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That’s exactly what I saw this last week on Artists and Autism! The fantastic facebook group I introduced you to in my 1st “Highlite” Blog, “Birds of a Feather” recently. The Positive vibes just jump off of that page into your lap. The perfect artistic metaphorical “lap-dog”!! Something …that is ALWAYS THERE when you need a smile! No Matter the days circumstances. Just log on…and de~stress! If you haven’t found it yet…..

CLICK HERE!…!/pages/Artists-and-Autism/366165741773?ref=ts

The wonderful people that contribute here have more than ART in common . Another “3~Letter” word: ASD! Autism Spectrum Disorder. We ARE, or LOVE someone on the SPECTRUM! Some of US are professionals with HUGE HEARTS. These professionals do more than earn a paycheck. They have taken Autism to heart. As if, they did have an ASD member in the family! That is so much a part of the magic. The magic that Jeff Kellen has created…propagated and nurtured! This MAGIC. that IS …”A & A on facebook.” Spread the good word!!

I love the fact that I have SO MUCH amazing Talent to choose from when it comes time to do a highlight blog!! Recently the POETRY has been phenomenal. I have picked 3 beautiful poems to share with you today! Our poets are named, Melody Rain, Nicole Nicholson and Sheera Cunningham! These talented ladies brought smiles and tears this week with their powerful words. Describing Autism and how it can make you feel is NOT an EASY task. It is awe inspiring to me how these gals can use just a few carefully chosen words and open SUCH flood-gates to emotion and knowledge! Thank you ladies, one and all~~ VERY WELL DONE!!

Melody Rains work…”Only Me”

once again my life has fallen apart
and has left a crack and a hole inside my heart
i feel so broken within
…..just like i did way back then
why do i have to feel …
so alone
so cold
so unreal?
no one understands
i doubt anyone ever will….
too bad my autism can not be solved by one little magic pill!
i do what others expect of me
i go places and do things
and try hard even if people do not always see!
but not good enough for some
and i wonder why do i even bother to come?
i try to make friends i really do
i try to be nice and sincere and true
all that i think a friend should be
but other times i want to be alone and feel FREE!
there are things about me you may never comprehend
but that does not mean you can not be my friend.
i do not have to be like you
or walk and talk just the way you do
i do not have to think in the way you think
and when i do not why does your heart have to sink?
how come i am the one who caused your frown
why do have to be the one who lets you down???
no one is the exact same
to want it that way…well…life would pretty lame
its ok for me to be different and not be like you
its ok for you to accept that and not wish for me to
be proud of me not what you wish or want me to be.
now please help me mend my heart
and help my world to stop falling apart!
be a true friend
one who is true until the very end.

Written and Copyrighted by Melody Rain (autistic poet,writer & advocate)
i also have the autism exposure page located on facebook.!/pages/Autism-Exposure/137038026307262?ref=ts

Nicole Nicholson’s work…..

Poem: You Don’t See It

You don’t see it, but some days
I drag moonlit danger behind me like a veil of milky dust
casting itself off of my crown. I balance
armies of fire on the backs of my arms and
use them for wings. I hear
the stars rubbing their legs together for the want of music
and hanging gold fiddled notes on Venus’ earlobes. They
chime, making love in the solar wind.
I strap bass lines onto my back;
wrap chain mail angels around my chest;
strap thunderclouds to the soles of my feet;
and I dance.

You wouldn’t know it,
but I have a thousand Heavens
and just as many Hells burning inside. You see
the computer mind, but not the
glass shatter heart. I sometimes wonder
if I am a transparent kachina in your line of sight, if you can
already see how much I burn; but you
always prove me wrong. You
try to unzip me, and see my eyes fleeing away from you
like startled ponies. Do you really
know me? If you did, you would know that
if I look at you too long, I might burst.

But you don’t know. And how can I tell you?
I consult the dictionary of human behavior every day.
I had to load it into my brain and make it learn
that you open doors with hello and
that you close them with goodbye. I had to learn
the mechanics of when to smile, when to laugh.
If I like you, I tear encyclopedia pages and pictures from off my walls
to give to you as gifts. And if I were to love you, I might
serenade you with music channeled from the
stereo installed into my brain that I first noticed
when I was ten.
But small talk still feels like grease on my
fingertips. And some days, I hear
my own voice rendered in Greek and wonder
when I will speak my own tongue again.

So I will speak my own dialect of
encyclopedia notes, photographs, trivia bank entries,
badly sung covers of the originals, words shaped
like arrows. There may be no smiles, no
dance of our eyes, no oil between us to make things
easier. That’s not how I work, and I am
not ashamed of this. And maybe some day, you will
see me dance.

© 2010 Nicole Nicholson. All Rights Reserved.
Original poem published February 23, 2010
on Raven’s Wing Poetry

Sheera Cunningham’s work…….

this is a poem I wrote for my daughter right around the time of her diagnosis.

