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These days everything good has a lower case i in front of it.

It used to be that the upper case I ruled the day. I am, I learn, I can, I have, I conquer.That is no longer the only case.

With so many inter-connections through technological wonders we chit-chat with each other globally as if we virtually live next door.

The day is now all about: inet, iphone, ipad, ipod, iconquer!

It’s no wonder that I stands for Incredible. ”I” is no longer just the icon for one’s Ego it has been joined by it’s re-invented lower-case form. We now clearly have two ‘selfs’: I and i.

This new lower case i, is perhaps our new identity. Our cyber/technological selves.

 Our “iself.”

So following that thought process I turn to Autism (as I always do.) Call me crazy but, I view Autism as another of these connective technological “itools.”

The fact-finding missions that you immerse yourself in as a parent of and a friend to Autistic people is fascinating. I have discovered so much about myself, my Autistic loved ones and all human behaviors through this portal of brain~difference. Connecting my mind to the amazing layers of all connectivity not often considered. I look forward to the day when the rest of our world’s minds do too!

The main message Autistic voice’s are sending today is :“presume competence.” Presume competence in all people, verbal, non verbal, on the spectrum, off the spectrum, deaf, blind etc. I believe it shows immense integrity to assume the very best in others. To not judge if others have differing navigational skills and ways of being. Understanding that in life there is always more than meets the eye/label when it comes to people.

So I will take ”presume competence” another step and say “intelligence intact.” When meeting an Autistic or other diversely-abled person~ KNOW that they have intelligence intact. Communicating their intelligence will manifest in differing ways…but, KNOW it is there. Iintact.

So I will place two lower case “i’s” in front of Autism because as we know Autism does amplify life!! 

“Intelligence intact Autism!”

iiAutism………coming at ya!!  

The “i’s” have it!!


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“Pos~Autism” Book signing!

This Saturday, September 15th at 3 p.m. I am getting an early Birthday present! A slot for AutismHWY, Making Friends with Autism , The Art of Autism, Joel’s Vision Arts and Celebrate Autism to share center-stage at Vroman’s Bookstore in Pasadena California!  A Southern California icon serving the community for 118 yrs. Growing up here in the San Gabriel Valley I am very proud to have this chance! I hope you will come out and JOIN US.

Join us for a chance to talk about Autism and meet some people thriving with it…Discover books describing the daily challenges the many talents,the comical moments and most importantly the hopes and dreams of acceptance and inclusion!


I will be sharing my Coloring Books: “Making Friends with Autism” and “Why Does Wyatt Do That?” PLUS previewing our new addition: MFWA “Awareness Every Month” Coloring Pages.  Which will be coming soon! Teaching Brain Awareness on the AutismHWY!


Debra Hosseini will be on hand with her fabulous book The Art of Autism: Shifting Perceptions. A visually stunning collection of Art created by 77 Artists on the Autism Spectrum. Hear about the Artists personal journey and see the inspiration of their work! Such an uplifting movement and most likely the largest collaboration of Spectrum Artists Internationally! Quite a mosaic of talent! Please come and be awed! All of you Artists out there on the spectrum: come out and meet a true champion for your cause! 

We are so proud to be joined by Joel Anderson! Artist, Advocate deluxe! Joel has many accomplishments and projects that never cease to slow down. He is on a mission to help Autistic children be understood and loved for who they are! He is an exceptional role model for all of us! Joel is available to speak publicly to any and all that need useful Awareness tools!! Schools, Communities and Families can all benefit from Joel’s good will and talent! Soon Joel will be traveling to Canada for a 3rd yr. in a row! In 2010 he became an ANCA Int’l Naturally Autistic People Award recipient for his excellence in Community Service. In 2011 he returned as a Host and Performer during the fantastic 3-day event. Next month he will return as an Ambassador for these excellent Awards joining the ranks of Temple Grandin! This young man has alot to offer the Autism Community you really won’t want to miss a chance to meet him and his creative business partner /Mom~Sandi!

Topping all of that will be Linda Gund Anderson sharing the literal mind of Autism and it’s “Unintentional Humor”!! In her hilarious book of the same name! Linda and her son Brent are Advocates and leaders in this positive movement ‘spectrum families’ are making! Working resource and information fairs, conferences and more criss-crossing across the entire country! Founder’s of the website Linda and Brent are a great team in our knowledge building efforts as we share our perspective from the AutismHWY!! See you  all this Saturday!

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We ARE Free!

Free to love, accept and understand AUTISM! The Independance to choose happiness and peace with your existence. Exactly what this holiday is designed for. I am exhilerated to see that this choice is becoming quite popular. In the 2 yrs. has been on the web the momentum has been remarkable! Autistic People and Families on the Spectrum are going strong recruiting others into this wonderful, uplifting army of information and ACCEPTANCE!

