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Can’t Be BOUND!!

The “A~League” is set to SOAR! Now that OUR Boundary Quandary has been resolved we will PRESS~ON! Onward and Upward around those bases we will roll. This truly is an uplifting experience. That must move forward. We were running into that sticky proverbial red tape. The boundary rules in Williamsport are very explicit when it comes to boundaries. Unlike others in little league history we were not looking to bring in ringers. Just PLAYERS!! Unfortunately we all live within a 30 mile radius of our fields.

Everyone on the SPECTRUM understands the logistics. It’s a No-Brainer. We are 1/ 100- 150, in some instances as low as 1/70! So to mathematically have enough eligible players to field a league from 1 city is IMPOSSIBLE. In a 3- City District still could be tough. More and more kids are moving to California so who knows someday that could be feasible. However, for Our Summer League purposes and beyond we will write our own AUTISM~ FRIENDLY Rulebook! So we will take control and branch out on our own and SPREAD OUR WINGS!! Afterall OUR KIDS are Angels! In their way they truly are.

So…this AUTISM BASEBALL moves forward w/ President Manny Zapata, Vice President (creator) Lora Mancini, w/ strong support from myself Kelly Green, Matt Parker, Carol Zapata, Megan Spano and more to be named!! We are flying high!! The fun is contagious and it’s bound to spread! With great reason. It is a NEW WAVE! A wave for OUR KIDS to “catch”~for a change! People need to see and think about both sides of the NEURO~DIVERSITY Coin. They would be so much the better for it. All people have to have outlets to create self-pride in order to change and really grow. It is a basic human instinct! So all that being said….

It looks like we have 6 teams!! 2 Rookie, 2 Minor & 2 Major! It is going to be a lot of FUN with the addition of 2 more teams! A brand new Ballpark to call our home and NEW FRIENDS on our Horizon. Summer and Fall League is here. The future’s so bright I gotta wear shades! If I’ve said it once, I’ve said it 100 times. …We cannot be BOUND…the Parents of ASD individuals know NO ~BOUNDARIES! Everyday can be a snowflake and you do whatever it takes to keep it from melting down. Like everyone else some days are great and some days are not. But, unlike EVERYONE else there aren’t available venues for our kids to do the everyday, take-it-for-granted things. The things “that kids do.” So when we have a chance to do something like this? If that means driving to and from TIMBUKTU WE WILL DO!


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Last month on April 2nd Wyatt & I met with Paul Detrick of ReasonTV. He was interested in my “take” on the on-going battle. VACCINES?? Did they ~OR~ Did’nt they? I truly believe we will never know the definitive answer to THAT Question. ReasonTV is a libertarian reporting agency fostered by Drew Carey! I did not even know the position they would be taking. I just agreed to be interviewed and away we went!

Quite a leap of faith on my part. It was the day after Wyatt’s 11th birthday.We met with Paul and the camera man in the brand new playground at Library Park here in our town of Monrovia, California. It was a very “low~vibrational” day for Wyatt (no smiles & giggles.) As for me, I am generally “high~vibrational” (unless I am having issues with my 21 yr. old…lol) So the stage was set…lights, camera, action!!

As you can clearly see Wyatt could care-less about the camera. He was so into the weight at the end of his long-deflated Birthday Balloon. Well the balloon could hardly qualify as a balloon, since he popped it 30 minutes after we got it. For Wyatt the popping of the balloon>totally inconsequential. Frankly, he spends more time with the weighted end. Always has. What do I say about that?…”whatever floats HIS Boat!”

Directly after the interview …so many things rolled through my mind…?? Will they spin this a “wrong-way?” Will they make Wyatt appear very morose?? Will I look FAT ?!! lol (Yes on that one!) So I was very surprised to have the finished product pop up in my computer today! It’s very surreal to view yourself and child in this fashion. I like the report very much and I love what Lynn Koegel says near the end of this clip. That if we spent some of the money and time on OTHER Autism-related issues…perhaps we would be further along. I just believe that we are at a COMPLETE IMPASS on this issue!

Whatever the future holds regarding this VERY heavily contested issue…selfishly, does not concern me anymore. I can not go back in time…I can not change AUTISM It is what IT is. Yes , I will always try different strategies, therapies, supplements, diets… I am open to alot of highways in that regard. I truly believe there is validity in all the things we as parents try! We do it because we want the best for our kids. What we need to remember though… is that the “TYPICAL” Idea of what is RIGHT.

Is not ALWAYS right!

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Two essential HUMAN NEEDS! There are so many other needs, real and perceived. However…spiritually those two ingredients blend together nicely to…pretty much “Cover-IT!” If you have freedom and the forsight to be hopeful than you are POSITIVELY happy. Or on your way to getting there! AutismHWY would like to think our Autistic Community fits into that category! We have HOPE that NEW AWARENESS will secure new spiritual FREEDOM!

