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NONot the one that The Who sang about….The one that TEMPLE GRANDIN mooed about! Wow…watching HBO’s amazing portrayal of her life made me so happy! The story behind her miraculous discoveries…make it so clear to people how autistic people often feel. Completely OVERWHELMED. I urge everyone to make a point to watch this film, and suggest others do as well. The production is simply BRILLIANT. I wish it was eligible for oscar consideration!

When you see what the young Temple ‘innately’ knew about her mind’s need for organization. How she did not want to go on to college without her SQUEEZEBOX. The resistance of others to believe in what she KNEW …and her ultimate victory against ignorance. An Autistic person healing her world, the cows world and the world of knowledge about AUTISM! Talk about a hero of Olympian quality!! I was dumbfounded the first time I became aware of the squeezebox technique.

Wyatt was at summer day-camp and was generally very unhappy with having to meet and greet…moving from 1 activity to the next. A fabulous O.T. Kristen …began to squeeze and roll , squeeze and press, again and again. To my amazement I saw Wyatt “like putty”… transform into a receptive boy! She looks at me & says he needs alot…handing him back off to me ! That was my lesson…and I took it. Wyatt has been getting squeezed and rolled for years now, you’de think he was the …’dough-boy! We also found out about the BODYSOCK that summer! What a life-saver. For those that don’t know the B-sock is essentially a lycra envelope to get inside of!!! Wyatt can’t leave home without it. We are about ready for a new one (growing boy! ).

I have had success with bodysocks purchased here at One Stop Sensory Shop.

Lucky for us Wyatt does not usually have an aversion to touch as did Temple. So his deep pressure squeezes are a much loved activity in our family! So much so with his Grampa Bob that they wear out the springs on every recliner we have had! It JUST works plain and simple. I have had to squeeze him out in public from time to time…and I get some crazy looks. I think it may look as if we are trying to restrain the individual when that is just NOT the case.

So…take a look at HBO’s outstanding movie… learn how deep pressure helps organize the mind and meet AUTISMS SUPER-HERO Temple Grandin!

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