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 Turns out I am lucky enough to have one. I Always knew I was. There has always been something so…good, so…PURE, about Wyatt. From day one his nature was very sweet and helpful. Before we even knew about his Autism there were so many examples of his “good ~vibrations,” his intuitions! He just has a way about him that is infectious. Some days I feel Wyatt’s vibrations jumping out of his skin. Other days…not so much.



But I firmly believe that we as parents of Spectrum kids…gain a type of intuition as well. A Telepathy if you will. It is an “organic-feeling” that occurs. Born out of sheer necessity. When you have a child that is non-verbal you will do anything to try and figure him or her out! Entering their world is the 1st step to that communication. For so long now, we have been on the wrong-road. The road of forcing them to come into “Our world.” A world that is just too multi-faceted for the majority of our Spectrum individuals. So we need to re-think our approach. Thankfully, I see a lot of US are taking that “high-road” The highway to new understanding and acceptance!!

It is much easier for US to “down~size” our world. Making it less overwhelming for them. Which will make them feel more ~stable and able~ to share with us what they will. Most importantly that we are attentive enough to receive it!! The telepathy is a two-way street! Which brings me back to this “VIBRATIONAL THEORY.” The theory that Autistic people can be operating on a high vibrational level…that they are even more aware than we could ever imagine!

I like that thought very much. Something about it is ringing very true to me! I have sensed it in Wyatt and some of the other Autistic friends I have come across. For example ; something seemingly “super-natural” just occurred between myself and one of Wyatt’s A- League teammates, Zach. Don’t laugh, I am serious…You be the judge.



Wednesday April 28th I was thinking -I wanted a picture of an AIRPLANE! I have 1500 pictures I’ve taken in my computer …not one shot of an airplane! All day long it kept occurring to me. It’s not like I was going to run out to Bracket Field here in La Verne Calif. to wait for a photo-op. I just couldn’t shake the thought for… whatever reason. Fast forward to Thursday evening’s “A-League” practice. As Wyatt and I approached, Zach’s Mom was holding something I instantly focused on. As I got closer to her in complete amazement I saw what it was yet, I still had to ask, “What is that?” She smiled a proud yet, sheepish smile replying that it was Zach’s own~ creation ! That Zach made lots of Airplanes and Signs. Signs too?!



Incredible!! Here, I have been blogging… incessantly about the undiscovered talents that will reveal themselves this decade and beyond!! I have been coaching and speaking with Zach for weeks now. I have been wanting a photo of an airplane. Zach has been watching me document the games with my camera. He has even posed a bit for me. Today this “HIGHLY VIBRATIONAL KID” revealed one of his special talents to me in a huge and phenomenal way ! The more I think about this the more ASTOUNDED I am.


What I experienced here is something that I will never forget. It tells me that I am on the right path! The right HWY. with so many other incredible people. People that are standing-up right NOW and saying look at what these AWESOME TALENTED INDIVIDUALS have to offer the landscape of our world!! Wow….we are about to ASCEND people and the pilot says, “Please fasten your seat belts!!”


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The relation of comrades. Friendship. Companionship!

Sounds so SIMPLE Right?!! For someone with AUTISM Simply NOT. In theory yes…in practice , well WE HOPE. Thus the constant summer camps and “social skills groups.” Which our kids NEED!(PLEASE DON”T Cut our SUMMER ACTIVITY BUDGETS!) If left alone they may not seek enough interaction. Depending on the level they function at…which can be a very wide A~to~Z range! Naturally the more verbal kids will seek more interaction but, there are alot of non-verbal skills in BASEBALL! So that levels the playing field!!

I am seeing some very animated and happy individuals!Wyatt vascilates between happy and irritable. He did something today that was HUGE for him. When it was his turn to bat HE… put the helmet on . He hates the helmet MORE than he dislikes the hat. Without any cue, he put it on …he also RIPPED IT OFF when he got to 1st base! And that’s just FINE ! So, Wyatt has learned a non-verbal cue! I am impressed with much MORE …than my boy Wyatt’s warming up to the game!

Today it was SO CLEAR that these kids are looking forward to the togetherness! I watched kids “light-up” upon seeing their team-mates AND opponents! Slappin 5′s and smiles a’plenty!! The NEAT THING about our “A-league” is that your opponents are also …your COMRADES! Practice commenced with GROUP CALISTHENICS . Very fun! The S.D. J.V. Girls softball team was out in force with a few of their friends! The more the merrier. After a great warm-up the older division split up and began rounds of hitting, fielding and base running! I shadowed Wyatt… and watched SO MUCH great interaction between players and buddies! For this group of kids…SIMPLY PROFOUND!

After that, the Angels took the field and did their mix of pitch or tee-ball…taking their choice ! No Pressure…just support and comfort! Just like my FAVORITE SAYING from the 70′s…IF IT FEELS GOOD…DO IT ! For that team “WIND IN THEIR HAIR” must be what feels good because they have wheels!!You can see the “SMOKE” as they spin around the base paths!! A good time was had by all that made it out today! A real co-hesive feel is starting to GEL amongst the FAMILIES as well! WE will follow suit and ENJOY this “ON THE SAME TEAM” feel.This COMRADSHIP that our kids are EXPERIENCING… for the first time in their short lives!


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…we need a break!

