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Does it, really ? Apparently to some more than others. I love words.  Delighting in wordplay I love to juggle and barb, dart and twist to my little hearts desire. So I am always puzzled when I see some take words to heart. So very literally often times taking offense. That is where we are at as a culture. To me that says it all. INTERPRETATION and TRANSLATION> We always get lost in it. (?)  FINALLY. Autism is here to point that out , define it and tune the world in~ into a spectrum of ways to see things in another hue.

” We do not need to re-invent the wheel.” ~ “We need to teach people to harness their systems.” says Leonora Gregory Collura.  I so, love her mentality!  Her language. Being an Autistic woman she KNOWS of what she speaks. As she teaches the paradigm from the inside out. She has a way of engaging you with her WORDS and her deep knowledge of how the Autistic system operates, variates , evolves and  grows.  As ‘ Leonora Speaks’ …she has much to teach us all.  It is so exciting to see her use of the english language orchestrating history. A new history and way for Autistic People that has been a long time coming. WORD !

A day longed for by many.  When we are understood, accepted and most importantly utilized in the market place. For far too long this language that is debated has defined people.  Autistic Person, Person with Autism, Dis-abled, handi-capped, special needs, low functioning / high functioning and the list goes on.  How about this~~>  We ALL function on different levels  HIGH, MEDIUM & LOW-using whatever cylinders are firing at the time lol! A completely  true statement for those of you being honest.  Words that describe are just that…WORDS. Letting words hurt and change your mood or cause a fight is so unnecessary. People don’t always know the RIGHT WORDS to say when it comes to ‘differences’. The majority of folks can be terribly awkward and uncomfortable…damn near anything could pop out of their mouths! 

With that in mind I submit we call a ‘grace period’ on  the language.  Do not let a word someone may use to describe a person’s “uniqueness” offend you. As we define the future with awareness to the masses ; concerning the reality of Autism and the people living with it. We need to cut people a break while talking about and teaching our issues as low functioning/ high functioning …special needs PEOPLE!!!  lol~ Tomato…Tom-AUT-o!! Let’s just get the world aware!  Try not to  let language become sticks and stones. 

 We are all here in the same boat don’t let WORDS, rock it. Share the paddles, pool the resources…bridge all of the gaps. This is the mentality we are operating under as we gain momentum for our Fall International Naturally Autistic People  Awards & Convention.  Working together we all have talents to share ~here and NOW. Not waiting for research to find a cure or  by building new complexes for production of ’Autism wheel’ creation. Let the ‘Big guy’ do the research because they have the dollars marching in. The rest of us need to concentrate on teaching useful information and creating comfortable ways for all people to exist and thrive.

Creating venues and jobs for the Autistic population is where commerce needs to head. We have a stimulus package just waiting to be unwrapped!! Jobs;  mentoring,  teaching skills,  coaching employment and  growing self esteem. Seems like a big production to me…worth millions.

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