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Is there such a thing? Unfortunately… YES! People embarrassed by AUTISM. Sad but true fact. Human nature is such that …imperfections must be hidden. Hence…the proverbial skeleton “in the closet! ” Heaven forbid we should be perceived as LESS THAN perfect. Give me a break!? Can’t we just finally stop with all the pretenses?! NOT A DARNED ONE OF US…is…P E R F E C T !!

Thank Heaven!! So WHY do we expect these amazing ASD indviduals to be PERFECT ? Makes no sense to me. People need to respect Neuro-Diversity. It exists… plain and simple there is just no denying it. BTW…”IT” is not a death sentence. Just like Dana Commandatore’s story…when her Son’s AUTISM diagnosis was given the Doctor said ,”Take the time to grieve.” & Rightly Dana says, “Why? Is he going to die?”SO TRUE! It is not the end of the world. It’s time to get on with the living! She has an amazing mind

…please visit they are doing very cool things toward AWARENESS and THE much NEEDED Re~FOCUS!

A re-focus on understanding and acceptance. No more shame and denial. If the mainstream media and general population had a REAL clue about ASD we would “fit in” better. I know there are families out there that cannot withstand some of the scorn &/or rudeness and are ready to learn. Learn the real truth about AUTISM. Not the all too familiar “catch-phrases” and misnomers . Real SOLID Information that will help the two worlds of thought co-exist.

Co-exist with parents not paranoid about what others in society PERCEIVE. What is wrong with “Society’s Mom” Anyway? Didn’t she teach Society, that “Looks are deceiving”? & “That you can’t judge a book by it’s cover?” lol…Well , I’m just saying people have to STOP being so judgmental. There is a whole GROWING Population of ASD/ Neuro-diverse people that society needs to embrace. I’ve said it before…

Our blinkers are on and we are merging in. The AutismHWY is the road we are on we can’t change that. So we need to enjoy the ride! After all this ride is our life. What we need are AUTISM ROAD~ RULES. Etiquette, Understanding, Enlightenment all of the above . For our Individuals to feel “stable and able.”Accepted in the world and Celebrated “AS – IS.” No embarrassment , No scorn, No denial. Just a softer world of love and acceptance and VENUES for fun and opportunities that ALL PEOPLE ENJOY. It truly IS a civil right!RE THINK AUTISM! Realize it is NOT a DEATH Sentence. It is a LIFE Sentence . One to be enjoyed together co-existing in peace. So for those that will ask a therapist with a puzzle piece auto sticker to not park in front of their home. Please…

So…with the ROAD RULES being laid down and all the ISSUES being understood. It WILL HAPPEN! The merging of two Highways…”the Mainstream” & “the AutismHWY”. Traveling the highways and byways in parallel lanes …ENJOYING our rides!! Realizing that we DON’T have to be the same and see eye to eye. That truly is impossible. REALIZE that and know that, Neuro~Diversity….ROCKS!!

CLICK ON THE LINK BELOW for Dana Commandatore’s speech at The 26thPacRim Int. Conference on disabilities!

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If you haven’t heard of ARREST MY SISTER than you are just not reading this blog!! This band is the NEXT BEST ~THING! The music is soulful, spiritual and ROCKING!! These guys put on an amazing LIVE SHOW! The band has only been together for 1 yr. and they play together perfectly. You will love the ORIGINAL SONGS mixed in with some all-time favorites! Scott Siegel AMS’s front man…Singer/Keyboardist/Songwriter is an autistic savant!

He has written over 300 songs. His family knew he was a gifted individual but the depths of that talent reveals itself on a daily basis. I believe as does Scott that they will be in sold out arenas! When Scott informed his Mom that he had written some songs… She was surprised and asked “Where are they?” He replied casually that they were “in his head.” Then Leeni Siegel asked “well, how many do you have ?”and he replied…”300!!” WOW! What an amazing HEAD!! lol… She quickly said, “Let’s write them down then!!” The rest is history as they say!

We were lucky enough to have them perform at Our A~LEAGUE Celebration earlier this month and it was the hit of the event! I was so proud to introduce them to our families in attendance! Their performance is so full of passion AND a Neuro-Diverse MESSAGE. In my book that says it all! TONIGHT They will be performing in Laguna Beach at The Ocean Avenue Brewery! 9:30 P.M. So much FUN in store if you can make it! I have it on my radar and am planning on it.

Wyatt my 11 yr old non-verbal boy w/ AUTISM loves this music. Naturally he likes all music! Music soothes his soul when needed. That being said, he has a particular fondness for Scott, Crazy Tomes, Wadada and Jon’s awesome style. In the past few months I have been repeatedly encouraging my friends and others to watch “The Cave” on YouTube!! This is one of their BEST songs and the video is BOMB!! You will love it! Please take the time to view it …BELOW!! As I was saying Wyatt loves it. I play A LOT of different styles of music…when Wyatt hears ‘The Cave’ he comes from wherever he is~ straight to the great sound!!

Arrest My Sister even MORE POWERFUL than Barney?!! YOU GOTTA LOVE THAT! So COME ON OUT TONIGHT to The Ocean Ave Brewery and Rock-Out!! VISIT the ARREST MY SISTER website…to the left of this article (Interesting sites category) AND FOLLOW This Stellar BAND as they rocket to the TOP!!


