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A Celebrated…SEASON!!

Seems I just heard about A-League a couple of days ago. What ?? Autism Baseball ? Little League teams for players with AUTISM !? Really? YES, REALLY !! And as the saying goes TIME FLIES when you’re having fun!!

The INAUGURAL SEASON ends this Sat.! Can’t believe how fast and smooth it went…considering (?). I mean, I had A LOT of people looking at me with consternation a few times. I love to chat it up as I go along my way. So, many people I come across know all about AutismHWY & A-League. Just can’t stop talking about them. I see both projects as a WORLD OF HELP!!

And a World of FUN!! I really didn’t think Wyatt would enjoy it as much as he has! Before his AUTISM set in…he would play a little whiffle ball. Hitting and running 2 yr.old style! When we would say, “Hey Batter-Batter” he would lift his leg like a pitcher on the mound ! But, that went away and I didn’t want to push it. I could get him to play ball /catch with me in the pool. So I guess I kind of settled for that. But, no more! This outlet to exercise and interaction with teammates, coaches and friendly families…AWESOME!

Something worth fighting for and celebrating!!! JUST WHAT WE’RE DOING!! Join US this Sunday in San Dimas at Marchant Park! 1-5 P.M. We will be there honoring our players. For giving it a shot! Learning a lot and making friends. Friends with AUTISM! What a concept. So many would have you believe that, that is impossible. Yet, we parents, coaches, teachers, siblings and care-givers …KNOW BETTER! We witnessed it! A pure success for kids and adults. It was a little bumpy here and there…but just like any good ride you just hold on and don’t let go!!

Which is EXACTLY RIGHT!! We will keep the ball rolling with a SUMMER/FALL Season!! All the info can be found at the SDLL website! You can click on from our Interesting Site section on the left!! Registration will be at the ballpark this Sunday and next Saturday! NOW back to the Celebration at hand!! We are really looking forward to this! There will be Games and Food for mind and belly! An Awesome Raffle…for FUN PRIZES…An Amazing Performance by an Amazing Band…ARREST MY SISTER for fantastic entertainment !! Last but not least the CELEBRATION of this accomplishment! The Accomplishment of starting out a season and seeing it through! A season like NO~OTHER, that had never been done before!! MAKING HISTORY …acquiring friends…learning the game… while having FUN!!


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This Monday nite’s Board meeting was the presentation of our finalized plan for Autism Division SUMMER / FALL Little League! OUR NEW Self Esteem/Social Skills Group!! Hot Fun in the CITY , The City of San Dimas!! How could I get so lucky?? To live right here in the hub of this historical venture!! Normally for a summer activity Wyatt & I would go to our local Regional center. His case worker would have funding for 2 weeks of a summer day program. This summer not possible, due to the states budget problems.

Lucky for us we will pay a very reasonable amount of cash for FUN, SOCIALIZATION and SELF~ESTEEM!! Unbelievable, “BANG FOR YOUR BUCK if you ask me !! I seriously have never seen ANYTHING quite like what we are seeing here at Marchant Park!! Not ONLY are these players progressing with their gameplay. Improving and aquiring skills they never knew they had. They are becoming a tight knit group!!


Did you catch THAT?? I said they are becoming tight knit… and I am not kidding! A-LEAGUE, is bringing something to these players lives… that is NEW. New and very EXCITING! To watch these kids play is pure poetry! Not in the same sense as the rest of the S.D.L.L. Our players will never make the ALL~STARS for their continued stellar performances. We undoubtedly will not be fighting and jockeying our players for college ball and beyond. We are as previously stated… just happy to be under the sun, shootin the breeze …while watching our angels “DO WHAT THEY DO!

