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Chalked Over The Moon

 NEXT YEAR’S EVENT will be APRIL, 18TH 2015!



cf moon

Last Saturday was a day for all time! A day long coming  and warmly embraced by many. A whole new frontier for Autistic safe space! We are planting our flag for Autism Acceptance and FUN. The 4th Annual Chalk Art Festival really delivered that and all of the attendees and partners couldn’t be happier! A day dedicated for unconditional love and acceptance. No teams, no battles, no agendas to eradicate Autism. No negative rhetoric about 1 in 68. In fact we believe one in sixty eight is great!IMG_0364


Autistic adults, children and their families, friends and supporters all assembled at Heritage Plaza Park in Downtown Covina for a great day of Art, Performance and Friendship. It was a powerful feeling to have so many people on the spectrum together for the celebration. So many friends and family old and new coming together for a fun day in the sun to express how we feel and what we bCF LOGOelieve in. Empowering to say the very least!

cf z

Jeff Kellen Carpe Inspirus Award Winner Zach Lopez has it right!

Jeff Kellen Carpe Inspirus Award Winner Zach Lopez has it right!


ZACH 'S Message!

ZACH ‘S Message!

dani bowman cf

...and so does Dani Bowman!

The fantastic Artistic Activist Ms. Dani Bowman!

Our fantastic hosts this year ; The City of Covina and the Covina Cultural Arts Commission were most hospitable. They have even made me a Cultural Arts Commissioner! WOW!   cf ccaacWe now have a great location that was beautifully mapped out for our special day! Everyone enjoyed the Heritage Plaza Park setting. Booths, Art zones , Drum circle, Performance stage, Chill zone and play area created an all around fantastic atmosphere. Over 600 people came through the event and I believe we would have stayed there all day! No one wanted the day to end! All of us vowing to be back next year for more of the same unconditional acceptance and amazing ART!

Joanne Lara and her Autism Movement Therapy Dancers

Joanne Lara and her Autism Movement Therapy Dancers

What a lovely day! "The Food Mansion" by Syance

What a lovely day! “The Food Mansion” by Syance

IMG_0420Exceptional Minds students….show that off in this great piece!

Eileen Sobora's beauty of the sea!

Eileen Sobora’s beauty of the sea!

Willie Zinn shared his talents!

Willie Zin shared his multi dimensional talents!

Who's Clayton played their hearts out!

Who’s Clayton played their hearts out!

cf fav

Adriana Salgado’s CROWD FAVORITE winner! Cat’s are Autistic you know! haha Great call Adriana!

Roman Castro on hand to facilitate the Remo Drum Circle!

Roman Castro on hand to facilitate the Remo Drum Circle!

cf trevor

Trevor Aycox traveled from Oklahoma with his Mom and Grandmother  to share his awesome Spray paint Art with us! Thank you so much for coming west young man! Many people were very grateful that you all did! The connections made at this event have an empowering affect on all of us.

connor cf

Karen Schaefer Howard working her magic!

Karen Schaefer Howard working her magic!

cf dc

 Thank you to Remo Recreational Music center for the amazing donation of drums and instruments to power this circle! It was a very moving event for those within it and those of us watching and listening! Different Drummers ROCK! 

cf cmDaniel from the great Autism Spectrum Athletics organization makes his mark on The Chalkmobile!! Too much FUN!

cf keithJacque Keith Dubois brought his colorful perspective! Thanks so much Keith!

cf bj2Bj Lane chalking up her heart as she has done for us all 4 years. We cherish your participation Bj!

Lesley Perdomo with her BEST OF SHOW design!

Lesley Perdomo with her BEST OF SHOW design!

cf balloons

David L. ~Best of Show Youth is interviewed by filmmaker Manuel Valenzuela!

David L. ~Best of Show Youth is interviewed by filmmaker Manuel Valenzuela!

cf czThe event was soO chill that not too many people needed the ZONE! …except my son Wyatt (we called it the Wy~Zone!)

cf bj


cat cf

cf keri

Keri Bowers and her Artistic Super Powers….

cf debbie

Debbie Denenburg travels to meet and greet us! So great to have you and your ART present Debbie!

