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Tick, tick ticK!!

It’s WORLD AUTISM DAY and the official 11 day countdown to our 9th year chalking UP community connections.

Stacy Nalapraya designs it the way it IS!
Stacy Nalapraya designs it the way it IS!

Inviting the community to come out and engage Autisticly with us for the day! It’s what we have always done and what we will always do. No staying home wishing for a day to play. We have created this space together. Together celebrating AUTISTIC CULTURE! A day in the sun (most years!!) filled with loving vibrations, practical information and incredible heART!

Lysa WINS Best Color PRO...
Lysa Ashley’s  heART felt Giraffe design!

Autistic people know what works for them and they want to share that with you in chalk, in words, in physical space. All you need do is create that space for people to connect, listen and learn from one and other.

So come out to Downtown Covina California Saturday April 13th, the heART of AUTISM ACCEPTANCE month to experience sensory bliss. The rythym of the sights and sounds will flow through your whole soul!
2019 Chalk Art Festival - Spring Covina Today

This year we have SPECIAL GUEST Craig Quat the mastermind behind Quat Props. Meeting and experiencing what Craig has to share… will blow your mind and LIGHT UP every neuron! See YOU soon! scan0003

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Our Chalk Festival’s Forever Angel… Louise

This week has been very difficult on the AutismHWY because we have lost our original patron saint, Catherine Louise Kirkland. My mother, Wyatt’s grandmother, our rock of love and acceptance. Her calm and steady character has guided our HWY like the best GPS. Now she’s taking a new, higher road where we will all meet again ETA…TBD.





Louise spreading THE JOY.

Louise spreading THE JOY.

Louise’s strength, love and support allowed the AutismHWY’s annual Chalk Festival  now permanently located in downtown Covina California to emerge powerfully. She came  from Cleveland Ohio to Covina  in the late 1950′s. Began working in Covina, met a 1951 Covina High School graduate got married and gave birth to 3 babies just blocks away from Heritage Plaza where we gather to free express each spring. She was grounded in this beautiful community as are we.



Her willingness to follow our AutismHWY dreams helped make the event possible… manifesting itself in countless, selfless ways. From pulling the first $500.00 permit in the city of Azusa 9 years ago to picking up the Artist’s favorite breakfast burritos at El Merendero near the L.A.Co fairgrounds. Louise was always there to back us up.

Her ability to multi-task and support our beloved event financially and emotionally has been epic over the years. Her energy lingers and will be one of the everlasting strengths driving OUR FORCES that will always be chalking and talking about LOVE and ACCEPTANCE on the AutismHWY.

chalk heART

So long Louise …until we chalk again. Xo…

mom wy

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Tracy Lee Stum Creates with the Neurotribe!

Going into our 8th year event I must say that “Southern California’s hottest Autism acceptance” event has truly evolved! From a handful of friends and vendors chalking in various parking lots to the powerful diversity celebration in Downtown Covina that energizes our community locally & globally for Autism Acceptance every April! Creating a space for free reign Autistic creation and expression was a no brainer for AutismHWY and our core group of artisans, politicians and performers that have assembled and carried us to this amazing place! A dream come true. Thank you ALL!


The LOVE for this event has truly expanded from our first event on Rt 66 in Azusa to the beautiful Heritage Plaza Park and our now infinite partnership with the City of Covina that began in 2014.



Meeting the amazing tribe of professional street artists has been the icing on our neurodiverse cake. Many of these incredibly talented artists donate their valuable time to our event because they believe in humanity and practice loving inclusion on all levels. Artists and Autistics are pretty cool that way. Over the years we have been blessed by the talents of many including: Randall Williams, Lysa Ashley, Lesley Perdomo, Lori Antoinette W., William Zin, Rod Tryon, We Talk Chalk team members, Stacy Nalapraya, Gus Moran, Marcella Swett, Grasiela Rodriguez, Zoe Cobain, Michaela Chapman, Adriana Salgado, Aaron Hernandez, Jay Drew and more. Having this caliber of artists intermixing with all ages and stages of aspiring street painters is a joy to our world. Giving us pointers while raising the chalk bar for us all to aspire. Collaborative connections inspiring us to weave our dreams into magic. We were all born to create and everyone attending our event embraces that!


This year we are excited to announce that we will have one of the world’s most generous chalk talents on board with us for the day. 3D street painter extraordinaire TRACY LEE STUM! Tracy’s talent has circled the globe and it is indeed awe inspiring. Watching her work is a one of a kind experience the likes Covina has NEVER SEEN! You won’t want to miss her mad skills so definitely chalk us into your plans April 14th!!
tracy lee stum 3
tracy lee stum 3d

Tracy just returned from the mind blowing Dubai Canvas 2018 where she created the amazing piece seen below that makes us wonder about the future on this ever expanding planet of ours and it’s natural or unnatural conclusions…!?!


Art is always at the pulse of humanity and that is why we feel so strongly about marching to it’s colorful beat. WELCOME to our Neurodiverse tribe Tracy! We can’t wait to C U 3D!

tracy lee stum2


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Autism Awareness Antics

As another April winds down and all of the amped up Autism awareness antics die down we MAY resume our normal lives.


There was a time when I believed that “awareness” was a worthy cause. It quickly became very clear however, that what I considered Autism awareness was very different than the ribbons and gaudy puzzle piece fanfare streaming on line and in the world. In 2010 our idea was to provide useful awareness. Information that children and adults could naturally utilize in every day life upon meeting or trying to make an Autistic friend. Not just a shallow icon or blue light directing you to empty “Autism awareness.” Not silly campaigns that do little else than exploit people as puzzles and point to Autism. As if we still need to ‘spotlight’ that Autism exists once a year. (?) Everyone is aware that Autism is in the world. What everyone may believe about Autism and what Autistic people experience or don’t experience…  is where the awareness has gone all kinds of wrong.
pzpc flame


Awareness as cheerleading. Rah Rah Rah instead of A~HA HA!


That is exactly what we saw early on in our on-line activity. A lot of color and enthusiasm with very little to ZERO useful information. Looking at puzzle pcs emblazoned onto every item imaginable does absolutely nothing to help my son navigate the world. More importantly it does nothing to help the world “navigate my son.” This black-hole of useful knowledge was precisely why we wanted to create informative art in relation to the Autistic cause. Using art as a vehicle for information is what AutismHWY is really all about and why we were in fact imagined and created. Meeting the Autistic community enhanced and expanded what we were  universally feeling!

Partnering with actually Autistic people has empowered us and has strengthened our mission beyond belief. Listening to the Autistic voice is the platform we stand on and build upon. There is NO AUTISM AWARENESS with out information provided by actually Autistic people. The city of Covina has heard that authentic truth and has generously supported that amplification by partnering with us and helping us produce our annual CHALK FESTIVAL. That is  what ACCEPTANCE and platform building look like. Not blue light shining and ribbon waving empty awareness campaigns driven by folks raising money while excluding Autistic architects and partners.



We NEED society to understand that the parents of Autistic people are really NOT the one’s that should be driving Autism Awareness. Many parents are stuck in that ‘main stream societal rut’ filled with misinformation which non-Autistic experts have delivered to us, concerning all things Autism. It’s time to LISTEN to Autistic people.


On MAY DAY 2017 AutismHWY continues our call for ALL parents and professionals to “gather” their awareness from Autistic people and to AMPLIFY their very valid and crucial VOICES. This is what will prove vital for the future generations of Autistic people …to be authentically welcomed into the world.




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