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Vibrating Three Dimensional Energy

That’s what’s happening. This universe, this planet, this country, this very vibrational moment in creation. Dimensions of humanistic expansions and remembrances of knowledge. Cutting edge knowledge that will be communicated through literature, science and the arts is truly about to blow-up!


"In the air" after day 1 of the 2017 Ventura Art & Street Painting Festival!

“In the air” photo taken by event founder Barbara Hinton after day 1 of the 2017 Ventura Art & Street Painting Festival!

AutismHWY has continually advocated for this rediscovery. The rediscovery of our instinctual and natural ways of being and loving. A momentus universal expansion which cannot be stopped. We’ve called it all along in this great decade of communicative change 2010~2020. A decade which has been exponentially hypercharged by technology and the connectivity of diverse cultures. In the fall of 2017 this was most apparent at this years very emotionally charged 2017 Ventura Art and Street Painting Festival. What a fantastic group of organizers, artisans and spectators understanding these vibrations of great change. Artists like Tracy Lee Stum and Rod Tryon taking us into dimensions we have not been before! WOW…So much love all under the sun moon and stars equally!

A Universe of Love as felt and chalked by artist Lesley Perdomo

A Universe of Love as felt and chalked by artist Lesley Perdomo

This was AutismHWY’s 4th trip to this stellar event sharing the work of Autistic Artisans. In year’s past we have shared the work of talented friends Nora Blansett, Nele Muyleart, Maryellen Szper and this year the work of April Dawn Griffin.
April lives in Canada and views the northern lights. Her art reflects so much of the world’s natural energy making her work a fitting choice for this time in history! This very powerful piece titled “Bring It On” was perfect and eerily so just after Hurricane Harvey and as Hurricane Irma
. bring it on

The the beginning vibration...

The IDEA…is the beginning vibration…


Coloring the energy that vibrates WITHIN!

Coloring the energy that vibrates WITHIN!


April Griffin's strong energy emerges!

April Griffin’s strong energy emerges!

2017 vent lant
vent 2017a

The winds of change were apparent in the many conversations had on this artful weekend. Friends and family loving the convergence of artistic and humanistic diversity is the only highway forward. We are always better together as loving and feeling people. Art has a way of reminding us of the healing natures we all bestow. Let’s mine that energy and harvest that positive flow bringing it with us everywhere we go …TO GROW!

PLEASE take the time to watch Artisan April Dawn Griffin in this brilliant film trailer of the ANCA Naturally Autistic documentary film Connected!

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a-hwy logo

We are super happy about this. In 2009 when we created the logo I didn’t know any Autistic people aside from my son Wyatt. When I placed a red puzzle pc.on it I ‘assumed something.’ I assumed that it “represented Autism.”
Coming on line and meeting the vast array of Autistic friends that we have, has become our lives most amazing surprise and INDEED a very cool inner~standing leading to an important ’Metamorphosis.’
Looking deeper into humanity and really examining the ways in which certain subgroups of people are treated/oppressed/labeled by certain other sub-groups of people is the most important thing that has ever happened on our AutismHWY journey. Actively fighting to dismantle this type of hidden and overt EVERYDAY hate has opened our eyes WIDE.
Meeting people able to describe Autism from the inside out has been the most beautiful enlightenment we could ever have hoped for. Here are a few important voices among countless others just waiting for you to explore!

We all play a part!

Autistic people never chose the puzzle piece for themselves. Other people chose that for them without them. It really never was their symbol. Their lives make perfect Autistic sense to them. It is the information we need to support them where they are and where they are going. If we do not give them the power to teach the world about REAL AUTISM… we will continue down the path of FAKE AUTISM NEWS
Listen to the voices of people that understand just how effectively hate and fear has been used against them to deny them a say in their own lives…because it’s happening all around us. Respect the voices that tell you about the harm they experience from the world’s lack of inside Autism knowledge.


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AutismHWY’s 6th Drive Around the Sun


quietly occurred this past week! ~December 16th 2010 was the exact date we went LIVE on this world wide web. OUR Drive on the AutismHWY ready to roll globally…full of natural positivity and pragmatism!




We came on line to celebrate Autistic recognition… recognition that we believe has TRULY grown these past 6 trips around the sun!  Paving ways for matter of fact Autism recognition …with zero trepidations. More and more of us seeking to amplify and follow the Autistic voice and points of view which encourage natural transformation. Transformations that take you from feeling puzzled or fearful to lovingly abundant with pragmatic Autism innerstandings.

Global Recognition for ALL of US!

Global Recognition for ALL of US!

The Autistic point of view naturally understands and respects Autistic ways of being. Garner this vast knowledge which makes perfect sense Autisticly. Your heart and mind will evolve…much like this drawing created when we first began this journey at the beginning of the decade. A journey we leaned into and followed. Leading us to the innerstanding that the actual understanding of Autism would not be connected to us through “experts or specialists” but, instead more naturally…through the actual stories from Autistic people themselves.