No pressure styles, ALL imperfections welcome! No derision, NO breaking spirits, just good pure unaffected fun!! Truly…a little AUTISM won’t hurt anybody. The way our kids are wired is something NEW for Little League and a little alien to the intense competetive nature. Our kids are just more CHILL!! We are hoping to have all our current A-Leaguer’s return. In addition to that an influx of more!! Lora & I talked to alot of people at the Autism Speaks walk in Pasadena last month. All of our interested friends are WELCOME !This is a very accepting and nurturing enviornment- so give it a shot. Your child WILL SURPRISE YOU

GUARANTEED !! I have seen these players independently thinking about their teammates!! So unheard of in A.S.D. individuals…or so we’ve been told. Perhaps, we just were’nt seeing it from the proper perspective in the past. Now… we are seeing it in a whole NEW LIGHT! Very illuminating indeed! Here’s hoping so many more will see this light! The LIGHT that self-esteem and self worth TURN-ON. This is what A- league has done , is doing and WILL CONTINUE TO DO.

This opportunity has TURNED ON a light so to speak in our kids. Autism has many dark moments. So feeling this light~ this connection… is hard to describe to people that are in THE DARK about AUTISM. That being said! Check out this INCREDIBLE Scheduele! We will end this season. June 5th with our Last game. On Sun. June 6th we will be having our CELEBRATION come on by between 2-4 to register. The following Sat. June 12th will be Our S.D.L.L. Closing Day Ceremony. Again come on out Celebrate The kids of S.D.L.L.! and another registration will be available 1 to 3 P.M. Click Here for OUR… SUMMER SESSION SCHEDULE OF EVENTS

Please consider this for your child …we are seeing and feeling the amazing results. The results of allowing some amazing people the opportunity to excel in the fashion they are able with complete adoration and acceptance!! NO MATTER , they will never win the tournament. That is not the point for Our League we are a winner PURELY because we’ve shown up. Trophies, plaques and pins are weak in comparison to the smiles excitement and friendships our children are enjoying.

AS WE DO WHAT WE DO!! Thankyou very much…..

summer league autism flyer <MORE INFO!!

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The “A-LEAGUE” Family

Was conceived by Lora Mancini…implemented by San Dimas California. And brought to life by all of us parents!! It takes a group-effort and that we have had! Yes we still have 3 games to play in this opening SEASON but, I am just so grateful! Yesterdays action was as fun as ever!! The sun was high a nice breeze drifting through…and tons of smiles rounding the bases!! The perfect afternoon!

Wyatt is enjoying it now more than ever. I see him smile with pride when everyone calls for him to bat. “C’mon Wyatt get your helmet”, ” Your-turn Wyatt”!! He does this chirping laugh when he is particularly happy. Now his “A-League ” buddies are hearing that CHIRP!! Definitely SOMETHING to TWEET about!!!

There is alot of movement being made. You can physically see it in my photos! While going through my gallery I had to laugh at Wyatt’s face on opening day …he was literally squinting at me. Squinting and probably, wondering what is all this pomp and circumstance?! What was the big-deal ? It is just baseball people. A little round ball that I don’t really mess with. He was wondering what was in store for him?? TOO CUTE!

This weeks game pictures of Christy were amazing! I actually had known Christy! Before… I discovered she was on the “A-LEAGUE” Braves! Wyatt and Christy had attended 2 summer day-camps together at Casa Colina in Pomona Ca. I am a parent that needed to stay on premises due to toileting issues so, I enjoyed seeing all the different kids. I had an instant fondness for Christy. She is very high-maintenance…needing lots of 1 on 1 ! Yesterday she was on fire… looking like quite the player!! So amazing to see big changes in these players. From A to Z ! The bottom-line is this A- league is a big HIT!!

A Grandslam actually !! The players are rounding the bases…but the impact is hitting home with ALL OF US!! Parents, Siblings, Grandparents,Cousins…Caring Aunts & Uncles, Therapists it runs the gamut! I have even seen an x-teacher or 2 “checking-up” on a former student. SO HeartWARMING!!