PANDORA’S BOX (for faith)

Pandora’s box
…meets Goldilocks
and eyes as blue as the sea
connects the dots
and swallows lots
of medication
her remedy
a spirit unleashed
on a world a peace
unprepared for a child
my first born love
to kiss and to hug
locked away from
the miniature me
this porcelain queen
who presents as
my raggedy ann
is lost in a life
where demons creep at night
is too young to understand
the monsters that hide
within innocent
and play us
as their wonderland
this child of mine
trapped inside
a realm without an upper hand
the games we share
from daydreams
to butterflies
she sings in her
between the screams
my princess who always cries
a heart
of gold
I long to hold
but can’t comfort
this one that I love
future to mold
from impulses bold
an angel….misplaced from

Sheera Cunningham

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TEARS of~JOY~!! “Caught in the Rain”

It’s OFFICIAL! The newly formed Autism Youth Sports League has hit the ground running Literally! At Thursday’s 1st practice we ended it running… from an awesome summer thundershower/ downpour! I have come to the BELIEF that GOD was crying tears of JOY!! Joy that our special players finally have a LEAGUE TO CALL THEIR OWN!!

Their own “Home~Base”…A~League! A place where they can be themselves and play BALL! With NO-ONE to question it. No explanations needed. Because we are ALL on THE SAME TEAM! Team Autism!

The players and families on “Our Team” are amazing people to say the least! No Derision, No Pressures! Just plenty of ENCOURAGEMENT, Understanding and Instruction. Fun on ALL~LEVELS! Today Sat. July 17th 2010 will be long remembered! Lora Mancini had a dream of this “Baby” … The idea of ~Youth Sports for kids with Autism.

WWAAaaaaaa!~((SLAP))!! Today It was born.With a GREAT…”APGAR” Score! A little glitch will occur here and there for the 1st few weeks- but, that is to be expected. We will undoubtedly be busy ironing all of those wrinkles out as we gain our footing.With MUCH MORE than capable President Manual Zapata as coach, teacher/father. I can’t be happier or PROUDER to have a hand in helping to “rear this child.” The incredible turn-out of families says it all! We are on the right path. The RIGHT HWY. The highway to not “wasting our time on the ground!” Our time on this planet! Focus on the powerfully POSITIVE! So many things in life are trivial and menial…The important things are LIFE~ AFFIRMING and you can feel it! Such is the case with A.Y.S.L. The Power here is PHENOMENAL ! Other worldly~ Divine. You CAN feel it!!

Am I over the TOP?? Perhaps, you may think so. However, parents, family, friends and ALL attending today understand where I am coming from. It is ‘in the air there‘ and you can just FEEL IT!! Sports has that POWER! Always has and ALWAYS will. Men know about it and the ‘smarter’ females too!! hehe (don’t be mad all you non-sports chicks!) Adding this dynamic with the almighty Autism is a delicate balance. A chemistry you play with. I often say Autism is all about “Finding your Formula.” …….

The formula that works for your child, for you and for your family as a whole. Finding that delicate balance to help your ASD member to become as Happy and Successful as possible! This new factor we are inserting into that ‘chemistry set’~Organized Sports opens a whole NEW DOOR! A new dimension previously untapped. A DOOR to a world of self worth and self pride. A door NO ONE had been knocking on for them. Lots of players at the ballpark today “opening those doors” and many adults with “tears of joy “watching it happen!! IMAGINE THAT!?


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Anyone “worth their salt…” does it! … LOVE 2 EVOLVE! That is. It is a natural process, if you will just ALLOW IT! So many of us get caught up in the ‘Daily Grind’ and stuck in the rut of our worldly existence. Looking at life from a positive and hopeful fashion can put a NEW SPIN on Your “Daily Planet”! Dare to be SUPER~Man!… SUPER~Woman !…. SUPER~~YOU!! The most positive and uplifting person that you can possibly muster!! The “SUPER~YOU.” (Makes me think of a very funny scene in Cameron Crowe’s movie, “Singles!”)

Be ALL You can be! You to the 10th POWER!! After all people~ this is the COSMIC year of 10-10-10!! That’s right!! It has been a LONG-TIME Coming!! Here we are in the midst of it!! Such…SYNCHRONICITY. Such POWER! Such ALIGNMENT! For the GREATER GOOD!! Many of us are feeling it , living it. It’s like the pulse of so much reality smacking us in the face! For the first time ever VENUES are opening up. For a whole population of people just waiting to speak! Through there ABILITIES! Not their “so-called”Disabilities! Having a chance to show their POWER . The powerful ABILITIES ~GOD did give these amazing individuals! Having the ability to express themselves through , Sports, Music and the Arts some have LITERALLY found a voice they never had! Through these venues they have been able to EXCEL. They have A LOT to teach us!!

They are LOVING TO EVOLVE and they are showing the way to the whole planet! It is time for BIG POWERFUL Change. The Alignment is right for the world to listen to its HEART Our mother earth is at the core of every single one of us! It is calling for US to look into our Hearts and Minds and visualize the change and shift of perceptions. THE EVOLUTION! LOVE 2 EVOLVE will bring.

