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The Forest Awaits You

There is an age-old saying about looking to the forest by perceiving beyond the trees.

Go to the source #ActuallyAutistic people for inside information...

Go to the source #ActuallyAutistic people for inside information…



I think most folks have learned if you only focus on one tree you will likely miss that the tree is part of a larger community, a stand, a grove or a FOREST.


Looking at the entire FOREST is always hard for people living in and concerned only about …just one tree.




Satchi Art Vicious Circle painting by Rob van Heetum

Satchi Art Vicious Circle painting by Rob van Heetum

Which becomes the proverbial, vicious cycle. Trying to understand a single tree can only be done by gathering info from the stand, the beautiful grove… the FOREST of information.





Tree hugging in a Santa Cruz redwood FOREST...7 yrs. ago.

Tree hugging in a Santa Cruz redwood FOREST…7 yrs. ago.

My son stands in his Autistic roots. The roots and branches of a tree naturally trellising through the fabric of his glorious DNA. It colors and shades his sensory world and his growth- grafting- patterns with unique and challenging differentials.



He does not stand alone. There are hundreds and thousands of Autistic people that experience the world as he does and/or have an understanding of those differentials each other experience. An actual inner-standing of his Neurodivergent experience. Over the past decades the community of Autistic adults have grafted together, compared notes and have realized this wonderful fact filled FOREST.  

2016 ANCA World Autism Festival. Innovators, Artists...Friends standing tall together.

2016 ANCA World Autism Festival. Innovators, Artists…Friends standing tall together.

When you view the vast amounts of #ActuallyAutistic people on-line and in the world as a FOREST of knowledge, sharing crucial information about individual trees… you can breathe in that life sustaining information.


You can research the Autism traits and factors that seem to be pertinent to the tree you love and care for. There is absolutely no excuse or reason to hang out on a limb in one tree when there is an amazing informative canopy, a FOREST of wonder, discovery and successful truths awaiting you and your Autistic loved one.


2018 Pasadena Chalk Festival art by Kelly Green & Carissa Paccerelli

2018 Pasadena Chalk Festival art by Kelly Green & Carissa Paccerelli

STOP being “puzzled” by Autism trapped in a ‘one tree bubble’ with other parents. Look beyond that singular tree to the amazing and enchanting FOREST of Autistic culture. READ, LEARN and LISTEN how to best support and care for Autistic people that have long needed this loving innerstanding!

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AutismHWY is blessed to know so many amazing Autistic activists and advocates. This has been THE biggest and best result of our 5 year history. Our GIFT. Thank you to the Autistic community and it’s amazing emerging culture!!

When our HWY first merged on to the internet… we did not know WHAT to expect. So many things being said about Autism. From every direction, from too many angles. It was an Autism informational ‘freeway congestion’ of overload. What do you listen to? Who do you listen to? What weight do you assign to those words you are rationally hearing? Much like the moment of diagnosis. Filtering through what seems to apply to you and your loved ones and what simply does not. It is not a simple task and in fact a very fluid one. Remember to always be flexible and fluid in this ongoing informational filtering process.


The voices in Autism come from many places. Too many places. Many of these places with fiscal motives behind them. Voices filled with pain, pride and ego. Voices filled with humanity. This is where we took our major right turn…


At AutismHWY we turned to the voice of Autistic people.  The voice of the people that understand the mechanics of the Autism engine. The specialists! If your child is a Mercedes…well then you know the mechanic he or she may need for fine tuning. This IS the AutismHWY after all folks. The insights and hidden Autistic information that cannot be gleaned from “professionals” OR “parent-bloggers” comes from one place and one place only.


Autistic people.


The decades long movement of Autistic people uniting has grown rapidly in 2015. Major collaborations amongst them like the Boycotting of Autism Speaks and the forming of Autonomous Press seek to spread their truths on an ever widening scale. Signal boostings of their information by allies will continue to grow. Their story being centrally cited in the award winning N.Y. Times bestselling book NeuroTribes by the wonderful and well regarded journalist Steve Silberman has increased visibility. Some cages have definitely been rattled. Shaken up to the point of Autism Speaks finally placing two Autistic adults as seated board members after 10 yrs. in existence without them. Let’s hope these seats are equally functional and not just pretty place-cards on the Autism Speaks table.


 The future of Autistic people lies in the hands of Autistic people. The AutismHWY dictates it.


The traffic has been too congested with the previously written road rules. Non Autistic road rules that don’t apply to the Autistic engines they seek to mainstream. We need Autistic guidelines to merge with professionals and parents. These highly specialized people deserve the expert mechanics that will get us all back on the HWY together peacefully. Autistic people and parents of Autistic people must start merging together on 2 lane HWYs….1 way HWYs are no longer working. Together we can change the future for Autistic people their parents and the professional community that supports us all.


This is the GIFT we desire for ALL of our FUTURES!

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