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Naturally Autistic ANCA Blogradio

Event Name : Naturally Autistic ANCA Radio Show- Autistic People
Event Date : Sunday Jan 23, 2011 12 noon pacific
Event Specific Location : GLOBAL
Contact Name : ANCA
Phone No : 1-760-825-0903
Email Address :
Event Description :

Rainbowland Autism Services founder~ Allison Dix,our featured guest this SUNDAY JAN 23, 2011 noon Pacific Time, visit the link to view her video! You can also read about her in our Naturally Autistic magazine Premiere issue. Join to become a FREE member and receive FREE monthly newsletter and be the first for our international news updates! Leo Gregory/ANCA

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To…AWARENESS~~& Beyond!!

This is where we are heading! The wonderful on-line AUTISM COMMUNITY! Made up of Autistic Individuals, Parents, Aunts, Uncles, Brothers, Sisters, Cousins, Friends and Professionals!! A large loving up-lifting group!! To say the least!! Forever giving encouragement, hope and knowledge when possible! Truly remarkable the awareness that is being “incubated.” The mainstream has A LOT OF GROWTH planned for their futures!! We are all cultivating AWESOME AWARENESS Plans. Coming at you from the AutismHWY in EVERY DIRECTION!!

I will be introducing some FUN & KNOWLEDGEABLE Articles here on the AutismHWY blog. Today we have a most HELPFUL TOOL in that regard. Please take the time to read this fabulous document created by The GREAT GROUP at Rainbowland Autism Services in Australia!!

Thankyou Allison & Co. for this positive, informative look at ASD!!!

Click BELOW for ~Enlightenment!!

RAS Autism Awareness Information Sheet Nov 09

For More FUN & INFO… CLICK HERE as well !!

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Calm COOL Colors…

Are the “New Black“! Is’nt that how the saying goes…when something is about to be in vogue?! Well AutismHWY has just declared a new viable way to calm our kids…COLOR THERAPY!! Seriously.I have been noticing it in one capacity or another for years. Now it is stunningly CLEAR to me! These kids so respond to color! How many of our kids love to drape fabrics over head? Viewing the world through their prism. Draping a buffer of color between them and the enviornment.

The last Easter egg hunt at Leroy Haynes School, Wyatt and I brought his “Parachute” game. So fun, to see the different play styles! Some of the students loved to be jumping and using the handles to flap the ‘chute up and down. While others chose to lie ” under the rainbow” feeling the wind and basquing in the reflecting colors of the canopy! Which they would have had no problem enjoying all~day!! Such a pleasure to see them all seek the sensory experience they preferred!

Alot of tents, forts,plastic cubes and play equipment. These kids often try to place a veil or shield between themselves and “Our BUSY World” Toning it down it seems. We know they have “Sensory Sensibilities and that they CANNOT tolerate flourescent lighting!! So why not try colored lightbulbs, colored lenses on glasses, colored glass for their bedroom windows!! Allison Dix’ Rainbow awareness to WHOLE new levels!!! I truly believe this is something everyone can consider and try. It certainly can’t hurt.

Lisa Bradshaw the brilliant speech therapist…(Leroy Haynes last free training provider) has imperical proof. Her son has had brain injuries since birth providing many challenges.Through the years her and husband Boyd Bradshaw have used great teamwork to help him through his many perplexing issues. She reports that her son wore PURPLE LENSES for two years! His choice. The ability to choose his color was empowering. Allowing him to wear the glasses and regulate as he deemed fit! AWESOME!!

Wearing the colored lenses was such a calming and effective thing for him!! After 2 years he just did not put them on anymore. He had self-regulated !! I have seen Wyatt use color in this fashion so many times!! Usually he chooses blue…I am curious what color your kids will choose!? Will they want it “Lit -up” or will they prefer it darker. I am quite sure that with all spectrum “issues”…EVERYONE is different. With varying degrees of ability or disability! Keeping us on “OUR TOES!”

It so~ DEPENDS ~on HOW YOU SEE IT!! I’m thinking …let’s SEE IT through…


The Irlen method…

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That’s WHAT my friend James said when I told him something very cool. Something I was UNAWARE of. That in Australia they have an award event called Autism SA Recognition Awards” to celebrate and honor the spectrum. WOW!! We were both speechless. He said “Really??” James is 24 has autism and is fairly high functioning. He was literally taken aback!! Me too. We both said…”COOL,” in UNISON!!

Recently I became aware of an Australian woman named Allison Dix.She is a busy lady with twin boys with autism. Her11 yr old daughter Kristie has asperger syndrome and sings like an absolute angel.I happened upon her performance at this AWARDS EVENT! Which led me to discover Kristie’s Mom Allison and her site at the end of this article PLEASE watch

Kristie Dix’ talented Performance! Allison and ALL under her Amazing RAINBOW are doing great work toward GAINING MORE AUTISM AWARENESS!! I have barely had a chance to research them and will hopefully be speaking to and about them VERY SOON! As I said a few blogs back AUSTRALIANS are not “Down Under.” They are “UP Above.” ! Far and away!!

I am so glad to see that we will have some great examples to pattern after!! What a day it will be when our family members on the SPECTRUM are accepted and understood to this degree! Celebrated EVEN ! I also came across yet another Australian Accomplishment. A full-blown Acting Co. writers, creators, actors and more. Telling THEIR stories. How incredibly informative entertaining and INSPIRATIONAL ! To say the very least. America likes to think that we are CUTTING EDGE on many issues. Well, on this important issue we are working with a DULL BLADE!

We have no problem awarding celebrities over here in the U.S. ~right and left. The list of award shows grow every year. So many that they can’t even televise them all. That is alot because, we know how they love to televise themselves. Now, yes… these people create amazing realities. They should be commended and applauded!! But AWARDED… every time they turn around for, ‘CREATING’ REALITY?!!! How about realizing REALITY and helping to CREATE Artistic Equality and Harmony? I would like to award someone for that!

Well we do have SOME creative arts going and that is where the momentum must continue ! There is a GREAT SHOW “Autism Sings” coming on May 5th…at the Canyon Club in Agoura Hills visit Joanne Lara’s website for info I also have info on that on my blog titled “MUSIC SOOTHES…” Some of you may have seen last years HBO Documentary “Autism the Musical”…Very cool, Very needed!! One of the boys from the documentary coincedentally named “Wyatt” is also in “Autism Sings!”

The need to create to feel self worth is INSTINCTUAL. It is to be respected and cultivated. The days of just shuffling these kids from one gruelling endeavor to the next needs to cease or slow-up. Let these kids do the ARTS. Let these kids PLAY BALL! As I heard on the Australian news report I posted a few days ago …take them out in to NATURE! These are three therapies we can ALL TRY on a limited budget!! It is our duty to our beloved individuals on the spectrum…let them be as mainstream as they are comfortable with. Once they are out in the world creating… by writing, singing, acting, painting, playing teamsports or more.The sky IS THEIR LIMIT!!

It is their right . Their instinct to feel that they are contributing and serving a purpose in life! We need to make these HIGHWAYS available for our amazingly talented and insightful A.S.D. family members. And…AWARD THEM Accordingly!! BRAVO !!


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