EXACTLY what I have been planning~ for AutismHWY ! A Place for ALL of US to SUPPORT Our A.S.D. Family members and Their support TEAMS !! Linking US together through interests and commonalities . Perhaps, making connections with someone through a difference. So much HELP, INFORMATION and FUN ! It will be such an amazing network of inspirational people with MANY stories and ideas to share!

PROMOTING FRIENDSHIPS through COMMON UNDERSTANDING!! Making a HWY. to Pave our Awareness and Artistic and Athletic ENDEAVORS!! It is where we all are going!


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BRAVO to S.D.L.L.Cal!!

So “OUR” Big Day in San Dimas went off with only one “hitch”…

Our older division was unable to play our 2 inning round robin. We will scrimmage in practice this Wed.! The younger division had their chance and they took it!! Lora Mancini reported to me it was great!” THEY ALL STAYED IN THEIR POSITIONS!” lol… So FUN! Unfortunately I was unable to witness that! The teams also had 2 chances to bat! Some players can take a pitch, while others will use the tee. PERFECT for our Players! So glad to hear they had fun! First games …THIS SATURDAY!!

The Opening Ceremony was Awesome…Jay Johnstone gave a very inspirational speech and threw out the 1st pitch! The league President Tim Roe also gave a nice speech with several special things to say about the “A-LEAGUE“! Wyatt’s teammate and my “How’s your Heart?” friend Kevin Parker recited the little league pledge! Chills and goosebumps a plenty!

They even had a raffle. Each manager passed out tickets to the players. When they called out the 1st number for the “A-league”…what do you know!? Wyatt was the WINNER! That was his favorite part of the day running into home plate with me encouraging him every step! The crowd cheering and his chirping laughter…my eyes are tearing up as I recall it!

San Dimas Little League is enjoying learning about their autistic players…and they are a quick study!

The A-league teams were not made to wait…and were placed at the 1st base area which could not have been better! With the large crowd and all the excitement our kids FIT RIGHT IN! It was truly awesome. I feel such gratitude to ALL THAT HAVE MADE THIS OUR REALITY!!

So after the opening the fun continued League sponsors had booths. Autism Spectrum Therapies gave away nice tote bags & piggy shapped stress squeezers, which were a big hit! They are a great resource located right here in my current hometown …Monrovia Cal. I sat and spoke with all that would listen about Autism! So many wonderful adults and children. So many stories and points of view! Very interesting indeed…this AUTISMHWY!!!

After a few hours , Wyatt was ready to leave with his Grandmother Louise. He enjoyed having both of us at the field with him. I am very lucky to have my Mother’s support with Wyatt. Extended family members really “step-up” for our kids! So they left and I got my “paint kit” out …my ruse. The night before I had decided to paint out some “FUN-FACTS.” Little KNOWN but obvious facts about AUTISM. Did you know that …autistic people can’t filter out sounds?! Did you know that the brains are wired differently?! etc…etc…ETC. I had decided that I would paint faces while I talked to them about AUTISM!

So, I sat there painting …cute little cheeks, forearms and hands with baseballs, hearts, Angels-A’s,NY logos etc… It was so comical when I told them that I would paint their face for free! ” FOR FREE ?”…is what I would hear them say in DISBELIEF. So funny! The little looks as they ran off to check with their Mom’s, if it was okay to get” SOMETHING FOR NOTHING”! Well ladies and gentlemen WE ALL KNOW …everything has a price.

Let me see … I have this ability to attract this crowd and I have a very TIMELY MESSAGE ! Hmmmm…GUESS WHAT? My afternoon was all about “AUTISM 1.” I will add, the 01 on…way down the road! Such a good start it was though! The kids I encountered this weekend were very receptive, polite and caring! I was so happy to see such cool kids! They all are aware of the A-League . Some knew about autism while others were happy to stop and learn about it! I could not have been MORE IMPRESSED!! Some of these youngsters are in the Buddy program. Those buddies are the mentors we will NEED!

The Friends we will ALL NEED as we travel on the AUTISMHWY!

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