Let’s hope so!! Especially if you’re “UP THE CREEK!!” Seriously though, something very fun and exciting is on the horizon! Locally~ here in Marina Del Rey at the MARINA DEL REY BOAT RENTALS 13719 FIJI WAY, MDR . The amazing organization “The Global Autism Project “has GREAT EVENTS planned!! ~”Paddle for Autism” ~How much fun is that?? Experienced kayakers taking ASD Individuals and their families for a spin!! Talk about an amazing sensory experience! This will be something new and exciting to expand our kids horizons as well !! Raising Awareness AND Funds for OUR~CAUSE!! What could be better!! All the info can be found here…It could be coming to your area SOON!! This event is scheduled for TUES, AUG. 31st 10:00 a.m.~4:00 p.m.


FUN~in the~SUN! With a little AUTISM AWARENESS in the AIR!!

The event is free…so come on out and test the waters! It is encouraged that you log on to the fund raising section… & send the fund raising link to ALL of your family and friends that will support US! What a great way to send GOOD Vibrations. These wonderful individuals living on the spectrum are so often excluded from these fun things in life! No MORE!! Times have changed and people now realize that ASD Individuals are fully capable of greatness and enjoying the extras in life! When our kids are exposed to new opportunities, amazing things begin to take shape!! Expanding their horizon on an event such as this…could translate to more opening up to what life has to offer in their daily lives!!

Some days we may not feel the strength to paddle on. …Yet we MUST! We must actually paddle harder and faster. Just to cut a swath for OUR ASD Individuals to participate!! It can be frustrating. That’s why fantastic organizations like this are here!! To SUPPORT US as we SUPPORT THEM. Through this constant co~operation we will get more and more of the exposure WE NEED!!The exposure to adventures and GROWTH!

After all that IS…what life is ALL ABOUT for all of us!! So please do what you can to support “PADDLE FOR AUTISM” and the amazing organization behind this FUN~VENTURE!! A day on the ocean and an evening to fund-raise and enjoy the memory of what transpired. Maybe even WIN a raffle or Auction PRIZE at El Bar later that evening!!

CLICK INFO for all the…FUN!! HERE!

ALSO…FACEBOOK PAGE for the AFTER~EVENT at El Bar! here http://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=122641584448451&ref=ts#!