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Season’s SHIFTING…

…as we tick into SUMMER from SPRING! What an amazing spring we have had! The very 1st ALL~ AUTISM~DIVISION! Thankyou to LITTLE LEAGUE, San Dimas Little League …League President, Tim Roe and Mom on a Mission “DIVISION VISIONARY” Lora Mancini. Without the ALIGNMENT of these entities we would have been missing the boat this season yet again. HAPPILY not the case!

With this initial season we have seen and felt amazing things.For the MOST PART… very clear sailing! Our young players connecting and bonding with peers like never before! Social SKILLS to the 10th POWER! I have not really seen one meltdown or unhappy kid in ALL of the practices and games. We HAVE HAD a few stomps, pouts and whoops around the bases from time to time. The only bat throwing is not in anger …more in danger. Whoops! Some of the kids are not quite sure about that dropping of the bat ritual. (We will be working diligently on that to be sure…)

Which we will have time to do …this SUMMER!! Woo Hoo ~The adventure continues! Our season ends June 5th… and after we Celebrate that & take a couple of weeks off…WE WILL BE BACK!! With a Summer-League! So Awesome… especially this summer, when California has ~completely~ cut our Summer DAY-CAMP Budget to – ZIP ! Uh Oh…everyone with a kid on the spectrum knows…busy is good. So busy, “lucky us” will be!! Thanks again LITTLE LEAGUE, S.D.L.L., Tim Roe, Lora Mancini…& the hard working moms and dads on the board and on the field. SUMMER in the DUGOUT!!

Our hats are off to you!! You have affected such change and happiness that the effects will be rippling on for years! How is that possible you say ?? Simple. Two words. SELF ESTEEM! A simple yet, pure basic human need. Something we have not been affording these amazing kids. Seems society had decided that they didn’t have the skills or desire or the NEED. Society has been ~Wrong~dead wrong! I have seen EVERY kid open up. Regardless of “how-autistic” you would consider each player. We ARE all variations on A theme…and this baseball breaks BARRIERS! I have been seeing it, living it, breathing it …..WRITING IT!!

I have thoroughly convinced myself and anyone else who’ll listen! This IS the way to go SELF ESTEEM THERAPY …so simple. The season has only been a handful of weeks…just thinking of the continued confidence and happiness we can build… WOW ,The possibilities are SO GREAT!! Lora is taking steps to let the little league organization know how important this season has been. She also needs our help to explain the value of an all AUTISM DIVISION! If we have the numbers to fill teams in each community then I say…”keep ‘em seperated.” It just makes sense for purposes of commonalities and cohesive teaching styles. I’ve been trying to tell people AUTISM is a whole other entity. ISSUES and VARIABLES. But if all players have the same issues and variables it is so much easier to move forward as a group.

A Common Understanding! It’s a beautiful thing …we strive for!!

Please E-Mail…… to tell him why it is beneficial to continue on with an AUTISM DIVISION….. Parents, Interested Parties…and…Proffessionals PLEASE !

Thankyou Greatly! AutismHWY!!

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Our A-Leaguers are FEELIN IT ! The BUDDIES, The COACHES, The FAMILIES…WE are ALL FEELIN IT ! & What a good feeling IT IS!! It had been so long since I had been in a dugout, I had forgotten! FORGOTTEN?!! How I could have ?!…I’ll never know! Guess all these years in the “trenches” with this SYNDROME! You become a little weary…AUTISM is hard for the individual and even harder for the family! However, a little DUG-OUT “action” is going a LONG WAY toward healing that!

The feelings that go down on a baseball DIAMOND are transformative! Anybody that does’nt believe that…come on down to SAN DIMAS any given SATURDAY and watch the A-LEAGUE!! I firmly believe DUGOUTS are CHARACTER BUILDERS!! The game of baseball takes SUCH TEAMWORK!! As does AUTISM & ASPERGER SYNDROME!!! Our individuals RELY…on networks. NETWORKS of caring individuals…understanding, informed INDIVIDUALS. A Team mentality has always been pervasive ON THE SPECTRUM!

Teams that consist of Parents, Grandparents, Aunts, Uncles and Cousins. Not to mention the real TEAM LEADERS…The SIBLINGS! We are “in the dugout “DAILY!! When we are not in the dugout we are driving to the rest of the team! A vast number of therapists and their appointments, social skills groups, Drs. visits and on and on! You could add as many to the TEAM that you or the state can afford!! The net you cast covers it ALL…or so you think!

NOW, with each and every BASEBALL OUTING…I am seeing something I have not seen before. Autistic kids “lighting-up” over seeing their FRIENDS! This A-LEAGUE is awesome! This…ON THE SAME TEAMFEEL!” I have no doubts that this will carry over to everyday life. These weekends in the DUGOUT are pointing our kids in the right direction. On the HIGHWAY to FRIENDSHIPS! The feeling that they don’t run those bases alone, their daily struggles are all WORTH IT! As our players round the bases knowing that their team is in the dugout rooting and waiting to SLAP FIVE!

Their THIRD TEAM!!! Not Mom & Dad or their Siblings…Not The Teachers or varied Therapists. Their FRIENDS ,their comrades the ones they are IN THE TRENCHES with! As they navigate their way around Our National Pastime with THEIR TEAM! Building SKILLS, HEART and CHARACTER in The Dugout!

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