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Last month on April 2nd Wyatt & I met with Paul Detrick of ReasonTV. He was interested in my “take” on the on-going battle. VACCINES?? Did they ~OR~ Did’nt they? I truly believe we will never know the definitive answer to THAT Question. ReasonTV is a libertarian reporting agency fostered by Drew Carey! I did not even know the position they would be taking. I just agreed to be interviewed and away we went!

Quite a leap of faith on my part. It was the day after Wyatt’s 11th birthday.We met with Paul and the camera man in the brand new playground at Library Park here in our town of Monrovia, California. It was a very “low~vibrational” day for Wyatt (no smiles & giggles.) As for me, I am generally “high~vibrational” (unless I am having issues with my 21 yr. old…lol) So the stage was set…lights, camera, action!!

As you can clearly see Wyatt could care-less about the camera. He was so into the weight at the end of his long-deflated Birthday Balloon. Well the balloon could hardly qualify as a balloon, since he popped it 30 minutes after we got it. For Wyatt the popping of the balloon>totally inconsequential. Frankly, he spends more time with the weighted end. Always has. What do I say about that?…”whatever floats HIS Boat!”

Directly after the interview …so many things rolled through my mind…?? Will they spin this a “wrong-way?” Will they make Wyatt appear very morose?? Will I look FAT ?!! lol (Yes on that one!) So I was very surprised to have the finished product pop up in my computer today! It’s very surreal to view yourself and child in this fashion. I like the report very much and I love what Lynn Koegel says near the end of this clip. That if we spent some of the money and time on OTHER Autism-related issues…perhaps we would be further along. I just believe that we are at a COMPLETE IMPASS on this issue!

Whatever the future holds regarding this VERY heavily contested issue…selfishly, does not concern me anymore. I can not go back in time…I can not change AUTISM It is what IT is. Yes , I will always try different strategies, therapies, supplements, diets… I am open to alot of highways in that regard. I truly believe there is validity in all the things we as parents try! We do it because we want the best for our kids. What we need to remember though… is that the “TYPICAL” Idea of what is RIGHT.

Is not ALWAYS right!

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 Turns out I am lucky enough to have one. I Always knew I was. There has always been something so…good, so…PURE, about Wyatt. From day one his nature was very sweet and helpful. Before we even knew about his Autism there were so many examples of his “good ~vibrations,” his intuitions! He just has a way about him that is infectious. Some days I feel Wyatt’s vibrations jumping out of his skin. Other days…not so much.



But I firmly believe that we as parents of Spectrum kids…gain a type of intuition as well. A Telepathy if you will. It is an “organic-feeling” that occurs. Born out of sheer necessity. When you have a child that is non-verbal you will do anything to try and figure him or her out! Entering their world is the 1st step to that communication. For so long now, we have been on the wrong-road. The road of forcing them to come into “Our world.” A world that is just too multi-faceted for the majority of our Spectrum individuals. So we need to re-think our approach. Thankfully, I see a lot of US are taking that “high-road” The highway to new understanding and acceptance!!

It is much easier for US to “down~size” our world. Making it less overwhelming for them. Which will make them feel more ~stable and able~ to share with us what they will. Most importantly that we are attentive enough to receive it!! The telepathy is a two-way street! Which brings me back to this “VIBRATIONAL THEORY.” The theory that Autistic people can be operating on a high vibrational level…that they are even more aware than we could ever imagine!

I like that thought very much. Something about it is ringing very true to me! I have sensed it in Wyatt and some of the other Autistic friends I have come across. For example ; something seemingly “super-natural” just occurred between myself and one of Wyatt’s A- League teammates, Zach. Don’t laugh, I am serious…You be the judge.



Wednesday April 28th I was thinking -I wanted a picture of an AIRPLANE! I have 1500 pictures I’ve taken in my computer …not one shot of an airplane! All day long it kept occurring to me. It’s not like I was going to run out to Bracket Field here in La Verne Calif. to wait for a photo-op. I just couldn’t shake the thought for… whatever reason. Fast forward to Thursday evening’s “A-League” practice. As Wyatt and I approached, Zach’s Mom was holding something I instantly focused on. As I got closer to her in complete amazement I saw what it was yet, I still had to ask, “What is that?” She smiled a proud yet, sheepish smile replying that it was Zach’s own~ creation ! That Zach made lots of Airplanes and Signs. Signs too?!



Incredible!! Here, I have been blogging… incessantly about the undiscovered talents that will reveal themselves this decade and beyond!! I have been coaching and speaking with Zach for weeks now. I have been wanting a photo of an airplane. Zach has been watching me document the games with my camera. He has even posed a bit for me. Today this “HIGHLY VIBRATIONAL KID” revealed one of his special talents to me in a huge and phenomenal way ! The more I think about this the more ASTOUNDED I am.


What I experienced here is something that I will never forget. It tells me that I am on the right path! The right HWY. with so many other incredible people. People that are standing-up right NOW and saying look at what these AWESOME TALENTED INDIVIDUALS have to offer the landscape of our world!! Wow….we are about to ASCEND people and the pilot says, “Please fasten your seat belts!!”


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