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Visionary Wish List

horses mouth2015-2

We here at feel very blessed as we reflect on the year that was 2014. We are now 4 yrs. old as a visionary website and we feel a positive force for change. AutismHWY has always seen the future!!  It is bright and full of transformation for this world. In these first few years of our on-line ”life” we have witnessed a lot of fantastic movement in many positive directions. People demanding that the Autism hysterics and the othering of Autistic people— just stop. Autistic people know how they feel and have real and effective strategies for Autistic people and their families.


Families and friends of Autistic people are joining in by amplifying their voices, creating events and conferences to centerpiece their messages. Their first hand knowledge and experience; being Autistic. Voices for pragmatic change joining forces. Voices not listening to outlandish messages of pain, tragedy, unresolvable despair and pity. Voices with practical solutions to complex problems. Voices filled with love and not fear. The Autistic voice. So on point and now accessable. Ready to be heard and implemented. It is time to listen. Please do. Resolve to always.



We have had our vision of Autism all along. In 2010 we came on-line with our beliefs that it is natural and is indeed a very important piece of the human condition we all need to know about. That Autistic people are integral to creation and have been all along. Understanding and respecting the dynamics at play within the human mind is crucial to inter-relationships for ALL PEOPLE in every society. Autism clues people into all of that and more. has always seen that bigger picture now coming more and more into focus for everyone.


We wanted a website for Autistic people to connect



We wanted loving information for children about Autism



We envisioned a Chalk Festival and a loving gathering to celebrate people on the Spectrum 



We knew it was something that we needed. That we deserved. Not another pity party to twist public perceptions to raise funds. An Art party to raise friendships, spirits and acceptance. NO WALKING in circles of shame. No declaring war on Autism. No wallowing on self imposed sadness. Chalking ourselves into our community in real ways. Allowing the community to meet and greet Autistic people to dispel the misperceptions. Enjoying ourselves out in the community where we belong! With the city of Covina and the partnership of  numerous Autistic people, families, friends and organizations we have met that VISION! Autism Movement Therapy    The Art of Autism, The Gifts of Autism Joel’s VisionArts our hats are off to YOU!! Thank you for believing in AutismHWY’s vision.


In January 2014 we urged minds to be wide open to the Autistic voice in our blog titled “Minds Open:2014″ As we have now come full circle into January and already into February of 2015 we believe that steps in this direction are happening. However, we have grown beyond mere ”baby steps” and hope that Autistic inside info will become a full on gallop as we head to people seeing “OUR” Big Picture in 2020! 2020 vision will mean getting information straight from…the source! 100%!!


Our Visionary Wish List continues…..


1. Autistic activists and scholars will form a union that can be consulted by all agencies.

2. Non-Profits will be barred from disparaging the lives of the families they raise money to “assist” and will be mandated to include Autistic people on their board of advisory directors.

3. Experts on Autism will not be deemed an expert without gathering facts from Autistic people.

4. All people will be respected and valued in life regardless of the high productivity standards that are considered normal.


We don’t ask for a lot: SOCIAL JUSTICE for Autistic People!

We can make it happen: THIS YEAR, THIS DECADE!

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Different Hearts…

Different dreams, different ways of being. We all have them and are quite aware of that. So why are people so afraid and uncomfortable with difference? Why do people cling to sameness, ridiculing (or worse) those that they perceive as “different”? Why would we all be the same in a world of unique and individual DNA? I can’t figure out why we as intelligent people would even want THAT?

Always and Forever.

Always and Forever.

Accepting difference is the best gift you can give yourself and those around you. It is the first and best concept that you can teach your children and others. It is at the root of this great family tree that we all are a part of. When we consider anything in life we must first know that things will be different. We can achieve a certain routine to comfort ourselves that we are in control. Yet, we must know down deep that we are not in control. That this universe is so much bigger than our need for sameness. The universe of course knows better. That sameness is random. Much more random than difference, and that those differences are the NORM!


An accepting attitude and aptitude! If we teach this concept to young people as they shape their ideals and belief systems, we will have a much happier and healthy planet. A planet much more fine tuned to it’s own reality. More accepting of the natural flow of our completely cosmic differences.  



The differences that are truly the heart and soul of this LIFE!


Get “Down Wit Dat!”


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To Sesame Street with LOVE



This is a part of today’s #EducateSesame Flashblog.


Dear Sesame Street,

You make us feel good. You have always made us feel good. As a child of the 60′s I have watched you lovingly embrace diversity openly. What a refreshing concept it was. Sweet, honest, educational, diversity- authentic entertainment for children. You were one of a kind then and after all of these years, you are still very much one of a kind now. You always seemed to get how to discuss diversity without condescension. I was 8 yrs. old when you arrived on my street with your urban celebration of the world and of life on it’s learning curve. Exposing us to the lives of other children around the world, full of color and difference! Numbers, letters, love and life’s lessons, what could be better? You always evoked good feelings, great vibrations. Truly nothing anyone would ever object to. So unlike much of the children’s programming that followed and much of the programming being created today.

