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A~LEAGUE ?!! That’s right skip the…APPLE PIE !! We A-League Mom’s are too busy having our cake and eating it too!! Thanks to the persistence of one MOM in particular…LORA MANCINI!! What an accomplishment Lora. We honor you especially !!

On this blog you will see something very extraordinary! Mom’s that have been working their tails off for their kids. NOW Basquing in some unexpected GLORY!!

When we got our kid’s DIAGNOSIS I am sure we all felt that swift kick. However, we all know that you can’t keep a good woman down. Especially when it comes to these kids of ours .

I say “these kids” like that because …there is something so amazing about each and everyone of them! The deficits real and perceived cannot be outweighed by the GENUINESS of Spirit they possess.

As we have entered into this Baseball Adventure I am sure we kept our expectations low. No need to stress everyone out…right?

Well HECK, some of these players have been needing the bar raised a little bit more every-outing! So amazing and encouraging to watch. These players are also seeing the growth of their team-mates!

I actually over-heard the cutest “candid moment” between a father and son. Dad was in a lawn chair and his son was Cuddled at his feet as they both were watching the action. He told his Dad…”I even like to watch it more than I like to play it!!”

Well as Mom’s we know how our men REALLY LIKE to watch their sports! This moment was so sweet…as if it was an absolute new discovery! One he won’t soon forget…now that he KNOWS!! lol

Today was precious! As all of these games and practices have been. We are experiencing so much more than we have dared dream, for our BALL-PLAYERS. To see the Men in our kids lives have this chance . This sports experience that had been put “on hold!

PHENOMONAL for us Mom’s. To be sharing all of these memories with people you are in the Autism~Trenches with…amazing. How many more superlatives can I throw out there? We are growing and bonding as teams and leagues do…

We will all be sharing Dodger dogs again tomorrow! Can you believe it? More major league action for our major league sweethearts!

On Mother’s Day to boot!! So talk about the best Mother’s Day ever!! Looks like it is full steam ahead to Chavez Raveen where we will have a day in the sun with our beautiful BALL~PLAYERS!!

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So time is ticking again on this “month of awareness.” Thirty days has April…simply NOT ENOUGH! We are at a point in time that it is just silly to call the AWARENESS off ! So AUTISMHWY now declares the rest of this year and beyond…. Autism Awareness Decade! Seriously. Allocating a month to honor the spectrum is great… just DO NOT STOP the AWARENESS! We have alot of catching -up to do!!

Autism was only labeled in the early 40′s…so the first 20 yrs. it basically was ignored. Honestly it seems a portion of society would like to continue on with that ignorance. Chris Rock has a very funny routine… essentially saying that certain individuals love to”not know.” It seems to ring true. People just don’t want to broach the issue. It really isn’t that daunting. Just seems that way AUTISM has taken advantage of that …”love to not know” attitude.

With a complete lack of understanding…the syndrome has been getting away with murder! Well it is time for all of that nonsense to cease! I have a script and a plan to x-out that love to “NOT KNOW” Status! It will start with the smallest of children. When my Wyatt books are ready for school-age kids we can at least start some dialogue.The only kids with any awareness are either related to or have a close friend on the spectrum. Soon we can work on teaching ALL the rest!!

Seems children are ALWAYS the most receptive to new information and change. They will help to grease the wheels of change. When the adults read my comical & basically informative books …I’m hoping to teach them as well. It seems that NO-ONE has ever really sat down and told ANYONE basic autism info AROUND HERE!!?

I guess that shouldn’t come as such a shock. Heck 8 years ago when I got Wyatt’s diagnosis…I didn’t get much information. What I did get was quite hard to digest. Alot of the literature is in a “clinical-type” language that is hard for anyone to understand. It takes acclimation…and who’s got time for all that nonsense in the course of a busy day? You want information and you want it to be in ENGLISH…if Possible! I’m hoping I’m wrong and that there is NOW. some good literature for Mom’s w/ a new autism diagnosis.

This is precisely why I encourage people with knowledge to spread it…like WILDFIRE. These embers need stoking. We have been here waiting …smoldering , hoping for the world to catch on. Well, the world is a very busy place and WE that want this wide-spread AWARENESS need to provide something for people to GRASP ON TO ! If the language is daunting and clinical…it’s easier to tune it out. I FEEL that, that is precisely what has happened! I know …because I wanted to tune it out too. Part of my “Fight or Flight” human instinct!! So making THIS INFORMATION more “brain~friendly”will be a start.

A good start in crossing the fire-line. A start in spreading some EASY to understand information to help the individuals on the SPECTRUM. Help them gain something all humans crave. ACCEPTANCE and UNDERSTANDING! It’s a BEAUTIFUL THING …and will be easy to give with a little bit of loving efforts.

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But DIFFERENT!  Nice phrase! Here at we believe that…that is exactly  what makes the world go round! Global thinking…It’s a BIG beautiful  differing world we live in ! This profound saying has “come home” to Wyatt on a T~shirt for several yrs. now.

 When Army Veteran  Grampa BOB comes back from yet another Viet Nam trip. Same~ Same but Different! When you apply that to people on the spectrum verses typicals… truer words were never spoken.

Seems this saying is what the vets and villagers in Viet Nam have used to communicate for years! Arms are open …embracing the differences and celebrating the exchange! Much like what will happen once the AUTISMHWY is fully operable!!! People enjoying the “culture”~~OR the “actions”…the differences of others! Truly where human growth and spirituality come from.


 The positive affects people in the world bring to us.  Allowing you to “Fly… from the inside.” Sharing experience is at the very core of our  being human!

I love what Dr.Tony Attwood says about the hyper focus and control individuals on the spectrum exhibit. It is to be revered and respected. My thoughts exactly!! Read MORE about Dr Attwood here Happily I am seeing this attitude more and more! We are ALL EVOLVING! Let’s face it. In the past AUTISM has had people down. Now the tables are turning! With acceptance and understanding..the cards ~are laid-out! The game is recognizable. Everyone can win!!

So as understanding and knowledge about individuals on the Spectrum becomes common. We can forge ahead!” SAME…SAME, But DIFFERENT!” People in the same world on different planes. Or people on the same plane in different worlds. However you view it…there is enough room for us to celebrate and respect what the other brings to the table! A” melting-pot luck” if you will!!

Realizing that we all have something outstanding to offer this world, is what keeps us motivated! That sense of accomplishment and self worth We all need it daily! We deserve it! Just like our sons, daughters, brothers, sisters, cousins and friends on the spectrum. 


In the past there haven’t been the venues for this TALENTED POPULATION! Now I see that changing and what a great day it is!! Autistic only sports leagues, award venues, art shows, musical productions & theatrical presentations!! Heck even a story-lines on network prime time tv! Woo Hoo…seems like We are arriving!!



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