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That’s what you do when you have a BRILLIANT IDEA…and also what OUR A~Leaguers did yesterday!! We had our older division Dodgers have their whole practice in the cages!! Talk about yet another new experience for these players!! San Dimas Little League has a brand new pitching machine and our players did what they could to break it in!!

Our “CRUSHERS” The Zapata twins took the lead showing their team-mates how it’s done! So great having these boys mentoring the younger kids. Their father Manual and brother Michael have been INVALUABLE to our teams! ALL of the knowledge they have passed to the twins…is getting passed to the other players! The baseball skills trickle down!!You gotta LOVE THAT!!

Some of the boys just experienced the feeling of the pitches and are a season or… two away from actually hitting those pitches. Other players made good contact with the ball!! Still others didn’t connect but, watched that ball intently. Which is great because the timing is so key. I was very impressed with the way~ Zach (my “High Vibrational Kid“) followed the ball. He didn’t hit, this time. However, his swings were right on!! Just a little low.

The swings might have been LOW…but the moods were HIGH!! For that WE MUST THANK Lora Mancini yet, again. Much like our players in the batting cages… Lora timed her pitch! She grew up playing hard-ball every summer in Temple City. She wanted baseball for her boy and ALL the other children ON THE SPECTRUM She had a BRILLIANT IDEA! She did the research AND she jumped through the MANY hoops. Bottom-line is SHE MADE IT HAPPEN!! She timed the pitch to Tim Roe and the S.D.L.L. Board. They liked “her timing.” The family members filled the bases with players and…

Amazingly enough…Ladies and Gentlemen, Our players are hitting it out of the ballpark!! A TRUE GRANDSLAM!!


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Season’s SHIFTING…

…as we tick into SUMMER from SPRING! What an amazing spring we have had! The very 1st ALL~ AUTISM~DIVISION! Thankyou to LITTLE LEAGUE, San Dimas Little League …League President, Tim Roe and Mom on a Mission “DIVISION VISIONARY” Lora Mancini. Without the ALIGNMENT of these entities we would have been missing the boat this season yet again. HAPPILY not the case!

With this initial season we have seen and felt amazing things.For the MOST PART… very clear sailing! Our young players connecting and bonding with peers like never before! Social SKILLS to the 10th POWER! I have not really seen one meltdown or unhappy kid in ALL of the practices and games. We HAVE HAD a few stomps, pouts and whoops around the bases from time to time. The only bat throwing is not in anger …more in danger. Whoops! Some of the kids are not quite sure about that dropping of the bat ritual. (We will be working diligently on that to be sure…)

Which we will have time to do …this SUMMER!! Woo Hoo ~The adventure continues! Our season ends June 5th… and after we Celebrate that & take a couple of weeks off…WE WILL BE BACK!! With a Summer-League! So Awesome… especially this summer, when California has ~completely~ cut our Summer DAY-CAMP Budget to – ZIP ! Uh Oh…everyone with a kid on the spectrum knows…busy is good. So busy, “lucky us” will be!! Thanks again LITTLE LEAGUE, S.D.L.L., Tim Roe, Lora Mancini…& the hard working moms and dads on the board and on the field. SUMMER in the DUGOUT!!

Our hats are off to you!! You have affected such change and happiness that the effects will be rippling on for years! How is that possible you say ?? Simple. Two words. SELF ESTEEM! A simple yet, pure basic human need. Something we have not been affording these amazing kids. Seems society had decided that they didn’t have the skills or desire or the NEED. Society has been ~Wrong~dead wrong! I have seen EVERY kid open up. Regardless of “how-autistic” you would consider each player. We ARE all variations on A theme…and this baseball breaks BARRIERS! I have been seeing it, living it, breathing it …..WRITING IT!!

I have thoroughly convinced myself and anyone else who’ll listen! This IS the way to go SELF ESTEEM THERAPY …so simple. The season has only been a handful of weeks…just thinking of the continued confidence and happiness we can build… WOW ,The possibilities are SO GREAT!! Lora is taking steps to let the little league organization know how important this season has been. She also needs our help to explain the value of an all AUTISM DIVISION! If we have the numbers to fill teams in each community then I say…”keep ‘em seperated.” It just makes sense for purposes of commonalities and cohesive teaching styles. I’ve been trying to tell people AUTISM is a whole other entity. ISSUES and VARIABLES. But if all players have the same issues and variables it is so much easier to move forward as a group.

A Common Understanding! It’s a beautiful thing …we strive for!!

Please E-Mail…… to tell him why it is beneficial to continue on with an AUTISM DIVISION….. Parents, Interested Parties…and…Proffessionals PLEASE !

Thankyou Greatly! AutismHWY!!

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View the NEWS STORY click here [VIDEO] A-LEAGUE featured on KNBC Los Angeles Cal!

