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Time for another Artists and Autism HIGHLITE! For new readers~ A & A is a brilliant webpage on facebook!

Focusing and showcasing ART on, in and around the SPECTRUM!! People with ASD’s and their care-givers are some of the most talented people on the planet! Has anyone ever seen or heard of Stephen Wiltshire…? Clay Marzo…? Scott Siegel…? 3 BRILLIANT MEN planted firmly on ASD ground! The perspective autism brings to their world is refreshing…just take a look at these 3 links and REFRESH YOUR WORLD!!




NOTHING disabled or ordinary about that!! WOW….so much power and talent looking to be discovered and enjoyed! The sky is the limit…TRULY!! Our AUTISM Community is doing just that!! SHOWCASING and enjoying the value of OUR ASD Individuals!! Precisely why ARTISTS and AUTISM thrives. We appreciate and discover the beauty in our ASD lifestyles minute by minute. We seriously~ don’t have the time to be negative and down-trodden. ASD can be SO unpredictable…you need to be ready to hop into action at a moments notice, with a smile!! Kind of like the FIRE DEPT.!! I like that. We are all ASD ~FIREMEN / WOMEN!!…Heros in our own world. Thriving on HOPE and KNOWLEDGE fueled by POSITIVITY!!

Which is the perfect segway to our Tech Artists we are featuring this blog! Michelle Michels & Karin Mosberg . Each of these talented ladies have been creating Hope and Positive Vibrations through their vision, artistic talent and fantastic computer skills! Beautifully colored asthetic inspiration…..NICE!! Most often, with EMPOWERING words of encouragement and acknowledgment! SUPER NICE!!

CLICK HERE for Michelles vision…!/pages/Autism-Creations/122692677778388?ref=sgm

Michelle Michels is the mother to 2 beautiful young boys on the SPECTRUM!! She has a talent for uplifting everyone with her great attitude and even GREATER Autism Tags. Visual Images with awesome attitude! Her NEW fb page is awesome…you can use the amazing signage she creates!! Her concept is timed perfectly for the heavy awareness campaigns that are building in OUR COMMUNITY!! Michelle’s ART is a big part of that…check this out! She is even taking requests!! VERY Fun!!! Thank you Michelle! YOU are providing self esteem … In AMAZING ways!

Karin Mossberg has an eye for geometry in all shapes and sizes!! 1 size DOES NOT fit all in Karin’s WORLD! BRAVO Karin !! Her STUNNING Computer images are mesmerizing! She utilizes brilliant colors and shapes like no one else. Her vision of empowerment resonates with us weekly on A & A !! Karin is an amazing Aspie with a huge heart. Her submissions inspire and create happiness for many! That is the pleasure we experience when we visit this awesome page! Thanks for decorating our lives with such HOPE , TALENT and BEAUTY Karin, Michelle, Stephen, Clay and Scott!!

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“WHY…WY…Y ???”

What the Mothers and Fathers of toddlers hear everyday!! What the Family & Friends of ASD Individuals wonder!! What ALOT of US wondered this past weekend upon viewing a hate filled facebook group masking as …hmmm COMEDY? ! All of the above …ladies and gentlemen, ALL of the above. Yes, life can be a “wonderland.” In good ways and bad ways. Being the mother of a boy with regressive AUTISM I really wonder somedays. Especially when things were going along ‘swimmingly’ and then the gradual regression. (In Wyatt’s case anyway.) Very PUZZLING!

Very puzzling indeed. This thing called AUTISM. & this thing called “Human Nature!”No I am not “Octo-mom”…just feels that way somedays. So with all the days “Normal Questions” that constantly barrage ASD to have to QUESTION Human Nature. Questioning how adults can post hatred for our different minded children.(?!!) Calling it Funny!! So hurtful and so cruel. Many of these mean- people~ are actually parents themselves. (?!) Soulless parents to some unlucky innocent children. “Why, Wy, Y” has rung in my ears and permeated my brain. Almost as if I had: 8~ 3 yr. olds asking me questions ALL DAY ! Individuals and Family members. It was VERY disheartening.

It shouldn’t surprise me. The world is unforgiving in so many ways. Yet, this just felt so wrong. It was an assault on my senses. Many of us had that “just got kicked in the gut” FEELING! Not nice! Talk about sensory issues. To think that SANE ADULTS could be laughing at and posting nastiness about innocent disabled kids?? It was an eye-opener. Some of these people say,” we should just ignore the fact that they are there reveling in their FILTH!!” In essence leave them alone and don’t JUDGE THEM! Gladly!