That is something that so many individuals have struggled with and continue to do so. There is an amazing EVENT coming very soon! Saturday May 22nd in Long Beach California. The Hope and Freedom Film Festival. Save the date and plan to make a day of it. The presentations will begin at 1 p.m. continuing on all day with some fantastic musical entertainment as the evening progresses.Ending at Midnite!

The “Official Hang-out”for the event will be…The GREAT Bar & Grill ~GALLAGHER’S~ located at ~2751 E. Broadway Long Beach.~ Very near TempleAve. Stop by All Day…between movies or wait till nite’s end and come over for the after party to discuss so much!!

There is a line-up of just over a dozen films set for viewing. All stories will be operating on the aforementioned theme.~HOPE & FREEDOM!! ~What an amazing assortment of viewpoints. I can’t wait!!

Not only will we be treated with thought provoking visuals. Three bands will be performing!! At 5:30 “SEE”…EYEZONE & Chela Simone with the AfriCali Band. Later at 8:00 P.M. Parker Macy Blues take the stage!!

This will be a jam packed day. So prepare yourself for a day to remember!! A once in a lifetime assemblage of film and music to be savored with great friends. Be sure to bring them along and meet us afterward at the wrap party! Access the website here…

The Hope and Freedom Film Festival proudly announces the locale for that after-party is……….Gallaghers!!! 2751 E. Broadway in Long Beach.

Hope to see you at the after~PARTY!!

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…we need a break!

That is an understatement! As the mother/ caregiver of an individual with autism…RESPITE is a must! The influx of “spa experience” gift giving is a big indication of that! So even though life is hectic it is essential to RE-CHARGE yourself. Please don’t forget this ! So many of us run from appointment to appointment in a mad dash. As if we are on some manic scavenger hunt! Sometimes you just HAVE TO…

…STOP the MADNESS! Take the time to realize that your well-being is JUST AS important as your child’s! If you are not refreshed to a degree, than your service will be subpar. So take the chance to give yourself some SENSORY STIMULATION! AHhhh…just the sound of that puts my mind on the HIGHWAY. The HIGHWAY up NORTH! Here in CALIFORNIA …the road up our coastline is a journey you cannot FORGET! Wyatt has been taking this journey his whole life & he LOVES IT TOO!

Autism can really GET YOU DOWN sometimes. It is a tough companion to be chained to. However, there are some mental escape hatches we can all use on occassion! I use Northern California. There are alot of places in your own neighborhood just waiting. I find alot of solace through plants.Some colleges have free arboretums or gardens that can be toured! Nothing nicer than an afternoon to soak in photosynthesis! SO, GO GREEN!

Hiking a local hill or park will do you a world of good as well. We have become such an “indoor species” in recent years. As a child growing up I can remember times we were just made TO STAY outside AND PLAY! I guess that is just unheard of now…or considered abusive? I’m not sure…I just know that sometimes when I compare my childhood with what I see out there now.It just does’nt translate. There is ALOT to be said for VITAMIN D! I firmly believe that allowing yourself to soak in a little SUNLIGHT the first moment you awake… can change the whole course of your day!

Re-arrange a bedroom if you have to…its SUMMERTIME people. Time for PERKING-UP! Let the SUNSHINE in! If you can’t get away…I have an idea to bring a little something special to your world! Wyatt and I have been planting Sunflowers for years now! MAMMOTH SUNFLOWERS !! They are so fun to tend to. 1 little seed …will GROW just like JACK’S BEANSTALK! The SPECIAL PERSON that you tend to will be right there with you in your efforts! A real labor of LOVE! While you water, watch and wait…TOGETHER! Give it a try, incorporate a little home-made respite to your world!

Before I got side-tracked I was on my way to …telling you about (My RESPITE HIGHWAY!) The Santa Cruz community is one of the most amazing in CALIFONIA! This last Holiday season I passed through again. My brother Kevin & I always enjoy the SANTA CRUZ WHARF and a local artisan store there called “MADEIN SANTA CRUZ!” Check out their awesome site!! Most ESPECIALLY…the Za*Zen* ECO-FLEX heating & recovery PILLOW!! .I had a great conversation with the store manager. I told her all about my son WYATT and AUTISMHWY. She was very excited and receptive to the information.Which prompted her to tell me an AMAZING STORY!

Earlier that year she had a family enter the store. A father and non-verbal son with autism. Donna showed them the ZEN-LIKE affects the Za*Zen Eco Flex Pillow has on an individual. By heating or cooling this wonderful lap or neck wrap, you customize how you would like to feel. With the delicate aroma and sensory weight & feel, you start to melt…This particular boy was so overwhelmed with stimulation…he was somehow able to VERBALIZE…”DAD”!!? WOW! What a moment for Donna to be a part of. No such luck with Wyatt but, he does love the sensation and Boony Doone Lavendar! VERY CALMING! Everyone in the family will take away something POSITIVE from the experience!!

So …go ahead and INDULGE yourself every NOW AND ZEN. “ Re-charge“…so you may continue to FIGHT THE GOOD FIGHT!

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