If 10 is the pinnacle…the peak. Where do we go from there? Well, naturally to eleven. The top of the scale with that little extra!! That’s how I am feeling. 2010 was a BANNER year for the autistic community! We saw…The “A~League” an Autistic little League season which evolved into an Autism Youth Sports League formation! AutismHWY.com is very proud to have played a BIG part in that!! Sports leagues~ create fun and social opportunities for spectrumites naturally~ and that is the way of the future!! AutismHWY.com will support all of those endeavors wholeheartedly! http://www.autismyouthsportsleague.org/

There was brilliant awareness created by Allison Dix’s Rainbowland Autism Services in Australia with their very fun RainbowDay Campaign! Read her awareness sheet here:

https://autismhwy.com/blog/?p=2322 Her fantastic positivity radiated to me . I then created a painting because of that positive awareness energy. A painting that comes full circle… (in a minute!)

In the spring I was contacted by ReasonTV…they needed a parents perspective on the vaccination quandry for a piece they were doing. “Do Vaccines Cause Autism?” So,Wyatt and I met the film crew at my local park!

I did it without thinking and later had doubts. Just because of the never-ending negativity that swirls around the subject. However, when they revealed the final story in early May I was quite pleased ! It has had over 14,000 views. Have a look here if you’ve never seen~ Wyatt and I. He carries his popped balloon lol… (His birthday had been the day before the interview) it is also a very LOW vibrational day for Wyatt. If you are familiar with him , this is highly noticeable. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ez7FOi-s9dY

Later that summer Jeff Kellen’s spring creation the fb group…”Artists and Autism” was really taking off. http://www.facebook.com/ArtistsandAutism?ref=ts What an amazing idea and venture Mr. Kellen has. A safe nurturing place to share art, music and writings for the A.S.D. Community and their loved ones! The growth and positive out shoots from A and A is too numerous to calculate. Magazine articles in this country and abroad were written including beautiful artwork that was shared here in 2010 . People joined forces to create art projects for awareness. AutismHWY.com was invited to an awareness day at California’s Great America theme park near San Fransisco purely from ~ connections with A & A.

Jeff and Kara Kellen lovingly re-created 2 of my summertime submissions at the Fort Wayne Indiana chalkwalk!! They are both wonderful artists in their own right, aside from being such nurturing and giving A.S. D. mentors! Truly fabulous! I have loved my moderator role on A & A and cherish the connections I continue to make there! PLEASE sign-on if you haven’t already! We have such FUN on a daily basis!! Join us won’t you?

How can I continue exalting this Banner Year without mentioning ANCA’S Historical Naturally Autistic People Awards? This amazing empowering company http://www.naturallyautistic.com took awareness to whole new levels this Fall. Charlie and Leonora Collura and company put on a spectacular event! Showcasing the talent factor of the Autistic Population is something that has been direly needed! Thankyou for stepping up ANCA! This precedent setting event is set to continue on permanently!

ANCA also brought the much needed attention to the political arena receiving letters of commendation and support from the Canadian and Australian officials. The Governors of each united state that had residents involved were also notified and responded!! Beautiful. To quote a friend of mine… “This is hot stuff” !!

The way of our futures!! Not only does ANCA recognize and award autistic talent…they foster it and employ it!! What ~a concept, lets hope others follow suit and do the same! With the creation of their new magazine http://www.naturallyautistic.com/subscribe/ and so much more they are putting so many awesome wheels in motion for 2011 and beyond! We will all soon be racing down the AutismHWY!! Thankyou to Leo, Charlie, Anthony and all of ANCA . We know to expect big things from you as we move forward. PLEASE watch the cool slide show of the awards event on ANCA’S site.

The empowerment that I have witnessed is amazing! These things we’ve seen transpire for the Autistic Community in 2010 have been stellar! The brilliant Temple Grandin being documented by HBO! In typical Temple fashion…explaining AUTISM plainly and brilliantly to those keen enough to listen https://autismhwy.com/blog/?p=30. Thank goodness these filmmakers lost nothing in the translation and swept the EMMYS!! Unbelievable to many…perfectly sensable to us. I wrote a thankyou note to Ms. Grandin explaining that her words were priceless to people like me and telling her that her movie was the finest HBO had ever produced in my opinion. Do you know that this very busy woman sent me a card back thanking me for the thanks and informed me that the DVD’s would be available in August!! lol I love it!! A few days ago I found out that I will see her presentation this January in Pasadena! (Can the year get any better?….yes ~just wait!)

December 16 2010 became the holiday birthdate for Our long awaited and beloved AutismHWY.com!! Something dreamed of and conceived during the time of tragic loss . The death of my dear youngest brother. An idea…a hope a phoenix rising within my heart. A yearning for complete common knowledge of A.S.D. and all that involves. To make AUTISM a familiar subject. Something to accept and respect. Not something mystifying! Creating a community unto itself ~seperate yet, together. A.S.D.’s and N.T.’s getting it right for mainstream! A bridge for understanding and FUN! AutismHWY.com!!…Thankyou… to ALL the forces that helped me create this beautiful place WE now have to connect and build our futures. Dave Jensen!! https://www.valleyviewdrugs.com/ Alison Hayward!! http://firstsourceweb.com I love you both~ this amazing 2010 . THE BEST YEAR OF MY LIFE!!

So…as this amazing year on~line comes full circle…my year-ending FINALE. A year that has already been a year to be held up and revered. Two days before it ends a piece of my Autism Heart is painted by beautiful people I have never met, on a wall in Chattanooga Tennessee. An amazing thing to be a part of…even 1000’s of miles away! !To firstly be blessed by finding out on Thanksgiving nite that my design is the one that is chosen for an awesome MURAL project. A project spear-headed by the tenacious Tammy Faulkner Smith. Secondly to watch as Tammy, I and Steve Selpal http://home.earthlink.net/~stevoartist/id3.html quickly re-define the image. Steve also gridding it out for projection! THEN to see Tammy assemble, organize and pull off this happening is miraculous. If you knew more about Tammy Smith you would realize the “M” word is fitting. She is an angel walking among us. She made sure that all were involved. She created an enviornment of love and acceptance with the music and greatwill of T. Ran Gilbert!! http://www.t-ran.net/ Thank-you T-Ran for connecting with our kids.

WOW Look at this album on facebook. The teamwork and happiness in 39 degree weather is just INCREDIBLE! http://www.facebook.com/pages/AutismHWYcom/122875137738366?ref=ts#!/album.php?aid=51804&id=122875137738366 Stunning results! congratulations to all of you in Tennessee!

I have recently groused over the fact that I can not decorate a cake. Well this MURAL is the proverbial ICING on my CAKE…..so there!! haha~ 2011 is HERE and guess what people?…..Autistic People are EATING~CAKE and lovin’ it!! https://autismhwy.com ! Log~on and have a Happy New Year while you eat your piece of cake!! Yummmmmmmmmmm…!!