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AutismHWY’s 6th Drive Around the Sun


quietly occurred this past week! ~December 16th 2010 was the exact date we went LIVE on this world wide web. OUR Drive on the AutismHWY ready to roll globally…full of natural positivity and pragmatism!




We came on line to celebrate Autistic recognition… recognition that we believe has TRULY grown these past 6 trips around the sun!  Paving ways for matter of fact Autism recognition …with zero trepidations. More and more of us seeking to amplify and follow the Autistic voice and points of view which encourage natural transformation. Transformations that take you from feeling puzzled or fearful to lovingly abundant with pragmatic Autism innerstandings.

Global Recognition for ALL of US!

Global Recognition for ALL of US!

The Autistic point of view naturally understands and respects Autistic ways of being. Garner this vast knowledge which makes perfect sense Autisticly. Your heart and mind will evolve…much like this drawing created when we first began this journey at the beginning of the decade. A journey we leaned into and followed. Leading us to the innerstanding that the actual understanding of Autism would not be connected to us through “experts or specialists” but, instead more naturally…through the actual stories from Autistic people themselves.




It happened here for us very quickly. After getting ourselves out onto the AutismHWY we met and began partnering with some of the most innovative and talented Autistic friends imaginable and quite frankly UN~imaginable!! ALL seeking Autistic recognition as well. Imagine the great JOY in that ?!

We went into instant action and chose chalk as one of our strongest allies! Talk is considered cheap and chalk is even cheaper! An experiment co-mingling : chalk, free expression and the JOY of Autistic life! Creating the Chalk Festival was our greatest free expression pleasure ever. Enjoying our once a year party full of ‘full on ACCEPTANCE’ rocks our Autistic universe! We are so proud to see that it rocks other people’s galaxies as well, as we look out and now see other chalk and Autism ventures popping up in our rear, front and side-view mirrors! A day in the sun full of street art, love and pragmatic Autism information all steeped in natural connection and acceptance. We call that a PARTY and invite the world to JOIN IN!


Chalk Festival Logo



During the years we have hosted the AutismHWY Chalk Festival and our website we see the tremendous forward growth. We STILL have to convince ‘some people’ that the word Autistic is not filled with negative connotations and that the word is most definitely NOT A SLUR and never was. More and more Autistic voices are proud to find that they are being heard. That their voices matter and are naturally emerging for long needed resolutions. This empowerment will in turn create the employment they seek. Companies thinking astutely will create the much needed platforms for Autistic people to come forward with their genuinely helpful and insightful facts. The days of dehumanizing generalizations monopolizing societies idea of what Autism is are numbered. Passing this REAL-LIFE/ REAL-TIME information baton will be hard for some non-Autistic people and self-proclaimed experts to do. The monopoly that has been enjoyed by them; speaking over and about Autistic people without them, is finally being stripped away inch by inch and we could not be happier to see that!




Sarah Van Deisel's beautiful creativity.

Sarah Van Deisel’s beautiful creativity.

Pain is a natural valid human expression both physically and emotionally, who knows that better than the Autistic community with such a twisted painful human history? Creating pain bubbles  however,  is not a healthy natural human expression. Many encapsulating Autism pain bubbles are created by parents and professionals for myriads of reasons. Fear and lack of tactical Autism knowledge head that very long list. To exploit, control and oppress people are other selfish reasons. Autistic people have pragmatic ways of bursting parental and professional ’pain bubbles’ to provide tactical aid but, due to the gaps in communicative stylings that often becomes painful too!  For the Autistic person trying to inform and for the parents or professionals of Autistic people not embracing their input. Painful and honestly…necessary,  much like the process of birth and ultimately of daily life. The pain and the pleasure of it ALL is at the heart of learning, growth and of being what we ALL are= expansively human. Exactly the expression we wanted to share with the friends made on this extravagant and fascinating highway! Where is the creativity if we stay in blue bubbles of pain speaking of consistent fear and states of puzzlement?  A cocoon of people stagnating in place is not the metamorphosis that, life IS! If you reside in a cocoon of pain with others in that same unempowered state, you are not experiencing the pleasures of this beautiful life and all of it’s natural painful unravelings. Seeking shelter in manufactured pain bubbles instead of insightful expansive empowerment is avoidable on the AutismHWY.  This painful bubble containment is what our website and Chalk festival event was created to BURST.  An ancient oppressive pattern that doesn’t serve Autistic people, our modern drive… our AutismHWY.