It happened here for us very quickly. After getting ourselves out onto the AutismHWY we met and began partnering with some of the most innovative and talented Autistic friends imaginable and quite frankly UN~imaginable!! ALL seeking Autistic recognition as well. Imagine the great JOY in that ?!

We went into instant action and chose chalk as one of our strongest allies! Talk is considered cheap and chalk is even cheaper! An experiment co-mingling : chalk, free expression and the JOY of Autistic life! Creating the Chalk Festival was our greatest free expression pleasure ever. Enjoying our once a year party full of ‘full on ACCEPTANCE’ rocks our Autistic universe! We are so proud to see that it rocks other people’s galaxies as well, as we look out and now see other chalk and Autism ventures popping up in our rear, front and side-view mirrors! A day in the sun full of street art, love and pragmatic Autism information all steeped in natural connection and acceptance. We call that a PARTY and invite the world to JOIN IN!


Chalk Festival Logo



During the years we have hosted the AutismHWY Chalk Festival and our website we see the tremendous forward growth. We STILL have to convince ‘some people’ that the word Autistic is not filled with negative connotations and that the word is most definitely NOT A SLUR and never was. More and more Autistic voices are proud to find that they are being heard. That their voices matter and are naturally emerging for long needed resolutions. This empowerment will in turn create the employment they seek. Companies thinking astutely will create the much needed platforms for Autistic people to come forward with their genuinely helpful and insightful facts. The days of dehumanizing generalizations monopolizing societies idea of what Autism is are numbered. Passing this REAL-LIFE/ REAL-TIME information baton will be hard for some non-Autistic people and self-proclaimed experts to do. The monopoly that has been enjoyed by them; speaking over and about Autistic people without them, is finally being stripped away inch by inch and we could not be happier to see that!




Sarah Van Deisel's beautiful creativity.

Sarah Van Deisel’s beautiful creativity.

Pain is a natural valid human expression both physically and emotionally, who knows that better than the Autistic community with such a twisted painful human history? Creating pain bubbles  however,  is not a healthy natural human expression. Many encapsulating Autism pain bubbles are created by parents and professionals for myriads of reasons. Fear and lack of tactical Autism knowledge head that very long list. To exploit, control and oppress people are other selfish reasons. Autistic people have pragmatic ways of bursting parental and professional ’pain bubbles’ to provide tactical aid but, due to the gaps in communicative stylings that often becomes painful too!  For the Autistic person trying to inform and for the parents or professionals of Autistic people not embracing their input. Painful and honestly…necessary,  much like the process of birth and ultimately of daily life. The pain and the pleasure of it ALL is at the heart of learning, growth and of being what we ALL are= expansively human. Exactly the expression we wanted to share with the friends made on this extravagant and fascinating highway! Where is the creativity if we stay in blue bubbles of pain speaking of consistent fear and states of puzzlement?  A cocoon of people stagnating in place is not the metamorphosis that, life IS! If you reside in a cocoon of pain with others in that same unempowered state, you are not experiencing the pleasures of this beautiful life and all of it’s natural painful unravelings. Seeking shelter in manufactured pain bubbles instead of insightful expansive empowerment is avoidable on the AutismHWY.  This painful bubble containment is what our website and Chalk festival event was created to BURST.  An ancient oppressive pattern that doesn’t serve Autistic people, our modern drive… our AutismHWY.






Includes Autistic people behind the wheel of accurate Autism information and in many other growing capacities.  As organization owners,  business partners, industry innovators, mentors, consultants, creative icons and friends. As rulers of their own ultimate Autistic destiny. Visionaries of a whole new age in learning styles for an emerging cultural and communication revolution. An era in which the world will finally get things right for an Autistic living in the universe. Freedom to be who and how you are. The gift of self and self worth that we were all naturally born to receive. Not defined, boxed and wrapped by other voices in the world. Not people lost or stuck in a world of their own but rather people tuned into THE REAL WORLD and their actual human experience. People with the birthright to be Autistic and to learn from other Autistic people.






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Grown Up Autism


SO Proud to BE Nominated! Take a bow everybody!!

SO Proud to BE Nominated! Take a bow everybody!!

Grown Up Autism…

That’s exactly where we are headed as a culture, shifting away from an outdated Autism ’thought bubble’ that people have been stuck in. The bubble that does not see Autism as it is. A bubble of thought that does not value Autistic children or adults enough… to honor their powerful Autistic points of view. A bubble that  does not even identify Autistic people as equals. A bubble we seek to burst!  This narrow view that has heretofore hindered the grown up Autistic vision we believe, perceive and offer the world.

A vision which includes a world full of “physical and emotional equality supports” for Autistic people at all ages and stages.

Our big beautiful picture of equanimity.

On the highway to the 7th Annual ANCA World Autism Festival this ‘thought bubble divide’ strikes me now more than ever, as the true cause of the Autism divide. A divide prevalent between most professionals together with some parents of Autistic people and the Autistic people themselves actively co-creating and advocating in the community for their own unalienable rights.

