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Every Opportunity!

Everyday, every HolidaY will find ways to put the information on the table! Promoting friendship through common understanding at every opportunity! Our mission is to find fun and creative ways to teach people useable facts about the hidden issues that are AUTISM. Here is a preview page from our upcoming “Awareness EVERY Month” Coloring Book filled with “teaching tool” pages!

Ideal for families, teachers, therapists and professionals.  Lovingly created by myself, Kelly Green and my wonderful partner, artist and friend Rachel Walker! Look for our 3rd book in early December by clicking the coloring book link at the bottom of all of our web pages!

Our coloring pages truly open the doors to expanding knowledge! As we move forward gathering true knowledge through experience~ Autism becomes more human. More human than, human if you consider it on the deepest level possible. You can do it if you try. Just this month a young girl on the spectrum proved just that.

Her diligent and profound artwork told me that I am on to something fantastic with these coloring pages and books!! was invited to ‘The Spirit of Aloha’ a Hawaiian festival in the amazing town of Temecula California benefiting the Our Nicholas foundation

 In honor of the event we created a New coloring page…in the spirit of Aloha! (Every opportunity…like I said!)

My partner Rachel took my single flower design pictured here to a multi-pattern design creating an opportunity for something profound to evolve!

I had tables of children happily coloring our pages of acceptance and we met some fantastic families. One family with two beautiful blonde daughters on the spectrum affected me deeply. Sisters with degrees of Autism as varied as the spectrum itself. Both beautiful in unique ways. One a “colorer” and one…not so much (like my Wyatt).  I watched with such pleasure as she enjoyed every stroke of the crayon and her sister took a walk with her father.Take a good look at this masterpiece I was surprisingly gifted with, making my day.

I was taken aback by this presentation and the speech that accompanied it. My new colorful friend Morgan told me that the flower on the right was the Autistic one….because it had all of the “extra stuff” going on! Wow…she simply gets it. My wise colorer helping me to teach others with her innate sense to describe herself. Her pride and complete self awareness is exactly what I hope to see in the generations of children coming up. People with higher levels of mind and body understanding and ACCEPTANCE. Bravo Morgan…you have validated all of our efforts BLESS YOU! Here’s to more and more children becoming as wonderfully self-aware as you!


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Am I Amusing Myself with Awareness?

Another great day at San Fransisco’s Amusement park. Our third year attending  California’s, Great America Disability Awareness Day and I am asking myself the titled question.  Is anybody really listening? Many people campaign to sign you up and sell you services at these events that are dubbed Awareness Days. “Resource Fairs”…are resource fairs. On “Awareness days” I would love to see these resource companies providing some useable awareness. Set up for a day of info and experiential teaching. Real awareness should be free and easy to obtain for all people. You need not sign-up for a fee or join a program to get some later if you’re lucky. Yes, we all need to pay our bills by selling our books and our services/programs to keep afloat. However, I see more organizations selling than teaching at these events. Sell your programs at the “Resource Fairs” and teach the public on “Awareness Days.”

So, after attending another wonderful event at a mainstream BIG Amusement Park…I have to furthur question, is anyone truly becoming more aware? Sure Autism is more of a hot topic today. Mainly because the numbers of diagnosis have risen dramatically in the last 10 yrs. Everyone has now heard of ‘it.’ What they think they know about ‘it’…is a whole other story! Professionals included.

Teaching people about Autistic people is what constitutes Awareness in my mind. How do Autistic people experience our world? What brings them comfort? How are they processing information? What brings them success and happiness? How can we best facilitate that? The lists of questions and things to be explained about people on the spectrum is endless. To infinity and beyond. Give me an inch and I will go a mile. Trying to teach you something about AUTISM you can take to the streets. Road rules to understand those of us living on the AutismHWY! Not just attending to provide you with a brochure of my services or a pencil with my company info printed on it. I talk the talk for Awareness because, REAL Awareness is the first step. If we don’t get people educated in a more functional manner the acceptance and comfort we crave will simply never follow. 

 Each year we have had a unique Awareness experience with teaching opportunities arising organically!

This year was particularly intense.Living up to our 2012 coloring book: “Why does Wyatt do that?” There are always many reasons and ever changing areas of concern in regards to our ‘famous title’ question! Today my 13 1/2 yr. old needed some very deep pressure, deep meridian tapping along the sides of his skull. Most folks would not understand that so…I only showed my hand slightly. (Moving to a more private location for the intenser moments) When I say meridian tapping , most would probably say head-banging. Wyatt feels pressure from the input he is experiencing (environnmental or physiological) and will not feel calm until it is literally banged out of him, up and down the sides of his head in repetition. One hour or so before the end of the event this occured. Wyatt became stressed, began whooping then screaming and was in intense pain. This momentary intense pressure builds up outwardly through a series of self injurious behaviorial pinchings of his arms head and chest ( &*importantly anyone who may try to stop him.) He grabs my wrists and then directs my hands to clap his ears and head. Up and down with gradating intensity. The finger pressing claps (kinda like the way I used to flip my killer softball pitch) gradually become karate chops  (as directed) and seem to re-boot his being. Hitting, tapping and finger-rolling massaging these pressure points has become a sometime daily occurance over the last year. It can happen in any time of day in any condition and can last 20 minutes or longer. Are people ready for this? Most likely not…especially when he is in that intense zone but, when you know what your child needs you must ‘go there.’ I am coming-out proudly as a full fledged head-wrapping, meridian tapping mama unconcerned what anyone may think of it. However, quite willing to rap about it so you and many others can begin to wrap their heads around it!


This particular Awareness is not amusing and somehow I just love the irony of explaining something so serious at an Amusement Park! Guess, I just answered my original question!



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Tomorrows BLOG…

…will be LIVE from the 1st Annual Show YOU Care~~Be AWARE Chalk Festival in Azusa California ( CALIFORNIA Burgers~353 E. Foothill Blvd!!) I will add pictures all day as we progress on our Awareness Art!! So keep checking back!! Planned blogs will be around 10 a.m.~~12 noon~& 3 p.m. ALL Pacific time!! So tune in and SHOW~~>You CARE!!!

We will also go live on blogtalk radio at 1:15 LIVE (Pacific) for a few minutes!!!! Click here for the broadcast…  Can’t wait…SEE YOU TOMORROW!!!

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Autism Awareness…in PICTURES!!

I have really been enjoying myself since I started designing Awareness LOGOS!!  It was just the natural progression after I began  working on Alison Hoyer from and I rapidly came up with the AutismHWY logo…Which I love!!

Rachel Walker and I then came up with the winged puzzle piece and the rest is history!!

I am very visual and wanted images to compliment my text! so I visualize what I want to see and make it happen!!

So, to that end I have been painting the town ….very FUN and an effective tool.

Imagery can speak volumes to people and I like to talk happy!! Happy and positively trying to get people to take a long look at AUTISM. It’s not what you may expect!

To the contrary…we are stable and able. Once further education is given to these kids, they will soar. It is time we ALL stood up for them and welcome them into our lives.

Helping them to be understood and respected as people differently abled is key!

I will have my visualization cap on and my paintbrush in hand from now until AWARENESS is met !

Met, understood, accepted and INVITED IN!!! What a day that will be.

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