We can leave that to the “Big-Guy.” Our on-line AUTISM COMMUNITY is forever trying to pass on HOPE & KNOWLEDGE! I have a nice pair of “Rose-Colored” Glasses I wear while doing that. I Wish I could send them to the creators of this hateful group. Trouble is HATRED is Blinding. It has obviously affected all of these individuals EYE SIGHT ! So, my glasses would be wasted on them. Plus I NEED THEM! lol…

So back to the OG QUESTION…WHY? An astute friend told me that both sides of the “Hate / Love Equation” need to be experienced in order to make the choice to LOVE. Yes, I get that…but, what I will NEVER get is WHY the choice to HATE?!! I have said that Neuro-diversity needs to be CELEBRATED. Only this type of “Diversity” hadn’t even occurred to me. Perhaps, I am sheltered and Naive. Much like my son with AUTISM!!

Maybe we should just stay in our ROSE-COLORED Autism Bubble. Where HOPE and KNOWLEDGE rule. Running on the fuel of POSITIVITY!! Our wonderful on-line AUTISM Community of SANE Adults that don’t create web-pages to laugh at those less fortunate. I am beginning to wonder about the “social-skills” classes SO OFTEN pushed off on Autistics. Has anyone ever thought that perhaps… those classes are needed for the MAINSTREAM ?!! Skills that this hate filled group so sorely lack. The SKILL of being a loving and compassionate human being on our beautiful PLANET!!

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I always picked Australia.It was my answer ~ EVERY TIME! You know the question…”If you could go to any country in the world where would YOU go?” I don’t know if it was my little girl love of Koala Bears or what? As I got older I kind of lost sight of that worldly desire of mine. Life kicks in, bills come and go.Life evolves…children are born. Realizing YOUR DREAM is not possible…your mind convinces yourself…”Heck, I never wanted to go DOWN UNDER anyway!

Well guess what? Now that I’m all grown-up …I realize I don’t want to go “Down Under” at all. I want to go UP ABOVE! Australia is SO ENLIGHTENED about the spectrum! I think they need a new nick name!! AWESOME AUTISM ATTITUDE LAND !! Yesterday I was fortunate enough to view a news story from an Australian morning show! Megzz Megan Hammond provided it to me on facebook! She is an amazing woman who was diagnosed with Asperger Syndrome in her mid-twenties!

She has an extremely interesting group called My life with Asperger”s From the title of her book. I highly recommend you check-out and join her group! She really is a phenomonal individual! Not only does she share something so personal and informative to the world. She is constantly POSTING AMAZING PHOTOS!! Truly…you will not be dissappointed! Thanks Megzz…YOU ROCK!

So now, back to this” bone I have to pick” with OUR American MEDIA!! Please watch the attached News CLIP . What struck me most about this “news story” was that it was just that! A NEWS STORY! Meant to TEACH for HELPING purposes. Not a “feel good” story with an antecdote or two. Sure that would be fine for a print piece or in a longer profile piece. However, those stories are few and far between in the U.S.! Seems, we save all the “anecdotal /feel good” stories over here for Autism “Awareness” APRIL. Why would they TEACH and HELP?! Oh yes…you might not make ratings with THAT brand of T.V.!

Ridiculous! Autism is not a sound bite for the nightly news. It is a way of life for over a million people…and counting. What will … serve OUR Community is effective dialogue, and practical solutions! Amazingly that is exactly what you see when you look at this story! Reporter Lisa is well prepared with an informative script and visual graphics helping to make her points. Very clear, very cohesive! Sally Thibault the mother/author featured in this story is an amazing woman! By all means check into her book as well!

WORLDS of information!! C’MON people can we please take a look at the FOREST…through the trees?!! Let’s get with the program over here on our side of the pond!! Let’s look at AUTISM from a whole new perspective. It is crucial that we do this! There are more and more of us everyday and we thrive on GOOD information! So we need to take a lesson here on what is important! We need to rise to this occassion as our Australian neighbors have so rightly done! When it comes to our MIND-SET regarding Autism and Asperger Syndrome …let’s take a lesson from our friends “DOWN~UNDER.” Open our eyes and our hearts and rise…”UP~ABOVE!!

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