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Calm COOL Colors…

Are the “New Black“! Is’nt that how the saying goes…when something is about to be in vogue?! Well AutismHWY has just declared a new viable way to calm our kids…COLOR THERAPY!! Seriously.I have been noticing it in one capacity or another for years. Now it is stunningly CLEAR to me! These kids so respond to color! How many of our kids love to drape fabrics over head? Viewing the world through their prism. Draping a buffer of color between them and the enviornment.

The last Easter egg hunt at Leroy Haynes School, Wyatt and I brought his “Parachute” game. So fun, to see the different play styles! Some of the students loved to be jumping and using the handles to flap the ‘chute up and down. While others chose to lie ” under the rainbow” feeling the wind and basquing in the reflecting colors of the canopy! Which they would have had no problem enjoying all~day!! Such a pleasure to see them all seek the sensory experience they preferred!

Alot of tents, forts,plastic cubes and play equipment. These kids often try to place a veil or shield between themselves and “Our BUSY World” Toning it down it seems. We know they have “Sensory Sensibilities and that they CANNOT tolerate flourescent lighting!! So why not try colored lightbulbs, colored lenses on glasses, colored glass for their bedroom windows!! Allison Dix’ Rainbow awareness to WHOLE new levels!!! I truly believe this is something everyone can consider and try. It certainly can’t hurt.

Lisa Bradshaw the brilliant speech therapist…(Leroy Haynes last free training provider) has imperical proof. Her son has had brain injuries since birth providing many challenges.Through the years her and husband Boyd Bradshaw have used great teamwork to help him through his many perplexing issues. She reports that her son wore PURPLE LENSES for two years! His choice. The ability to choose his color was empowering. Allowing him to wear the glasses and regulate as he deemed fit! AWESOME!!

Wearing the colored lenses was such a calming and effective thing for him!! After 2 years he just did not put them on anymore. He had self-regulated !! I have seen Wyatt use color in this fashion so many times!! Usually he chooses blue…I am curious what color your kids will choose!? Will they want it “Lit -up” or will they prefer it darker. I am quite sure that with all spectrum “issues”…EVERYONE is different. With varying degrees of ability or disability! Keeping us on “OUR TOES!”

It so~ DEPENDS ~on HOW YOU SEE IT!! I’m thinking …let’s SEE IT through…


The Irlen method…

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You’ve heard of… sense and sensibility well put an autistic spin on that and wella, SENSORY SENSABILITIES! So much of an autistic persons day can revolve around this ISSUE. You and I have all of “our gages” working ( hope so, anyway.) What I mean by that is we can perceive things as they are. Like hot and cold and pain. YES I did say PAIN! I know all about high thresholds for pain. Wyatt has one a mile high! However, I did not know that some autistic people actually burn themselves bathing due to this anomaly!

WOW! Talk about “learn something new everyday!” Sensory Integration Specialist Boyd Bradshaw spoke about this at the most recent ” L. H. Center FREE TRAININGS.” Which I am happy to tell you “locals” that the next seminar will be… Thurs.Mar. 18th 6:00-8:00 P.M. This time Mr. Bradshaw will be joined by his wife Lisa! Please DON’T MISS IT!! I have seen both of their presentations and they are RIGHT ON TARGET! The information you will receive in 2 hours will AMUSE, ENLIGHTEN and INFORM!!

A mother of another Leroy’s student has ALREADY had success with a quick fix to a big problem! Jackie E. mother to Chad a beautiful non-verbal 12 yr. old, has had a problem some nights sleeping through the night in his own bed! Mr. Bradshaw suggests several solutions to different behaviors…which WE ALL KNOW is how it works! YOU MUST have several strategies. Our kids can be more flexible than most would believe. In that, some days or instances 1 strategy will work and other times not. I know Wyatt will rotate and “switch-out” his behaviors so, varying solutions to shifting behaviors. Always adding to “OUR BAGS OF TRICKS“!!

So the other night Jackie was given the solution of WHITE NOISE!!! Chad would wake up and head toward his parents bed or just not doze off at all. She has tried alot of things before with no luck. This week at “A-LEAGUE ” practice she happily reported leaving the T.V. or radio on was the “White Noise” he needed to fall out. Simple fix REALLY. These are the great practical techniques that work! Share the KNOWLEDGE and make it COMMON!

I see AUTISM as a “Bully“… A Bully that needs to have its power stripped! The first thing you must do is EXPOSE this MENACE! Autism has been very intimidating throughout its history. IF WE DON’T UNDERSTAND IT. How can WE FIGHT IT? The “Bully” has been reveling in that status! Lucky for us there are people like Boyd & Lisa Bradshaw. People that have made it their lives work…to expose this PUNK, called AUTISM! So I urge ALL that are available…to join us in our “battle THE BULLY” WORKSHOP at Leroy Haynes’ next FREE TRAINING!

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HI THERE, HI THERE, HI THERE! (?) !! I just came from tucking Wyatt in and I truly HEARD …a sing-songy version of the above mentioned! I’ve heard it before, just like ; YADA,YADA,YADA & DIGA,DIGA,DIGA. Along with several other … variations on a theme that have rotated in & out over the years. But there was something different about this time.

I exclaimed “Wyatt, you SAID Hi There!!” He proudly giggled…into a chirp simultaneously bouncing on belly, burying face in pillow! So between the two of us we said it a hundred times giggling and bouncing! Then I asked him the big question, “are you going to tell everyone hi there at school tomorrow?” He looked at me with the BIGGEST-WYATT smile giggling..”hi there hi there hi there.” So, I am happy to believe him as I sit here in this moment. I will go to sleep and hope my sweet boy keeps his loving words! In the morning we will find out at… ! If nothing else…he and I just had an incredible moment, that isn’t going anywhere! Such as life… in our autistic world, incredible moment after incredible moment (with the occasional meltdowns!)

WE ALL KNOW how our kids amaze us everyday. Fighting little spirits of pure heart! Kids that like all others want to be comfortable and happy. Which is quite the feat sometimes with the cards that have been dealt them. It can be like a science experiment learning how to make each individual comfortable in their own skin!

As parents of these beautiful people we begin to make a FORMULA. A formula that works for your child and family. When you are lucky you are surrounded with people that understand this. Schools that will take an “out of the box” approach like Leroy Haynes. Tailor making a program geared toward the individual needs of each child. It is also important to realize that some “traditional teaching methods” usually just don’t work for autistics.

Wyatt’s school has changed his whole demeanor. Even though he is NON-VERBAL I sense that he feels better understood. He is blessed to attend a school that takes the time to keep up with all emerging ideas and inform the community with FREE GUEST SPEAKERS and TRAININGS!

Just today…a massage therapist came to the school! When I picked Wyatt up I was informed that he was the one that had the longest massage!! I wasn’t surprised!!! Think…SQUEEZEBOX! HEY, now it’s dawning on me … if I want WORDS I”ll need to get my massage therapist certification!!!

WYATT’S WEIGHTED VEST was made by Suzanne Stone…an A~LEAGUE MOM!! Her site is

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