It is an exciting time indeed seeing a shift in society’s understanding of the human brain stimulated by the Autistic mind. 

Almost daily new ideas fostering creativity and inclusion for Autistic people are being created and implemented! Platforms of support and opportunity being raised like a new barn by the folks in a loving and helpful community! It truly is remarkable. Meeting the people behind all of this hard work and ingenuity has been a deep blessing for myself and family here on the AutismHWY. I have met and continue to meet so many enriched people. Enriched by the journey Autism has taken us on. Self Advocate and astute business woman Temple Grandin speaks of the doors for opportunity and how to make those doors open. To be yourself, Autism or no Autism and get on with the living and working!! Just that simple. As Leonora Gregory Collura has brilliantly coined with her company name years ago~ ”Naturally Autistic”…define and accept the process and work with it. Be your self, it is really all a person can do! FREE yourselves of others standards and expectations and create NEW,  more appropriate standards for yourself! That IS the American way afterall! The human way.

 Amazing People…Doing amazing things!!  

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Hope and Freedom x 3!!

It is that time again! The Hope and Freedom Film Festival in Long Beach California! Truly an inspiring mission being layed out for stories to be told. Important heart-filled stories. Stories to inspire dialogues that change things in our world. Examining human nature and why people do what they do?!! Putting spotlights on injustices and many ‘under the surface issues people battle against!’

Nothing new about that on the AutismHWY! That is why we are 1000% behind this fantastic FILM FESTIVAL each and every year! This Saturday May 12th come on down to the Art Theatre on 4th st in Long Beach. 10:00 am will begin the day.

 Between 10:00 and 12:00 you will be treated to a Student Congress organized debate. Where selected High School and College students will kick-things off  debating a community chosen topic. 2 debaters will be awarded $250.00 cash! One recipient will be decided by an audience vote and the other recipient will be chosen from a panel of experts! Fantastic start for a very spirited day!

The 1st film will be at 12:00 noon: “THE END/ BEGINNING: CAMBODIA”

This film shows how the end can sometimes be the beginning of something precious, as families valiantly escaped from Cambodia. 

Directly after the film at 12:30 there will be a very important speaker; an actual  refugee from 1981 Dr. Sam Keo. Dr. Keo has been helping others by working as a Clinical Psychologist for the County of Los Angeles for 20 yrs. He will be able to speak directly about the experiences portrayed in the riveting film after his many years of healing.

At 1:30: “ERASING HATE” is the documentation of a former violent ‘skin-heads’ transformation outwardly and inwardly.Byron Widner attempts to erase the hate and escape that former hate fueled lifestyle as he erases his menacing tattoos one after another. 

At 3:15: “THE MOVEMENT: One man joins an uprising”  The story of one man’s return to the mountain that changed his life forever.Joining the ranks of people that have overcome physical limitations. People whom have been told by professionals that they would/could never do something. This film focuses on the human spirit that fights back against that and refusing to hear the word “never.”

At 4:15″FROM THE GROUND UP”This entry is the story of NYFD widows and their children making sense of the senseless after the 9-11 attacks. The challenges, tear drops and laughter are documented as they bravely move forward without their fathers/husbands.

Two of these families have children with Autism. After it’s conclusion I will have a moment to speak to the issues in the film. I will also take a moment to tell the audience about the incredible positive movement we are a part of here on!

At 5:00 we will see “THE END OF THE WORLD” A silent movie  artfully depicting the story of  a solitary man in search of work and food in his torn down city after the economic fall.

At 5:15 “WHILE WE WATCH” is a gripping portrait of the Occupy Wall Street movement. This film provides witness of a new dawn of the power of people and social media!

6:30 will bring on “CONNECTED a funny, eye opening and inspiring film. Go on a rollercoaster ride of discovery as to how technology has changed our idea of what ‘being connected’ means in 2012!

At 7:55 “GOOD THINGS ARE ALWAYS HAPPENING” This is a quick uplifting film about love and fate and proposition 8! Hitting on the importance that lies within

8:00 marks the The final film for 2012 ”BRINGING KING TO CHINA” This is the story of a father and daughter passionate about their missions in life. The film creates a cross cultural dialogue about the current relevance of Dr. Martin Luther King’s philosophy of peace and non-violence.

What a thought provoking line-up a fantastic Saturday adventure! Afterwards at 10:00 pm many festival participants 21 & over will adjourn to the 4th St.VINE 200 feet from the theatre that will remain open until 12:00!

Dont forget to buy raffle tickets!! All day they grant prizes to lucky ticket holders! This year we will donate a Raffle package that will include: The making Friends with Autism Coloring Books, Debra Hosseini’s tHE ART of AUTISM book and Silke Heyer’s one of a kind Art Bags!!



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