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Let’s Go Jeremy!

Our friend and partner Jeremy Bernstein will be appearing this Saturday 10:00 am to 4 pm at the Porter Ranch Whole Foods market…19340 Rinaldi St. Northridge Ca.


 The good folks at Whole Foods have supported Jeremy for 2 yrs. in a row now! Beautiful! Make a point to do your weekly shopping here this weekend in Porter Ranch!

You will be delighted and amused by Jeremy and his charming Jewelry enterprise~ J.J.’s Jewelry! Stop by to buy healthy food, perhaps buy Jeremy’s jewels and donate for his travel expenses to help him return to Canada. This trip to Canada is quite an honor! As a 2011 ANCA Int’l Naturally Autistic People Award recipient in 2012 he automatically becomes an Awards host and workshop participant! The following year in 2013 he will become an Awards Ambassador alongside the amazing Dr. Temple Grandin! This awesome award infrastructure created by ANCA truly molds success for the Autistic population. Hard work and persistence equals success for all people Autistic or not! Please support these qualities for success in this persistant young man!

Jeremy has alot of energy and his wise parents Ray and Diane have helped him to funnel it into a productive and entrepreneurial ventures! We first met this fun young man in April of 2011 at Our Chalk Art Festival. Jeremy cut the innaugaral cake for our Annual event…and we have counted on him ever since to add his dimension of fun! It was fantastic to see him win his award  and wow the crowds in Vancouver at the amazing 3 day event! We were thrilled he returned for our 2012 Chalk Art Festival! Often times he had a large crowd around his table admiring and purchasing most of the day! Even the Mayor of Covina~ Kevin Stapleton! As always, he was also ALOT of FUN to have on hand.  Those of you that have experienced Jeremy’s energy will never forget it! We  very much look forward to seeing Jeremy again this time in the host city of Mapleridge B.C. Canada!! Help him help himself and others with his brand of ingenuity by coming out and supporting him! Every small bit HELPS! Thankyou greatly.

…..Making friends with Autism Coloring Books will be there to be sold for Jeremy’s benefit!! Come by and pick a few up! They are fantastic teaching tools for families, schools and communities!

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ALIGNMENT…2012 and Beyond!

The Autism Community has had a stellar year! The magnificent movement for understanding, change and acceptance is aligning hundreds of stars, that in turn ignite hundreds of other stars. HAPPY BIRTHDAY to  my star ! One of the varied and many, many STARS in our Autism Galaxy. Stars that are…ALIGNING! Aligning into the most beautiful constellation. A constellation for acceptance and understanding as opposed to change! It is an awesome movement that truly is a COSMIC CONNECTION! Surely many of you feel this stellar magnetism I am talking about. The energy and vibrancy of thousands of stars that are ready to explode into the atmosphere.


An information explosion! It is beginning to happen as mainstream dialogue has begun regarding sensory “over-load” and information “processing”. Language which refers to the brain as the computer~ that it is. This new knowledge is evolving as we hurl into the future. Moving at the speed of a comet! Universal understanding of the proportions we here at are dreaming of…is quite frankly “people changing.” Not JUST “life changing.”

It is far more important that people change, their minds and change their own understanding of how the mind and body connect! Autism is a fabulous tool to advance this! The “thinking about thinking” I have written about in the past will be the catalyst to that change. When people simply slow down and consider that process…they will see the light.The light of knowledge and incredible self awareness. Understanding the filing of experiences and associations the Autistic mind makes is  a fascinating venture. Alot for the world, to finally learn about the inner workings of our humanity. What exactly it is that makes up our “beings.” Something we have long been distracted from as this age of industry has taken things to incredibly distracting levels.


“From the rock to the spear to the ipad,” Leonora Gregory Collura (the co-founder of ANCA & The INAP Awards) recently told me. “People are the same, they never change…they are boring!” She states a point in fact. People  are still dividing and segregating and waring…what’s different?


What’s different NOW is that people ARE changing! Autistic People are proof. We have different minds and thinkers, changing the world rapidly. So the rest of the world will need to catch up and understand the organic nature of what I am saying here. This new learning curve. Listen to people like Academic Lars Perner and  INAP Awards Ambassador Dr. Temple Grandin  as they clearly show in their upcoming books how Autistic Minds are intensely and immediately valuable to this world. These identifiably different thinkers have expanded technology throughout the ages and most certainly will continue in that process.

So catch on to these rising and shooting stars. These stars careening to this NEW AGE in constellation forming. This constellation that understands the Autistic paradigm and how it is REALLY the Human/Mind/Body Connection paradigm. Charting a whole new course for mother earth by changing the directions of the hearts and minds of it’s inhabitants! This constellation will definitly be the brightest this Universe has ever known. 

I saw an amazing glimpse into this “BRIGHT FUTURE” first hand, this fall at the 2011 International Naturally Autistic People Awards and Convention in Vancouver, Canada! Take a look for yourself!…

Amazing Artists,Esther Brokaw and Kevin Hossieni .

Amazing writers and beautiful strong minded young women, Isabell Doucette and Erin Clemens.

Superb Musicians/Singers Scott Siegel and Samantha Rudderham  .

Community Ambassadors, volunteering and working for Autism understanding and the betterment of society, Jacynthe Geschke, Joel Anderson  , Dani Bowman

Brilliant Minds and Educators Lars Perner, Leonora Gregory Collura and Charlie Collura


These people and many others created an energy I will long remember. Every year as the INAP Awards /Convention and other positive Autism events continue this life-changing energy will grow. This energy will have the incredible strength to SHIFT people’s consciousness and set things straight. The Autistic population said to be the  world’s “disconnected people”

re-connecting the planet! How COOL is that??!


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