On 8~8~10 at 10:08 a.m. ALL Time Zones…L2E is calling out : to All the “Super~YOUS” Evolve your UNDERSTANDING of the people we share mother earth with! The incredible earth-women behind this event Monique Nazzari, Helen Brown, Fabiola Ana Torrez and Lori Shayew have been putting in every ounce of love and energy they possess. Truly amazing ladies I am honored to be working with! Here are some words from Ms. Shayew, a woman with many gifts, “The Gifts of Autism” on facebook being 1 of them!! She is a true inspiration to me and one of the driving forces in our Alignment of Acceptance

Love2Evolve was inspired by parents and educators whose lives have been touched by Autism. The goal of Love2Evolve is to bring more Understanding, Compassion, Acceptance, Love, Peace, Unity, Togetherness to diversity and the World as a whole. We are all challenged with Diversity in one way or another. Imagine more Peace in the World. Imagine a world where your child was more understood!A mindful world gathering focusing thoughts on acceptance, connection and a spirit of welcome. The intention is that people from all around the world, people on all continents across Mother Earth (at the same hour) meditate, pray, visualize or think positive thoughts for up to one hour for more acceptance, compassion, understanding, respect, love and peace in the world. By focusing inward we focus on our hearts and connect at this deeper level for change.

Paradise begins with the love we show each other here on earth.

LOVE 2 EVOLVE http://www.facebook .com/?sk=messages&tid=1525416738138#!/event.php?eid=136164579741212&ref=ts

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NO Not the NEW DEFICIT!! ~~~”Ten Trillion” THANKS! To soo many. Last blog I started to thank all the Great Teens that helped our players. I just love the way “that looked”…seeing high-schoolers ready willing and able to help. Not having any experience with AUTISM yet, ready to take it on!! Very Brave indeed KUDOS to all of you!! By the end of this season you could see how in tune they became with each player. That is a key thing because this is part of AUTISM…you learn to work around patterns. The patterns of the ASD Individual.

ALL People are “Creatures of Habit.” Where else did that saying come from? We tend to pattern our lives ,our daily routines, it’s human nature. Siblings get that on the job training from birth just like us parents. Only that connection ,can be described as brilliant! Siblings of A.S.D. Individuals are TRULY Home run Derby Kings!


So thanks so much to the incredible teen-volunteers and the awesome brothers and sisters of OUR A~League Players. You ALL ROCK! I also want to thank ALL of the A~League families for taking that “leap of faith.” Believing in the process being kind to your child and the experience being a good one. ALL in ALL I’d say spot on!!

More thanks to spot-light on …Are the FABULOUS Generous Sponsors that gave for Our Carnival Celebration and Raffle. The kids had a great time and the people that put in their 2 cents were rewarded handsomely!! Our GRAND PRIZE that had the most entries was the Beach-Cruiser Bicycle ….Donated by ARCADIA! An amazing woman was lucky enough to win that ! Maybe it was destiny. This gal is the mother to 2 autistic sons!…..Sons that she has ADOPTED! It made my heart smile that she was the winner!! AWESOME! Another grand winner won 4 Tickets for Knott’s is a lot of fun. Generally not too crowded(Which can be key!). Wyatt has been a few times and enjoyed himself! That prize went to a mom of a new player for our league! Just what I am wanting …a new female A-Leaguer! My nephew Austin Green won 4 passes for …How much fun is that!?? Austin is a great cousin to Wyatt. He helped ALOT w/ his cousin at the carnival! Thankyou Austin for stepping-up! Our FINAL ! Shane and his mom ( Wy’s weighted vest’ creator~& raffle donation!! ) won that! Shane was so happy getting his trophy he jumped in the air! Little did he know he’d be winning a bike SOON ENOUGH! I love it!


Trader Joe’s…SAN DIMAS, Frisella’s Roastery…GLENDORA, Numero Uno Pizza…PASADENA, LaVerne-Sierra Madre-Duarte PIZZA CO’s, SAN DIMAS & FREEWAY(W. Covina) Liquor, Little Joe’s FRESH MEX of ARCADIA, The Old Spaghetti Factory…DUARTE, Taco Ready…COVINA, HOUSTON’S Restaraunt …PASADENA, SUBWAY of SAN DIMAS/Via Verde, Undercovers (intimate Apparel) GLENDORA, KAILANI Jewelers…COVINA, Thematic Attic school supplies…COVINA, Candy Connection…COVINA, Glessners Pharmacy…COVINA, Bright Plaza Home Medical Equipment…WHITTIER, Phillips Ranch Pharmacy…PHILLIPS RANCH, Rosemary Johnson’s O.T. in MONROVIA, Covina CYCLERY…COVINA, Bicycle CENTRAL…GLENDORA, Perfect Tyme CLOCKS …GLENDORA Johnny’s POOL SUPPLY…COVINA! & LAST BUT NOT LEAST… !!!


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