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Let’s Go Jeremy!

Our friend and partner Jeremy Bernstein will be appearing this Saturday 10:00 am to 4 pm at the Porter Ranch Whole Foods market…19340 Rinaldi St. Northridge Ca.


 The good folks at Whole Foods have supported Jeremy for 2 yrs. in a row now! Beautiful! Make a point to do your weekly shopping here this weekend in Porter Ranch!

You will be delighted and amused by Jeremy and his charming Jewelry enterprise~ J.J.’s Jewelry! Stop by to buy healthy food, perhaps buy Jeremy’s jewels and donate for his travel expenses to help him return to Canada. This trip to Canada is quite an honor! As a 2011 ANCA Int’l Naturally Autistic People Award recipient in 2012 he automatically becomes an Awards host and workshop participant! The following year in 2013 he will become an Awards Ambassador alongside the amazing Dr. Temple Grandin! This awesome award infrastructure created by ANCA truly molds success for the Autistic population. Hard work and persistence equals success for all people Autistic or not! Please support these qualities for success in this persistant young man!

Jeremy has alot of energy and his wise parents Ray and Diane have helped him to funnel it into a productive and entrepreneurial ventures! We first met this fun young man in April of 2011 at Our Chalk Art Festival. Jeremy cut the innaugaral cake for our Annual event…and we have counted on him ever since to add his dimension of fun! It was fantastic to see him win his award  and wow the crowds in Vancouver at the amazing 3 day event! We were thrilled he returned for our 2012 Chalk Art Festival! Often times he had a large crowd around his table admiring and purchasing most of the day! Even the Mayor of Covina~ Kevin Stapleton! As always, he was also ALOT of FUN to have on hand.  Those of you that have experienced Jeremy’s energy will never forget it! We  very much look forward to seeing Jeremy again this time in the host city of Mapleridge B.C. Canada!! Help him help himself and others with his brand of ingenuity by coming out and supporting him! Every small bit HELPS! Thankyou greatly.

…..Making friends with Autism Coloring Books will be there to be sold for Jeremy’s benefit!! Come by and pick a few up! They are fantastic teaching tools for families, schools and communities!

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