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Can’t Be BOUND!!

The “A~League” is set to SOAR! Now that OUR Boundary Quandary has been resolved we will PRESS~ON! Onward and Upward around those bases we will roll. This truly is an uplifting experience. That must move forward. We were running into that sticky proverbial red tape. The boundary rules in Williamsport are very explicit when it comes to boundaries. Unlike others in little league history we were not looking to bring in ringers. Just PLAYERS!! Unfortunately we all live within a 30 mile radius of our fields.

Everyone on the SPECTRUM understands the logistics. It’s a No-Brainer. We are 1/ 100- 150, in some instances as low as 1/70! So to mathematically have enough eligible players to field a league from 1 city is IMPOSSIBLE. In a 3- City District still could be tough. More and more kids are moving to California so who knows someday that could be feasible. However, for Our Summer League purposes and beyond we will write our own AUTISM~ FRIENDLY Rulebook! So we will take control and branch out on our own and SPREAD OUR WINGS!! Afterall OUR KIDS are Angels! In their way they truly are.

So…this AUTISM BASEBALL moves forward w/ President Manny Zapata, Vice President (creator) Lora Mancini, w/ strong support from myself Kelly Green, Matt Parker, Carol Zapata, Megan Spano and more to be named!! We are flying high!! The fun is contagious and it’s bound to spread! With great reason. It is a NEW WAVE! A wave for OUR KIDS to “catch”~for a change! People need to see and think about both sides of the NEURO~DIVERSITY Coin. They would be so much the better for it. All people have to have outlets to create self-pride in order to change and really grow. It is a basic human instinct! So all that being said….

It looks like we have 6 teams!! 2 Rookie, 2 Minor & 2 Major! It is going to be a lot of FUN with the addition of 2 more teams! A brand new Ballpark to call our home and NEW FRIENDS on our Horizon. Summer and Fall League is here. The future’s so bright I gotta wear shades! If I’ve said it once, I’ve said it 100 times. …We cannot be BOUND…the Parents of ASD individuals know NO ~BOUNDARIES! Everyday can be a snowflake and you do whatever it takes to keep it from melting down. Like everyone else some days are great and some days are not. But, unlike EVERYONE else there aren’t available venues for our kids to do the everyday, take-it-for-granted things. The things “that kids do.” So when we have a chance to do something like this? If that means driving to and from TIMBUKTU WE WILL DO!


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No!…Not what my brother Kevin is saying!! INSTEAD… The amazing Band fronted by Scott Siegel , Autistic Savant!! The more I hear the more I love!! Scott’s vocals are crisp, clear, and relevant! You can hear that he feels and means what he is singing! This is pure ~FEEL “GREAT”~ ROCK ‘n’ ROLL!! “Pure” being the key word here. Not downplaying the other band members…They ROCK Individually! Together THEY ROLL, Baby!!

Don’t miss the boat on this one…these guys are about to blast off to OUTER SPACE!! Awesome Guitarist, Tomer Bolotnikovaka AKA; Crazy Tomes, Seasoned Bass Player Wadada Watts and Young Drummer Jon McCracken!! What a perfect BLEND!! I can feel it! This music NEEDS to be heard! It is the most relevant message ROCK has had to DELIVER in a long time!! Seriously, when you think about it~ Rock has always sent a BRASH Message to “Certain folks” . Kids wanted to dance! They needed to MOVE! PURE Human instinct !! ( Even more so …on the SPECTRUM.) FOLKS began to HEAR the messages that Rock n Roll was putting out there and…as they say, THE REST IS HISTORY!

The 80′s Glammed ROCK up, then things seemed to go soft for rock and roll. GRUNGE came along and picked up “the slack”… new cool genres meshed melded and morphed…with METAL holding its own throughout the years (Just a lot speedier!! lol). However, me being a child of the 60′s, had been missing those Rock n Roll ‘Feel Good Anthems!!’ Where had they all gone? Seemed like no one had a Rock n Roll MESSAGE they were sending. The newer MUSIC seemed MUCH MORE, manufactured than Heartfelt! Nothing like the fun and passionate Rock n Roll anthems we grew up with in the 70′s!! Not until NOW !!

ARREST MY SISTER has a message! Scott’s awesome lyrics and delivery give CLUES into NEURO~DIVERSITY!! So exactly what “The scene” NEEDS!! His delivery of said Autism/Human Awareness LYRICS Rock the “F”- out!!! Oh, I’m sorry (Blush)… Hope that didn’t offend~ I just get carried away! This music is THAT moving to me. For years I had been telling my eldest son Aaron… how I missed a good, NEW~ Rock Band on the scene! A Band that was MORE the true ROCK of my “school-days!” Songs with HOPE for understanding and change. The change that ROCK N ROLL is visionary enough to set into motion !! Motion through movement, through MUSIC, through ART, through Scott’s MIND and his Band members SOUL!!

If you don’t have a sister…NO MATTER…arrest someone ELSE’S!! CLICK HERE and watch “THE CAVE” ;♥¸¸.•*¨*•♪♫•*¨*•.¸¸♥♥¸¸.•*¨*•♪♫•*¨*•.¸¸♥” IT SO ROCKS !!!

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