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This is how the “A~Leaguer’s” are feeling! Especially the CORE GROUP of the families that are “Making it Happen!” Building this plane while we fly it! My new favorite phrase that I TOTALLY COMPREHEND Now!!! We have learned so much this season. To carry forward into ALL the seasons that WILL follow!! We knew this would be good…but, what occurred here was so far beyond GOOD!

Much more like GREAT! Any negativity we have encountered is inconsequential !! When you are forging change there will ALWAYS Micheal Siegel the father of Rocker Scott…front man for ARREST MY SISTER wisely pointed that out to me yesterday! Thank you Micheal and wife Leeni you are an inspiration to US ALL! Airplane Flyers in the music world! However, I believe their “Airplane” will be morphing into a ROCKET!! The SHOWMANSHIP is just as awesome as the music!! PLEASE sign~up for their mailing list!! be some faction of resistance.

The weather was hot…so Lora M. made sure the kids had a water slide !! Hot Dogs, Hamburgers, Games and Prizes. Awesome Music throughout and TROPHIES TOO !? Our kids were in heaven on the Diamond…with “Angels in the Outfield” What more could you want on a hot summer day?… Snow cones!! And we had those too! All bases covered! Thank you Mrs. Mancini!! Lora had the foresight to start this ball rolling and her idea to “CAP IT OFF” with the trophy Ceremony was brilliant. Completely evident in the photos I shot!! THANK YOU so much~ to the San Dias Little league for allowing OUR Dream Season and Party to happen!!

A lot of these trophy ceremonies are done at team parties nowadays. Having the players come up INDIVIDUALLY was a stroke of GENIUS!! The reactions they had were priceless…the looks of pride seemed so NEW. It makes me tear up just thinking back on it. I am also a little sad that Wyatt missed out. He had been at the party for the 1st 1/2 of the day…and just needed to go home and hang with Grandpa Bob. Not enough juice to make it to the end! Just the way it is with AUTISM sometimes. FLEXIBILITY is a must!

BE SURE to click on these pictures to see the BRIMMING PRIDE!!

This is not the last you will hear about this event…TMI too fit into one blog! To be continued…..

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