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Wow, something SO COOL is about to take place here! In our corner of the sandbox! “A-LEAGUE” Little League ! Autistic players make up a FOUR TEAM League! Here in San Dimas California and Opening Day is THIS SATURDAY March 13th at 9:30 a.m. So much fun in store. San Dimas Little League blazing a trail! NICE!!

What, is really NICE!? Is LORA MANCINI! Mother on a mission. You’ve got to love that! Lora had a vision…and it is about to materialize! Lora did all the “leg-work” it took to get this together! Quite an awesome task she has accomplished! Along with League President , Tim Roe and the efforts and donations of many wonderful people. Talk about ripple effect! They may never even realize how many people this will help. She is on a fast track to making this something autistic kids can look forward to. 50 kids this season! So… 100+ PROUD parents and extended FAMILY MEMBERS as well! Lots to look FORWARD TO!!

INDEED! “My Mantra”…Our day is at hand! The awareness IS GROWING! This is really a great indication of that. The fact that the local news and papers have featured “our kids” IS HUGE! Quite exciting for the adults. The kids just want to play! I am sure many of the parents I will be enjoying these games with, had given up. Given up on the idea of living at the ballpark every season. I know I had. So a bit of that dream is BACK!! Yes! All parents want to do a little “vicarious living!” WOO-HOO! Go TEAM!!

At the last practice one of Wyatt’s team mates Kevin P. noticed my “puzzle-heart” bracelet. Knowing it is an autism support icon. He asked me “How’s your Heart?” All throughout practice…he had also informed me that my response should be “FINE.” Such a thoughtful and UNIQUE BOY ! As practice went on I’de hear…”How’s your heart?” My response ,(as scripted) “Fine!” Kevin is so… RIGHT! My heart is better than fine!! When you open your heart to these awesome people, you’ll grow in a whole new direction! So off we go… to the BALLPARK! Hearts full…smiles planted! What an amazing experience this will be and I feel so priveleged to be a part of it.

Wyatt is surprising me so much with his “game-play.” My sweet boy is giving it his best, despite his deficits! I can see him trying to make me PROUD…and really what more could you ever want from your child?

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