Well our GROUNDBREAKING SEASON is off to a great start! Sunny San Dimas was a great backdrop for OUR FUN!! Its so exciting to me that this is happening right here WHERE WE LIVE! How lucky are we? Hopefully this is the PRECEDENT for things to come!! How about a day when autistic children and adults can choose their sport and play?! It is coming Ladies and Gentlemen…it won’t be a simple task. Just a task that is LONG OVERDUE and simply NEEDS TO HAPPEN.

Big PLANS indeed! A conversation we will “table” for another time! Today it was all about “Picture day” AND Game #1!!! WOO HOO. We met up early this morning and smiled for the camera ! All kids wrangled and arranged! The photographers could’nt “table” their need for PERFECTION…and they wanted shirts tucked and hats straightened! One assistant kept asking me to “fix” Wyatt’s hat. Wyatt does’nt actually like the hat…so invariably it gets all turned around. I felt NO NEED to straighten the hat. I replied,”Thats OK thats the way he rolls.” Our manager Matt gave me a knowing look and chimed in “We like it like that!” AND WE DO!!

The younger division had their game at 10:00 a.m. The older division followed at 11:30 a.m. That is the scheduele for ALL the Saturdays of the season ,with the exception of April24th. “A-LEAGUE” will have a buy that day…as most of us will be at the Pasadena ROSE BOWL for the AUTISM WALK!

Come on out to the games & the walk to SHOW YOUR SUPPORT! We had a great turn-out. The Dodgers had a few kids missing …but the rest were ready! Lora Mancini’s ANGEL TEAM is always out in force! Looking at the sea of red Tim Roe League President said , ” It looked like there were more spectators at the a-league field than the rest of the Ballpark! ” That is the ENTHUSIASM we feel …having OUR FAMILIES at the Ballpark on a sunny spring day!! It’s UNDENIABLE!

As the “Youngsters ” game unfolded a VERY telling thing occured. Over half the players decided to ” take a pitch” as opposed to using the tee!!! WOW…This is just game 1 …looks like we are going to be getting some great results! When confidence levels rise…no telling WHAT will be in store!! Each team takes two at bats and, when fielding —players shift periodically getting the feel of the whole DIAMOND!! All players are working well! For the YANKEES... Kory B. was essentially a vacuum. Fielding everything within his reach! Elijah L. from the ANGELS… HIT a LONG Groundball to centerfield which earned him the GAMEBALL! Awesome IDEA Coach SCOTT!!

Next-up the “Oldsters” had their debut! They were ready for business…many players can really connect at the plate! While some need literal “shadows” to guide them through…ALL GOOD! I roll closely with Wyatt as he finds his stride. Today he used the metal bat. Mostly he “TAPS or POINTS” at the ball atop tee. With help he swings. When he tried today…#3 was the charm because after 2 misses, he PROMPTLY Flicked the ball WITH HIS 4 FINGERS!! Which sent US round the base path. Me laughing at the practicality of “My BOY”!!

The BRAVES had a good turn-out today. The Penny TWINS had their usual game-faces ON! Delightful SMILES… as they skip across the infield making their plays! Southpaw Eric, HIT some great LINE DRIVE SHOTS! The DODGERS had a GREAT START… when Zach’s MOM, Nicole prompted the boys on “Good DUG-OUT Vibrations! ” Encouraging team spirit…SO IMPORTANT!! The DODGERS bring it with POWER, when the Zapata TWINS are “in the house”! These boys can HIT! Helps having a great Dad & Big Brother to mentor them. As big brother Michael said today, “Their training is paying off!” Both Nick and Steven powered HIGH FLY BALLS out to the fence. The “Homerun Aura” was lingering.

The next time Nick was up …a great cut, the pinging sound… and the HIGHEST of HITS! Then a ONE-HOP & DROP right OVER THE FENCE. The crowd went nuts! A HOMERUN!! THE HOMERUN!… That NICK had predicted in practice ! During the KNBC story, TWINS Nick and Steven were interviewed. I had the privelege of listening in! The footage never made air …which is a shame! The producer asked the boys to describe what they were enjoying the most about “A-LEAGUE.” Immediately Nick said,”HOMERUNS!” Priceless! His brother Steven agreeing then gesturing with his arm… a ball soaring through the air! BEYOND PRICELESS! We need to get our hands on that prophetic footage.

VISUAL THINKERS! Nick so clearly saw that HOMERUN as he spoke about it at Wednesdays practice! Today, Saturday GAME DAY…He made it happen! Thus earning his “GAME-BALL!” I know another visual thinker…and that is Lora Mancini! She visualized the A-LEAGUE, and today it is a REALITY.…………A TRUE HOMERUN!!!!!

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