Lysa Ashley and her Autistic Pride Design Winner!

Lysa Ashley and her Autistic Pride Design Winner!

cf carissa

Carissa’s second appearance at the festival garnered her Crowd Favorite! Congratulations Carissa!

Kai's colorful DRAGON! (and his trademark OWL!)

Kai’s colorful DRAGON! (and his trademark OWL!)


Pocahantus even made an appearance!

Pocahantus even made an appearance!


cf joel

Joel Anderson working on his Einstein logo just after finishing his “steam-punk” Jules Verne! This was Joel’s 3rd appearance. He was the 2012 Jeff Kellen Carpe Inspirus Award winner. The Artist best breathing life through creativity!

cf LAnt Art

 LAnt ART ~ Lori Antoinette W looks beautifully into our future of more Chalk Art festivals at heritage Plaza !!

cf briceno

Young Mr. Briceno’s awesome creation! Thanks for joining us again. We love what you add to this event!

cf luis award

Epic Luis Art….takes Best use of Color in the youth category!

cf mickey chap best color

Mickey Chap memorializes the Ultimate Warrior in chalk and wins Best use of Color! She said it was her first award in 15 years of chalking! We are PROUD to be the first ones to recognize your talent with Cash Mickey!! 

Kevin Hosseini flies in for spring break just in time for the Remo Drum Circle!

Kevin Hosseini flies in for spring break just in time for the Remo Drum Circle!

Aaron Eh's colorful creativity evolving!!

Aaron Eh’s colorful creativity evolving!!


cf ty covina


What a simple and clear message!!

What a simple and clear message!!

cf balloons 2Thank you to each and every one of us that played a part in making this the most spectacular Chalk festival EVER!! next year we will do it again because the possibilities are endless…






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Return to VROMAN’S !!


Southern California'sHUGE Bookstore historically and literally!

Southern California’s HUGE Bookstore historically and literally!

So happy to report we will be sharing our Making Friends with Autism Coloring Books at this extraordinary historic Bookstore for a second year!

Out latest and...GREATEST! Teaching moments every month!

Out latest and…GREATEST! Teaching moments every MONTH!


We had so much fun at last year’s event with our creative friends, Joel Anderson of Joel’s Vision Arts, Debra Hosseini from The Art of Autism and our friends with Unintentional Humor, Linda and Brent Anderson!IMG_8417


Fun friends joined us and new friends stopped by! We hope to see all of those folks and more on Saturday August 17th at 3 PM. This year I will again  have my trio of Coloring Books on hand. Debra Hosseini will return to share the Art of Autism and all of the great work she is up to.

77 Artists on the Autism Spectrum shine in this BOOK!

77 Artists on the Autism Spectrum shine in this BOOK!


Currently Debra has been penning a Memoir. Amazing adventures and life lessons learned by her Aspie boyfriend Kurt Muzikar, something very interesting to look forward to!

The Goddess Energy of Ms. Keri Bowers!

The Goddess Energy of Ms. Keri Bowers!


This year we are very proud and excited to have Keri Bowers joining us. She will have copies of her amazing classic Autism filmNormal People Scare Me” Keri has 24 years of experience using ART to help students and families on the spectrum. Her amazing innovations and accepting spirit will give you tools for success in every day situations and creative support for inevitable transitions! Please come out and meet Keri! 


Joel Anderson’s NEW BOOK will be available: “ Medieval Trio Tales: Courage at the Concert” written and illustrated by Joel and Diana Michelotti! A delightful tale about being courageous and supporting others! Exactly what Joel does. The weekend of this event Joel will be traveling to San Jose State to implement a mentoring program for kids on the spectrum with the college’s Football team!! GO JOEL! Woot!!


Unfortunately, Dani Bowman will not be at the event. Her work with Joey Travolta and Inclusion Films takes precedent. She tirelessly works all across the country teaching others on the spectrum to excel at animation. Thank you for all of your hard work Dani! We hope you will join us another time!

So mark your calendars and head to Old town Pasadena for a delightful day with us!!

An impromptu serenade courtesy of Shane Mckaskle, Chris Iddamalgoda and friend.

