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Expressive Activism

It occurred to me that, that is what we do here at!! Expressive activism~ We express our JOY in life…with or without the diagnosis of Autism. We want the world to fall in line with that thinking! I think we, as an emerging community are so far beyond the days of wallowing and grieving. Life will pass us by if we spend all of our days freting, worrying and  unhappily waiting for “cures”. While constantly stressing and bemoaning the fact that our children have uncertain futures.

Afterall, that is what the future is always made of…UNCERTAINTY! For all of us  despite the crosses we may or may not bear genetically or otherwise. When we arise in the morning it is not assured that we be there when it is time to lay down and sleep. Life is an honor. A privilege bestowed upon us through the cosmos of destiny. What a spectacular thing it is. To be revered and regarded moment by moment. Making the best of every instance. Respecting it fully for it’s simplistc brilliance. So, with an unsure future we carry on expressing ourselves. Expressing how we take in this precious life and how we respond to it. Hoping for others to learn  from this and recognize in themselves the many similarities amongst the abject difference.

To me it has felt like a brand new Renaissance. Since I first joined the on-line Autistic populations… Art, Poetry, Photography, Music, Drama~ created by brilliant, wonderful people. Sharing their perceptions in the best ways they know how. Creativly opening windows of light/insight for the world to understand Autism, the human mind and to better understand themselves! One of those amazing people has now left our worldly ranks but, not before he encouraged a wildfire of EXPRESSIONISM for Autistic people and their loved ones.

Jeffrey Michael Kellen a caring educated hard working man from Indiana. Through his infinite wisdom  created a wonderful safe haven for Autistic people and co. to connect and express the positive energy we feel in our lives… (contrary to popular belief.)  Artists and Autism on facebook is an enclave of talented individuals. A fun and effervescent place to show your talents and to enjoy the talents of other’s. Nurturing self respect and free expression. I am proud to  have been chosen to be a moderater of the page by it’s catalystic creator. With challenges we link together daily combining hearts of expression and a desire to change the world for Autistic people. Thankyou, to you Jeff and Kara for pointing people in this awesome direction! Forever helping us to join forces and raise the bars!

In the summer of 2010 Jeff and his beautiful wife Kara sparked something very FUN and IMPORTANT for’s future. Their annual participation in their Indiana community’s Chalk-Walk. Over the course of a weekend the Kellen’s would create masterpieces on the blazing pavement! That summer as I became involved with Artists and Autism, Jeff and Kara honoredand delighted me by choosing 2 of my Autism awareness designs to chalk for the event! To devote their squares raising awareness for Autism rocked my world and many others !!

It also did something else…I will never forget the feelings evoked in me, seeing those amazing images emblazoned so masterfully by Jeff and Kara. At that moment I vowed that would organize an entire Chalk Festival to raise awareness and share the incredible talent that is out there waiting for opportunity!!

PLEASE support this type of FUN and FREE Expression!! Our 2nd Annual “Show YOU Care~ BE Aware” Chalk Festival will be Saturday April 14th….stay tuned for details!!! Inquiries can be mailed to

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UNITING Abilities!

Recently & appeared at California’s GREAT AMERICA Themepark. Disabilities Awareness Day! The weather was brilliant and the patrons were in a great mood to hear about DIVERSITY!  Wow~My kind of day! Getting out into the community to explain Autism to folks is something I was born to do…that much is now clear to me. Everyone that is attracted to my booth has an earful coming!! I love that San Fransisco’s main themepark is so cool to hold this event at this time of year. Awareness is something that must be carefully cultivated everyday, not just in April. So often when you are talking to people about Autism they assume you are seeking a donation. People were surprised that with and ANCA  that is just NOT the case.

We , along with many others aim to merge into mainstream America, Canada, Europe, Asia, South America, Australia, New Zealand …and to any other region we can! COMMON UNDERSTANDING needs to be the rule…and the acception! Understanding Autism on useful levels will create the acceptance we desire. The more one examines a  “so-called disability”…the more one understands there own abilities or dis~abilities! WE ALL HAVE THEM!! It is funny how the word NORMAL just no-longer applies to life! To me it has become nothing more than a mundane description. I still love the quote from the Aspie”American Idol finalist.” “Different IS the new normal” Right on  target~ James Durbin. Being an Aspie from Santa Cruz California…he hits the BULLSEYE with that one!

I met another young man  from that neck of the woods Jake Dunbar. He was  manning the booth for the company he works for . It  was really impressive to see someone like him “getting it!” That we all need to be in service to others. A very thoughtful young person making a career supporting adults that need inclusion. This weekend he will  be working, helping his clients enjoy a day of watersports “Aquathon!” If more people realized that we all need to pool our resources this world would be a better place! The abled and not as abled hand in hand working together.What a powerful work force that will be! We will learn lots more about Abilites United later….

I see a future with companies harnessing  these differing abilities  of people, by pairing diverse workers together for one job! The Autistic mind joined with the Neuro-typical mind…talk about a kaleidoscope of ideas!! Just like the old adage claims…”TWO HEADS ARE BETTER THAN ONE” I believe it with all that I am. If the United States wants to create jobs…here you go Washington D.C. we have a multi-minded work force just waiting to get to know each other.  Help us educate the world, unite us and put us to work!!

So, as I thought about the name of Jake’s employer…it occured to me. ” Uniting Abilities”~Exactly what we will be doing annually at our upcoming 2nd ANNUAL INTERNATIONAL NATURALLY AUTISTIC PEOPLE AWARDS & CONVENTION! Uniting the talents, strengths and abilities of an amazing population of people. People that have been marginalized and treated as if they were on the side-lines of life. The world has wrongly assumed that they are not in the game. Our upcoming AWARDS & CONVENTION will show the world quite the contrary!! We are here we have ABILITIES … and we are proudly grouping together to celebrate this fact!! Learn about Autism and UNITE with us!!

The weekend of September 23rd, 24th and 25th there will be a huge cast of characters in Vancouver Canada dispelling  MYTHS!! Talents all over the map…FROM all over the map. It will be so amazing when the whole world is clued in!

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