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I know I DO! However, I have a few conditions… regarding “that love.” I want an “IDEA of the outcome” to the mystery. Something you can SEE. Something a little concrete. Something you can trust in! Yes I understand it is .. A MYSTERY..we are speaking of! So that “idea of outcome” is never  a sure thing! As “in love”…as we all know that is never a ‘sure thing”! So, you assess your “idea of outcome” and you  take your …leap of faith! FOLLOWING YOUR HEART! As they say…..

So lately… that is exactly what I have been doing, BIG TIME! Following my heart …My heart that dreams of a complete overhaul in ATITTUDE >Regarding this …so called “MYSTERY.” This AUTISM. I have been doing this “Mystery-writing” for a few months now. Trying to rally folks to my cause! I do see great levels of excitement in those of us with a vested interest. With others…NOT SO MUCH. Heck, it’s only been a couple of months! So I SHOULD BE…Patient!

Not always…a virtue of mine!! My human nature has made a decision about what I would like to see. NOW~ I am on a mission to make that happen! My mom gets very nervous of me when I go into this mode! She sees me as a STEAMROLLER of sorts! I do as well only, I am convinced that old attitudes ~ need to be … flattened out and RE-BUILT!


Really there is a pretty clean slate out there as is. Especially in regards to our youth’s knowledge as per their peers on the spectrum. So… we just can’t have that… a Sign Painter in the vicinity of a …BLANK SLATE?!

There is such a natural progression there !! I feel ‘the calling’! A”calling” is the perfect way to describe my “WYATT~BOOKS”. In April 2009  when my brother Stacey was GRAVELY ILL…I was literally  struck by this bolt! This…bolt that called me to write! Write the answers to all the questions that people won’t ask! Leave it to me to find a niche that NO-ONE else is looking for! lol Once again  I hear my Dad’s famous quotation…:”Kelly, people DON’T KNOW what they want~until you TELL THEM!” The verdict is still out on whether  believing that is a blessing or a curse! lol…

So, during this time that year I searched my soul like NEVER before. Hoping for a miracle that would grant my brother more time on this earth. Praying to the HIGHEST POWER for answers ,when you feel ~so human~ so HELPLESS. For nearly 2 weeks we sat with Stacey daily for what turned out to be his final days. This EPIPHANY I was given …born out of prayer & desperation, has become my Brother’s Legacy! My children’s books about my Wyatt and his AUTISM! I am so glad that I was able to tell Stacey about this OH SO SPECIAL project before he passed… This EPIPHANY! When I told him what I had decided to do the look HE gave me SAID IT ALL!

He too knew how important this information is for the world!! How desperately  ALL OF THE CARDS NEED TO BE LAID OUT ON THE TABLE…And how his SISTER would help in that regard…how I would be the right “man for the job!!”


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But DIFFERENT!  Nice phrase! Here at we believe that…that is exactly  what makes the world go round! Global thinking…It’s a BIG beautiful  differing world we live in ! This profound saying has “come home” to Wyatt on a T~shirt for several yrs. now.

 When Army Veteran  Grampa BOB comes back from yet another Viet Nam trip. Same~ Same but Different! When you apply that to people on the spectrum verses typicals… truer words were never spoken.

Seems this saying is what the vets and villagers in Viet Nam have used to communicate for years! Arms are open …embracing the differences and celebrating the exchange! Much like what will happen once the AUTISMHWY is fully operable!!! People enjoying the “culture”~~OR the “actions”…the differences of others! Truly where human growth and spirituality come from.


 The positive affects people in the world bring to us.  Allowing you to “Fly… from the inside.” Sharing experience is at the very core of our  being human!

I love what Dr.Tony Attwood says about the hyper focus and control individuals on the spectrum exhibit. It is to be revered and respected. My thoughts exactly!! Read MORE about Dr Attwood here Happily I am seeing this attitude more and more! We are ALL EVOLVING! Let’s face it. In the past AUTISM has had people down. Now the tables are turning! With acceptance and understanding..the cards ~are laid-out! The game is recognizable. Everyone can win!!

So as understanding and knowledge about individuals on the Spectrum becomes common. We can forge ahead!” SAME…SAME, But DIFFERENT!” People in the same world on different planes. Or people on the same plane in different worlds. However you view it…there is enough room for us to celebrate and respect what the other brings to the table! A” melting-pot luck” if you will!!

Realizing that we all have something outstanding to offer this world, is what keeps us motivated! That sense of accomplishment and self worth We all need it daily! We deserve it! Just like our sons, daughters, brothers, sisters, cousins and friends on the spectrum. 


In the past there haven’t been the venues for this TALENTED POPULATION! Now I see that changing and what a great day it is!! Autistic only sports leagues, award venues, art shows, musical productions & theatrical presentations!! Heck even a story-lines on network prime time tv! Woo Hoo…seems like We are arriving!!



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