An impromptu serenade courtesy of Shane Mckaskle, Chris Iddamalgoda and friend.










Sandi and Joel Anderson's colorful world!

Sandi and Joel Anderson’s colorful world!

Friendship Rocks!! Kai, Joel and brent Anderson with the "crooners"!!

Friendship Rocks!! Kai, Joel and Brent Anderson with the “crooners”!!




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“Pos~Autism” Book signing!

This Saturday, September 15th at 3 p.m. I am getting an early Birthday present! A slot for AutismHWY, Making Friends with Autism , The Art of Autism, Joel’s Vision Arts and Celebrate Autism to share center-stage at Vroman’s Bookstore in Pasadena California!  A Southern California icon serving the community for 118 yrs. Growing up here in the San Gabriel Valley I am very proud to have this chance! I hope you will come out and JOIN US.

Join us for a chance to talk about Autism and meet some people thriving with it…Discover books describing the daily challenges the many talents,the comical moments and most importantly the hopes and dreams of acceptance and inclusion!


I will be sharing my Coloring Books: “Making Friends with Autism” and “Why Does Wyatt Do That?” PLUS previewing our new addition: MFWA “Awareness Every Month” Coloring Pages.  Which will be coming soon! Teaching Brain Awareness on the AutismHWY!


Debra Hosseini will be on hand with her fabulous book The Art of Autism: Shifting Perceptions. A visually stunning collection of Art created by 77 Artists on the Autism Spectrum. Hear about the Artists personal journey and see the inspiration of their work! Such an uplifting movement and most likely the largest collaboration of Spectrum Artists Internationally! Quite a mosaic of talent! Please come and be awed! All of you Artists out there on the spectrum: come out and meet a true champion for your cause! 

We are so proud to be joined by Joel Anderson! Artist, Advocate deluxe! Joel has many accomplishments and projects that never cease to slow down. He is on a mission to help Autistic children be understood and loved for who they are! He is an exceptional role model for all of us! Joel is available to speak publicly to any and all that need useful Awareness tools!! Schools, Communities and Families can all benefit from Joel’s good will and talent! Soon Joel will be traveling to Canada for a 3rd yr. in a row! In 2010 he became an ANCA Int’l Naturally Autistic People Award recipient for his excellence in Community Service. In 2011 he returned as a Host and Performer during the fantastic 3-day event. Next month he will return as an Ambassador for these excellent Awards joining the ranks of Temple Grandin! This young man has alot to offer the Autism Community you really won’t want to miss a chance to meet him and his creative business partner /Mom~Sandi!

Topping all of that will be Linda Gund Anderson sharing the literal mind of Autism and it’s “Unintentional Humor”!! In her hilarious book of the same name! Linda and her son Brent are Advocates and leaders in this positive movement ‘spectrum families’ are making! Working resource and information fairs, conferences and more criss-crossing across the entire country! Founder’s of the website Linda and Brent are a great team in our knowledge building efforts as we share our perspective from the AutismHWY!! See you  all this Saturday!

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Whew….I am soO happy and still processing all that occured during our 2nd Annual Chalk Festival!!  Wyatt and I feel especially blessed to have this fantastic spectrum of friends! The day was a true success in every sense of the word! Making friends with Autism was on all of our itineraries for FUN.

I do believe that happened for all in attendance including Mr. Kevin Stapleton the mayor of Covina!! 

 He was having a grand time meeting the many talented individuals the Chalk Art attracted. He heard the many stories from families and friends. He spoke eloquently when Exceptional Minds was given their 2011 ANCA Naturally Autistic Award, and he was down with the Artists as they colored perceptions experientially! Truly awesome. He took the time to talk with most every person there. It was a pleasure to see the expressions of joy, validation and self worth this triggered. I am wishing for April 2013 already!! Funny just how contagious this chalk-joy is!!  Have a look for yourselves…….  I want to thank everyone that made it to the event!! A very special thankyou to multi talented artist/actor/singer songwriter Michael Harding for taking the time out to sing his awesome  Autism anthem” Change a Life”…you Rock Mike!!


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