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As Wyatt’s 12th birthday approaches it feels exciting and daunting all at once. To have grown from…Dx and placement just before  age 4 . To the place we are now as he heads toward his teen and adult years. I feel as if we are on a plank of sorts. A footbridge to an uncertain future. EXCITING & DAUNTING!!

This last year building and connecting with many people on and involved with the SPECTRUM has helped me feel in control. As if I have a way to navigate these choppy waters I know lie ahead! An arsenal of friends that have been there, done that! Guidance and Mentors. We ALL need  those two elements for life success. People that don’t have  or won’t grasp those two things invariably fail. None of us can do it alone! That’s why we need to be on the HWY. together!! I am so excited when I see more and more people meeting and connecting here on our fabulous NEW website! So many layers of possibility we are building! My mother and brother connecting with Autistic adults! It is all very exciting to me for them to meet interesting, fun people. People that help them understand their grandson, nephew and selves! . Some of the best connections I have ever made are with the  people I am meeting on the AutismHWY!!

I was super excited at last months Temple Grandin Conference in Pasadena~ when I heard her exhalt the use of keyboards for spectrum kids and adults!! What I have been saying all along, as well!! WhyI knew would be the bomb!! My son spent years being taught to trace the letter “W” Why??~WY?? lol I knew then  and know  now that pencils and paper where not his cup of tea!

So  when I see people like  Susie Vega in Whittier California~~>


 and  Carly Fleischmann  ~~>  


I believe this  is where we should all be headed ~~>this is the breakthrough that is possible for non-verbal autistic kids and adults!! Simply AMAZING!! Everyone’s time may come!  TRULY, what families have always known that OUR KIDS ARE VERY SMART and taking it ALL in!! will be here for anyone and everyone …to hone their typing and friendship skills. A place to meet and connect to each other and the world! A place  for advice and understanding~ Global COMMUNICATING…………and AMAZING  KEYBOARDS!!!

Awesome Awareness Photo by Karin T’pau Mossberg.

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