Why do anything else? Whoever celebrated SAMENESS?


So why are you hearing objections today? Objections that have to do with your decision to team with Autism Speaks?


Because apparently you have become complacent when it comes to your research. To write this letter I did my own research on the beginnings of your Children’s Television Workshop. 45 yrs. ago I was just happy to watch Sesame Street without questions. NOW, not so much. You were the first to extensively research your audience’s habits and to scientifically harness the “addictive qualities” of television viewing. You purposely set out to research your way into the homes, hearts and minds of families in this manner. You did that, quite successfully.


*From Wikipedia: Sesame Street was the first children’s television program that used a curriculum with clear and measurable outcomes, and was the first to use research in the creation of the show’s design and content.


So what happened? As a company that has succeeded greatly because of extreme research and focus groups, did you fail to research your newest partner, Autism Speaks? The way they characterize Autism to the world from their extensive media platform?


Did you research the fact that they 


 to the very people they claim to support? That thousands of Autistic adults hate the way Autism Speaks claims to speak for them. Without even knowing them…without even trying to know them? That Autism Speaks will not even publicly address Autistic people about their grievances?



It is so uncharacteristic of what we have come to expect on Sesame Street. Especially when it comes to something as important as neurodiversity.


As the mother to a beautifully diverse Autistic teenager and the friend to amazing Autistic people I beg you to DO YOUR RESEARCH. There are many wonderful Autistic people and organizations that will partner with you to get the correct educational materials out there in regards to Autism. After many years of hammering Autism over the head, depicting it as a tragic burden on the human race- don’t allow Autism Speaks to fool you. Using you and your amazing business model to legitimize their “new found” stance of acceptance. They must undo the stigmatic damage they have done to the people on the AutismHWY by themselves. Ask them to be true partners and to  finally acknowledge and apologize to Autistic people. To do the only authentic thing. INCLUDE Autistic adults in their research and policy making.



Please do not assist Autism Speaks in spreading information about Autism that does not come from Autistic people themselves. We beg you to not work with a company that is known for excluding the Autistic voice that has so much to offer. We ask that you amplify the Autistic voice and stay true to your original plan of only including and highlighting authenticity on Sesame Street!



Kelly Green

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Rejecting Rejection…

…Where a double negative equals a positive result.

Include & Accept logo (2)

Who are we?

Rejecting rejection is at the essence of being human. We are all born with the instinct to belong. Because, we all DO belong. No matter our difference we are all human beings on OUR PLANET, and we belong here. None deserving of rejection. With our hearts, souls, and minds each of us was born to create, connect, love and to be accepted. We are the human family of this planet and we are all related! The human spectrum. A hugely diverse family each member with their own piece of work to define and accomplish. All of us alive because of the sacred, random DNA we carry given to us through our ancestors. The phenomenal electrical energy enabling us to breathe this life in, is truly miraculous. We are all the same yet we are all different. Not one of us desire rejection or isolation for being very simply the only thing we can be, who we are.


Why do we question that?


Somewhere along the line certain types of people decided they were “greater than” other types of people in our FAMILY.  Exerting egotistical dominance over those they perceived as inferior. Messages telling people to adhere to hidden codes for what is “preferred” seeping into our psyches. Messaging that causes some family members to become pushed aside and made to feel rejected. Unaccepted in their own family. Sadly, causing those members to question their family worth and ultimately their own human value.  Questioning their own sacred right of existence on our planet. How barbaric? How and why do we allow this? Distressing and harming our own family members repeatedly in this way? It is reprehensible treatment in all forms. The thing most unappealing about humanity. The elevation of some people and the degradation of others and a society that fosters and celebrates that.




In this week after the “latest” mass shooting there has again been extreme heartbreak, extreme politicizing and the always present extreme assumptions, pontifications and exploitations. Mental health and gun control agendas run amok. Everyone wanting to understand the mind of a killer, assign a diagnosis and a reason for the depravity he sunk to. Who was he? Who’s fault is this?  Why, oh why…and what if, on top of more why oh whys and what ifs? Truly quite interesting being that in this latest tragedy the killer gave us all of the answers in full in a very depraved social media kind of way. His reasoning? Rejection.


He’s not like us.


People seem to rush in to “other” and distance the rejected family member even further. The “we are not like him” finger pointing begins again. Theories on diagnosis and reasons are assigned for how someone in our human family could do this? Why? Because as a society we do not reject rejection. He is like us, all killers are like us. We are the human family.


What can we do?


We can love all family members and accept them for their own sacred DNA. We can support people in their differences and when help is needed we provide that. Whatever that looks like. Without rejection, ridicule or disdain. When we as people can accept that we are here together as ONE. Not to see who is the best, who is the fairest or who has become the most wealthy. We are all creations here to create and work together. We are all needed here on our planet. Each of us born with a purpose, purposely born. Existing  to…


create and reflect love.


So, let’s just DO THAT!



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