Includes Autistic people behind the wheel of accurate Autism information and in many other growing capacities.  As organization owners,  business partners, industry innovators, mentors, consultants, creative icons and friends. As rulers of their own ultimate Autistic destiny. Visionaries of a whole new age in learning styles for an emerging cultural and communication revolution. An era in which the world will finally get things right for an Autistic living in the universe. Freedom to be who and how you are. The gift of self and self worth that we were all naturally born to receive. Not defined, boxed and wrapped by other voices in the world. Not people lost or stuck in a world of their own but rather people tuned into THE REAL WORLD and their actual human experience. People with the birthright to be Autistic and to learn from other Autistic people.






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AutismHWY is blessed to know so many amazing Autistic activists and advocates. This has been THE biggest and best result of our 5 year history. Our GIFT. Thank you to the Autistic community and it’s amazing emerging culture!!

When our HWY first merged on to the internet… we did not know WHAT to expect. So many things being said about Autism. From every direction, from too many angles. It was an Autism informational ‘freeway congestion’ of overload. What do you listen to? Who do you listen to? What weight do you assign to those words you are rationally hearing? Much like the moment of diagnosis. Filtering through what seems to apply to you and your loved ones and what simply does not. It is not a simple task and in fact a very fluid one. Remember to always be flexible and fluid in this ongoing informational filtering process.


The voices in Autism come from many places. Too many places. Many of these places with fiscal motives behind them. Voices filled with pain, pride and ego. Voices filled with humanity. This is where we took our major right turn…


At AutismHWY we turned to the voice of Autistic people.  The voice of the people that understand the mechanics of the Autism engine. The specialists! If your child is a Mercedes…well then you know the mechanic he or she may need for fine tuning. This IS the AutismHWY after all folks. The insights and hidden Autistic information that cannot be gleaned from “professionals” OR “parent-bloggers” comes from one place and one place only.


Autistic people.


The decades long movement of Autistic people uniting has grown rapidly in 2015. Major collaborations amongst them like the Boycotting of Autism Speaks and the forming of Autonomous Press seek to spread their truths on an ever widening scale. Signal boostings of their information by allies will continue to grow. Their story being centrally cited in the award winning N.Y. Times bestselling book NeuroTribes by the wonderful and well regarded journalist Steve Silberman has increased visibility. Some cages have definitely been rattled. Shaken up to the point of Autism Speaks finally placing two Autistic adults as seated board members after 10 yrs. in existence without them. Let’s hope these seats are equally functional and not just pretty place-cards on the Autism Speaks table.


 The future of Autistic people lies in the hands of Autistic people. The AutismHWY dictates it.


The traffic has been too congested with the previously written road rules. Non Autistic road rules that don’t apply to the Autistic engines they seek to mainstream. We need Autistic guidelines to merge with professionals and parents. These highly specialized people deserve the expert mechanics that will get us all back on the HWY together peacefully. Autistic people and parents of Autistic people must start merging together on 2 lane HWYs….1 way HWYs are no longer working. Together we can change the future for Autistic people their parents and the professional community that supports us all.


This is the GIFT we desire for ALL of our FUTURES!

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Progressive Connections

parrotsIn 2015 we are so connected.
Finally, we can chat with our out of state OR international family and friends being connected to whomever we desire just about whenever we desire. It’s awesome.


In the Community surrounding Autistic people this has been BEYOND awesome. It has been groundbreaking. Instead of merely sitting in the dark, wondering what other people are experiencing we can actually connect and share our unique and bright ideas that evolve from and revolve around AUTISM.
Autistic people being able to connect with other Autistic people? Beyond brilliant !! Non Autistic people and (parents of other Autistic people) allowed to hear the voices of Autistic people? Incredibly enlightening, useful, loving and entertaining!!


YET, many people willfully refuse to take advantage of these progressive, brilliant connections and remain in the dark. IF a non profit organization was formed 10 yrs. ago when we were not at all connected with Autistic people and the experiential enlightenment they share, why wouldn’t that “premiere” organization update it’s mission 10 yrs. later? Why wouldn’t it move forward with the times to reflect this new technological change in progressive connections we now enjoy?


 The Autistic voice we can NOW see, feel, hear and touch, just a mouse click away.


We can OVERLOAD our senses in the Autistic voice (ironically) if we desire to.


Yet this 10 yr. old company that formed expressly to SPEAK for Autistic people proclaiming to everyone else in the world that “it was time to listen,” continues to only hear the VOICE of the Non Autistic parents of Autistic people and their desires. Not the actual words and desires spoken of by Autistic people.  (Ironically evil.)


It’s a disgrace and a shame to the community.


