anyone else who’ll listen! This IS the way to go SELF ESTEEM THERAPY …so simple. The season has only been a handful of weeks…just thinking of the continued confidence and happiness we can build… WOW ,The possibilities are SO GREAT!! Lora is taking steps to let the little league organization know how important this season has been. She also needs our help to explain the value of an all AUTISM DIVISION! If we have the numbers to fill teams in each community then I say…”keep ‘em seperated.” It just makes sense for purposes of commonalities and cohesive teaching styles. I’ve been trying to tell people AUTISM is a whole other entity. ISSUES and VARIABLES. But if all players have the same issues and variables it is so much easier to move forward as a group.

A Common Understanding! It’s a beautiful thing …we strive for!!

Please E-Mail…… to tell him why it is beneficial to continue on with an AUTISM DIVISION….. Parents, Interested Parties…and…Proffessionals PLEASE !

Thankyou Greatly! AutismHWY!!

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