The "thought bubble DIVIDE"

The “thought bubble DIVIDE”


“Great Autism Divide.”

Equality for Autistic people is unequivocal. It is or it isn’t, you either get that…or you don’t. The schism of people that have juvenile ideas about Autism equality and how to interact with and perceive Autistic people VS the people that have very adult ideas about Autism equality and how to interact with and perceive Autistic people…



As I board the plane from LAX to the 2016 ANCA World Autism Festival in Vancouver this concept circles and hovers over my brain as if my mind is the airport runway control tower…




AutismHWY UNITED with ANCA Naturally Autistic

AutismHWY UNITED with ANCA Naturally Autistic

United Minds, HeARTS and Souls

After five years away, landing in ANCA territory felt like a warm welcoming home. The 2011 INAP Award’s Event we attended, meant the world to us. Connecting with young and old that respect Autism on joyful adult levels was the most refreshing thing felt then and again, in the  NOW! Every delegate and participant from 81 to 4 yrs. old traveling to Vancouver for ANCA’s festival is energetically changed forever. The full board of acceptance and understanding brings abundance to the table everyday of this gathering. It’s a visceral and sensual bounty of goodness for Autistic people, their families and the industry seeking to support them ALL. A naturally rich community brimming with the knowledge that we all have something wonderful to contribute with or without the competiton. Having that direct experience of connection to Autistic culture opens hearts, minds and arms toward the myriads of difference life gifts to us ALL. A natural unspoken knowledge of alignment exists within the participants of the ANCA World Autism Festival . Unleashing a co creative flow which is vibrant, successful  and unstoppable.


Co creating Autistic equality globally…


Uniting people that want to follow Autistic advice is a very powerful connection. People and companies that seek to employee Autistic people into the infrastructure of their organizations and events is what we seek. It is what levels the so called ” playing field.” It’s what has already been created in many instances. COMPLETELY in the instance of Naturally Autistic ANCA;

Autistic People creating a worldwide EVENT which becomes a platform for Autistic People to emerge from while launching careers and connection to culture!


This IS the future for Autistic people and most importantly the world. Respecting that there are differing ways of EQUALLY experiencing the world and that Autistic people are creating a world more naturally inclusive of the entire human experience. Experiences that many people in society have honestly glossed over and denied. Experiences Autistic people demand. Beautiful natural experiences vibrating in every moment of the ANCA World Autism Festival.

Every innovative and loving person can be involved in creating best practice for Autistic people by respecting Autistic people as EQUALS in this human experience regardless, of our systemic differentials. Creating new and innovative ways which make sense to and for Autistic comfort and success! That is what the ANCA World Autism Festival is really all about.




Ayberk Aksu and Jenny Story

Ayberk Aksu and Jenny Story


Joshua Cochrane accepts his award and speaks of profound PEACE!

Joshua Cochrane accepts his award and speaks of profound PEACE!


Beau Brians and beautiful mandolins setting an accepting tone....

Beau Brians and beautiful mandolins setting an accepting tone….


Carissa Paccerelli SCORES an award ARTFULLY!

Carissa Paccerelli SCORES an award ARTFULLY!


Italian Artist Lisa Perini eloquently accepting her award with brother Alessandro's translating support.

Italian Artist Lisa Perini eloquently accepting her award with brother Alessandro’s translating support.


Phoebe Murer and MORE acceptance!

Phoebe Murer and MORE acceptance!


CANADA sweeps the SPORTS EXCELLENCE Category!! Kieran Stark's acceptance rocked!!

CANADA sweeps the SPORTS EXCELLENCE Category!! Kieran Stark’s acceptance rocked!!


Michael Savage's stellar acceptance!

Michael Savage’s stellar acceptance!


Tom Des Brisay awarded for the long-haul. Superb Marathon champion!

Tom Des Brisay awarded for the long-haul. Superb Marathon champion!


Vocalist Vell Baria overcome with emotion.

Vocalist Vell Baria overcome with emotion.


Jenny Story...

Jenny Story…


Olivia Cantu...

Olivia Cantu…


Joely Comer...

Joely Comer…


Leonora Gregory Collura speaking on the importance of cultural connection with Consulate General of Turkey!

Leonora Gregory Collura speaking on the importance of cultural connection with Consulate General of Turkey!


An amazing emerging culture!!

An amazing emerging culture!!


Wise children/Joyous adults= Grown-up Autism

Wise children/Joyous adults= Grown-up Autism





"We must control our message. We must be the powerhouse behind our community as it expands." ~Leonora Gregory-Collura

“We must control our message. We must be the powerhouse behind our community as it expands.” ~Leonora Gregory-Collura


The MAIN element.

The MAIN element.


Grown up Autism personified in wise, joyous Autistic souls. ALL ages and ALL stages...

Grown up Autism personified in wise, joyous Autistic souls. ALL ages and ALL stages…

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