That is an understatement! As the mother/ caregiver of an individual with autism…RESPITE is a must! The influx of “spa experience” gift giving is a big indication of that! So even though life is hectic it is essential to RE-CHARGE yourself. Please don’t forget this ! So many of us run from appointment to appointment in a mad dash. As if we are on some manic scavenger hunt! Sometimes you just HAVE TO…

…STOP the MADNESS! Take the time to realize that your well-being is JUST AS important as your child’s! If you are not refreshed to a degree, than your service will be subpar. So take the chance to give yourself some SENSORY STIMULATION! AHhhh…just the sound of that puts my mind on the HIGHWAY. The HIGHWAY up NORTH! Here in CALIFORNIA …the road up our coastline is a journey you cannot FORGET! Wyatt has been taking this journey his whole life & he LOVES IT TOO!

Autism can really GET YOU DOWN sometimes. It is a tough companion to be chained to. However, there are some mental escape hatches we can all use on occassion! I use Northern California. There are alot of places in your own neighborhood just waiting. I find alot of solace through plants.Some colleges have free arboretums or gardens that can be toured! Nothing nicer than an afternoon to soak in photosynthesis! SO, GO GREEN!

Hiking a local hill or park will do you a world of good as well. We have become such an “indoor species” in recent years. As a child growing up I can remember times we were just made TO STAY outside AND PLAY! I guess that is just unheard of now…or considered abusive? I’m not sure…I just know that sometimes when I compare my childhood with what I see out there now.It just does’nt translate. There is ALOT to be said for VITAMIN D! I firmly believe that allowing yourself to soak in a little SUNLIGHT the first moment you awake… can change the whole course of your day!

Re-arrange a bedroom if you have to…its SUMMERTIME people. Time for PERKING-UP! Let the SUNSHINE in! If you can’t get away…I have an idea to bring a little something special to your world! Wyatt and I have been planting Sunflowers for years now! MAMMOTH SUNFLOWERS !! They are so fun to tend to. 1 little seed …will GROW just like JACK’S BEANSTALK! The SPECIAL PERSON that you tend to will be right there with you in your efforts! A real labor of LOVE! While you water, watch and wait…TOGETHER! Give it a try, incorporate a little home-made respite to your world!

Before I got side-tracked I was on my way to …telling you about (My RESPITE HIGHWAY!) The Santa Cruz community is one of the most amazing in CALIFONIA! This last Holiday season I passed through again. My brother Kevin & I always enjoy the SANTA CRUZ WHARF and a local artisan store there called “MADEIN SANTA CRUZ!” Check out their awesome site!! Most ESPECIALLY…the Za*Zen* ECO-FLEX heating & recovery PILLOW!! .I had a great conversation with the store manager. I told her all about my son WYATT and AUTISMHWY. She was very excited and receptive to the information.Which prompted her to tell me an AMAZING STORY!

Earlier that year she had a family enter the store. A father and non-verbal son with autism. Donna showed them the ZEN-LIKE affects the Za*Zen Eco Flex Pillow has on an individual. By heating or cooling this wonderful lap or neck wrap, you customize how you would like to feel. With the delicate aroma and sensory weight & feel, you start to melt…This particular boy was so overwhelmed with stimulation…he was somehow able to VERBALIZE…”DAD”!!? WOW! What a moment for Donna to be a part of. No such luck with Wyatt but, he does love the sensation and Boony Doone Lavendar! VERY CALMING! Everyone in the family will take away something POSITIVE from the experience!!

So …go ahead and INDULGE yourself every NOW AND ZEN. “ Re-charge“…so you may continue to FIGHT THE GOOD FIGHT!

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HI THERE, HI THERE, HI THERE! (?) !! I just came from tucking Wyatt in and I truly HEARD …a sing-songy version of the above mentioned! I’ve heard it before, just like ; YADA,YADA,YADA & DIGA,DIGA,DIGA. Along with several other … variations on a theme that have rotated in & out over the years. But there was something different about this time.

I exclaimed “Wyatt, you SAID Hi There!!” He proudly giggled…into a chirp simultaneously bouncing on belly, burying face in pillow! So between the two of us we said it a hundred times giggling and bouncing! Then I asked him the big question, “are you going to tell everyone hi there at school tomorrow?” He looked at me with the BIGGEST-WYATT smile giggling..”hi there hi there hi there.” So, I am happy to believe him as I sit here in this moment. I will go to sleep and hope my sweet boy keeps his loving words! In the morning we will find out at… ! If nothing else…he and I just had an incredible moment, that isn’t going anywhere! Such as life… in our autistic world, incredible moment after incredible moment (with the occasional meltdowns!)

WE ALL KNOW how our kids amaze us everyday. Fighting little spirits of pure heart! Kids that like all others want to be comfortable and happy. Which is quite the feat sometimes with the cards that have been dealt them. It can be like a science experiment learning how to make each individual comfortable in their own skin!

As parents of these beautiful people we begin to make a FORMULA. A formula that works for your child and family. When you are lucky you are surrounded with people that understand this. Schools that will take an “out of the box” approach like Leroy Haynes. Tailor making a program geared toward the individual needs of each child. It is also important to realize that some “traditional teaching methods” usually just don’t work for autistics.

Wyatt’s school has changed his whole demeanor. Even though he is NON-VERBAL I sense that he feels better understood. He is blessed to attend a school that takes the time to keep up with all emerging ideas and inform the community with FREE GUEST SPEAKERS and TRAININGS!

Just today…a massage therapist came to the school! When I picked Wyatt up I was informed that he was the one that had the longest massage!! I wasn’t surprised!!! Think…SQUEEZEBOX! HEY, now it’s dawning on me … if I want WORDS I”ll need to get my massage therapist certification!!!

WYATT’S WEIGHTED VEST was made by Suzanne Stone…an A~LEAGUE MOM!! Her site is

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