Some of us had a glimmer of hope  upon hearing about this month’s change in management at Autism Speaks. A new CEO has been named this month as the founder steps down and the first quotes we see from the new regime reinforce the 10 yr. old outdated mission. “Autism Speaks will continue to drive a leadership agenda around the issues that matter most to parents.” Same bat time, same bat channel.
The agenda will remain non Autistic and parent driven. Parent’s that for the most part do not connect with Autistic adults in the world. Parents that continue to pathologize Autism and would like to see it disappear. People continuing to travel the AutismHWY in the dark. No understanding that Autism is part of humanity on a genetic level. No Autistic friends or consultants providing Autistic GPS. No new state of  the art experiential Autism information lighting the way.


Sadly and apparently NO progressive connections at AUTISM SPEAKS.


AutismHWY willfully chooses to drive forward connecting to Autistic people and listening to their progressive enlightened voices.  JOIN US, won’t YOU!



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Exploring for Informative Paddles!

Often times I have told people that my life having a child on the Autism Spectrum has felt like being up that proverbial creek. You know the creek, the one with the distastful name that you grow up hearing about. Adrift in a body of water using whatever you can find to shore up your ‘vessel’ so you can begin the long unchartered paddle. The paddle towards forward progressions. Wherever those progressions may lie.

This can be a very murky journey as you float along trying to gather information and connect professionals to your Autistic loved one in meaningful and productive ways. Especially challenging when your child/teen/adult use different connectors and receptors then these professionals are trained to work with.

Sadly, at  other times even unwilling to work with your loved one. You are thrust into this role- captain of your ship -interpreting for and steering your family through a lifetime of safe harbors. Hoping you are lucky enough to find sea-worthy hands for the deck, plenty of paddles and enough wind for your sails! Artwork by Joel Anderson of Joel’s Vision Arts.


And this is where your life feels as “wild and untamed” as the deep blue sea. Where helping your child to progress becomes like pioneering unexplored territory against many currents. An epic exploratory journey comparable to the voyages of so many visionaries: Magellan, Cook, Lewis, Clark and Pocahantas to name a mere few. People trudging forward by land or by sea not knowing what exactly awaits them. A perfect way to describe a day, a week, a month, a year, a LIFETIME on the Spectrum. The belief that what you are looking for IS out there gives you the strength to search on.

After you are able to discern exactly what you are seeking.  The “IT” that each of our loved ones on the Spectrum need is a very fluid thing and can frankly be alot of different things. These needs can shift and change like the tides. Add that to the wide range of variances we see between individuals on the Autism Spectrum. Professional labels from: mild, moderate, severe, profound….High Functioning, Low-functioning, Asperger’s, Autism. Then to further identify the differing needs of sensory and processing functions which can vary as much as that list of insulting and outdated desriptors. It IS a very complicated task. It’s a wide open space to be individually designed and defined. An unconquered ocean of possibilities for families to explore and chart throughout a lifetime. Open water.

In this exploratory ”Art of interpretation,” a families intuition should rule the day.  In the last 10 years since I have been adrift, mapping our course on the AutismHWY I see many new schools of thought regarding Autistic people. Brilliant voices of people with Autism profoundly shedding new light on the information. Things I can use to help understand my son’s needs. Amazing informational paddles I am so grateful for!! Social networking has us excitedly collaborating and sharing our experiences. Talk about informative friendships!! I have been  learning by leaps and bounds and am happy to be in this fleet of fine vessels. Feeling fully supported under the sun.

Our friends and supporters on the Spectrum provide these informative paddles to assist in the sometimes daunting Autistic journey. The more of us that connect  and share our experiences the better. No longer adrift and isolated but, now surrounded globally by people experiencing life as we know it floating beside you. The most comforting safe harbor I can possibly imagine. Knowing  friends that have been in our boat and can throw out a life-line when needed is priceless.  A main goal of this website and our mission in life! It truly helps to brainstorm with other families living in a world where often times professionals seem to be playing “catch-up” in regards to the Autism Spectrum. I have seen so many self advocates, activists and families building amazing ships and chartering positive courses. Helping people to explore the many possibilities! This teaming  momentum feels incredible and grows stronger each and everyday. As more people witness the power this community truly has to inform society and to help ”heal itself” the world will be in awe. “Healing” the problems created by misunderstandings and misinformation about Autism. Removing those stumbling blocks to comfort zones for our loved ones. I fully believe it can and will be done!

When the Government, Medical and Educational Agencies of the world realize the love in our community and the POWER the Autistic VOICE holds they can use it to better explore the brain and all of human behavior.

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