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Different Hearts…

Different dreams, different ways of being. We all have them and are quite aware of that. So why are people so afraid and uncomfortable with difference? Why do people cling to sameness, ridiculing (or worse) those that they perceive as “different”? Why would we all be the same in a world of unique and individual DNA? I can’t figure out why we as intelligent people would even want THAT?

Always and Forever.

Always and Forever.

Accepting difference is the best gift you can give yourself and those around you. It is the first and best concept that you can teach your children and others. It is at the root of this great family tree that we all are a part of. When we consider anything in life we must first know that things will be different. We can achieve a certain routine to comfort ourselves that we are in control. Yet, we must know down deep that we are not in control. That this universe is so much bigger than our need for sameness. The universe of course knows better. That sameness is random. Much more random than difference, and that those differences are the NORM!


An accepting attitude and aptitude! If we teach this concept to young people as they shape their ideals and belief systems, we will have a much happier and healthy planet. A planet much more fine tuned to it’s own reality. More accepting of the natural flow of our completely cosmic differences.  



The differences that are truly the heart and soul of this LIFE!


Get “Down Wit Dat!”


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