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The…”FUN & ONLY”!!!

Will be happening, NON~STOP!! Next Saturday on September Eleventh. Come on out to California’s GREAT AMERICA Theme Park in beautiful, sunny Santa Clara!! is counting down the minutes!! Literally…the minutes to our ~Fun DAY for AutismAwareness~ and the LAUNCH of the website!

AutismHWY has been “under construction” in one form or another since April of 09! It has been a long journey and very exciting to be working on widening the Autism Information HWY!! We all have layers and layers of info to share… and for that we need MANY extra lanes!! I guess you can hear my California Freeway mentality! lol Communication has been referred to as a “2~Way Highway” In some cases VERY TRUE!! In the ASD World. Very RARE!! Many, many avenues must be incorporated and used JUST to navigate daily life!

This is a good thing. It adds to the fabric and fun of our lives! Thinking outside of the box.FREEWAY of thought for DIVERSITY!” ASD STYLEHARMONY!! Coming from all walks of “thought” into the mainstream. Living side by side in parallel lanes!! Travelling the HWY’S of our lives! “On the

So…that being said, get me back on the HWY. The Pacific Coast Hwy…and straight to California’s Great America. AUTISM AWARENESS and an “ALL~YOU~ CAN~EAT” B.B.Q. are on the Menu! Should be alot on your plate and very SATISFYING! Learn more about the other great Organizations that will be participating

By clicking here

C.A.R.D , Children’s Health Council, elca , Faces of Hope , I Can Too Learning Center , Spectrum Center , STEPS Therapy , The Treehouse Inc. , TUCCI Learning Solutions , Hillview Prep , Autism Speaks NorCal , pace & Angels on Stage ! An AWESOME Line-Up for the BIG~DAY!

I am so looking forward to having an afternoon to speak with families about their experiences on the SPECTRUM!! We ASD Families have some challenges that can take you from the darker sides of life to the completely lighter side of life Sometimes, all in the same day!…NEVER BORING!! Always learning new ways to manage. The AUTISM TRENCHES are meant to be shared!! Can’t wait for our families to meet their comrades!! lol

The park OPENS at 10:00 a.m. and the FUN lasts until 8:00 p.m. A Full Day with helpful information to boot! The more people that take the time to examine the world of AUTISM the better. The world of AUTISM has a lot of practical ideas that apply TO ALL PEOPLE!

So come learn, live and have fun!! There will be many FUN ACTIVITIES at each of the Organizations Booths…Fun and INFO!! AutismHWY will be holding a coloring contest. Let your child shine creatively!! Fun and prizes for a few…Giveaways for ALL!! We also have a special awareness logo we would like everyone to spread!! ( with a few special surprises as well!) Shhh… So much fun…EVEN Before you TRY ALL of the Awesome Attractions!! Please see them all on the website with fun descriptions!!

CLICK HERE for a direct look at RIDES & ATTRACTIONS…

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GREAT~America…on 9~11!!

It is so fitting that California’s Great America Theme Park is holding AUTISM AWARENESS DAY on this auspicious date! When I first heard about this it seemed like a cosmic alignment! Just like the amazing coincidence at the recent EMMY AWARDS!! The cosmic alignment that allowed Miss Temple Grandin to win 5 emmys for her life-story on her BIRTHDAY!! She really is an AWARENESS GIFT that keeps giving!!

Awareness is what we as ASD Families need to GIVE THE WORLD!! Everyone else is too busy with all of the world’s “other matters.” it is so EXCITING that is PARTNERING with this awesome AMUSEMENT PARK!! For Great America to plan an event in mid-September is BEAUTIFUL!! Too often people believe awareness is only for Awareness mo. in APRIL! When WE living on the SPECTRUM know that awareness does not stop on MAY DAY!!!

If it does than…HELP!! …MAY DAY !! & S.O.S.!! We need mass mainstream appeal here folks!! There are people out there that don’t even know who Temple Grandin IS ??! Please take the time to watch her AMAZING HBO MOVIE, if you do nothing else!!

So this is why I am SO IMPRESSED with Great America’s AUTISM AWARENESS DAY held on September 11th! Thinking outside of the box! It has been 9 yrs. since the fateful 911 event that rocked human spirits far and wide. An EYE-OPENER to diversity to say the least. A diversity that many were unaware of. People share so many different perceptions, and that gets lost in the shuffle of life!! The perception of AUTISM has been lost in the shuffle of the mainstream. FOR YEARS!! So many times people need something catastrophic or earth-shattering to become aware! How many times have we all noticed that!

AUTISM teaches an important lesson. Much like the events in 2001…You realize what is truly important and what is frivolity!! I say lets concentrate on useful knowledge. It’s about appreciating and learning from the differences we ALL share!

There are no two of us exactly alike. Sure, Noah paired ‘em off by species. But, are there 2 of a kind? Truly? I think not. Has anyone EVER had a spouse, child, sibling, dog, cat or even a horse with the same personality as another? We ALL have a little different experience in the way we process AWARENESS. Children can be taught about diversity while they are young and pliable. Adults not so much! and perceive our worlds.

So, I plan to read my Autism Awareness Books to children on 9~11 in Santa Clara. Hoping to engage their parents as well! The dialogue has to become mainstream! The United States loves to be considered a world leader. In the world of AUTISM we need to pick up the pace for that consideration!! Yes, GREAT STRIDES have been made in genetic discoveries and more. But AWARENESS just seems like a lead balloon sometimes!! GREAT AMERICA is setting a great precedent here! Opening GREAT dialogue on an important issue on a MOST IMPORTANT Day of Honor and Memory and Respect! is honored and delighted to be on our way to THIS Autism Awareness Day!!

Click here for fb event page!

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AutismHWY to a …”GREAT America!!”

Yes folks, that is exactly where we are headed! I am just so glad to be on that ride!! Literally AND Figuratively!! The ride to Santa Clara California’s Great America… & their AUTISM AWARENESS DAY and the ride to the “More Enlightened” Great America…coming soon! The more Autism Aware AMERICA!! It has been a long and winding road and I sense we are “almost there!” ALMOST THERE!! The famous words heard in every car on family vacations EVERYWHERE!

We all want to get to our desired destination. Especially in the Summer!! My desired destination is not a physical space at all. It is more a state of mind, an understanding. An attitude! COMPLETE AWARENESS & ACCEPTANCE of all things ASD! That is the GREAT AMERICA I am envisioning. That is the America our kids deserve. The America I want to live in! That WAS the premise of this great country after all! People wanted the freedom. The freedom to be themselves!! Well, this is not the Revolutionary War. Just the 21st CENTURY!!

Just the century to get to that destination!! That enlightened future! It is a noble aspiration! With all the amazing groups and organizations on line…there is a natural alignment forming! I FEEL IT! We all want the same thing. Great minds DO think alike!! So as we all use our creative energies to drive the awareness forward…the HWY Widens!! The AutismHWY!! Blinkers on…merging in. ASD Handbook!! Our work is cut out for us! So take the challenge and help make autism mainstream!!

We will be at the AMAZING AMUSEMENT PARK on 9~11~10 doing just that! I can’t wait to meet everyone and talk about AutismHWY and my “Wyatt Books.”

It is so fun to talk to kids and find out what they know about the spectrum!What a FANTASTIC setting for that Dialogue. “Great America” in beautiful sunny Santa Clara! Northern California’s premiere amusement park!!


100′s of acres of rides, shows and attractions! YOU will not know where to start!! For the thrill-seekers there are nearly a dozen EXTREME RIDES!! For those seeking a cool down…try “White~Water” and “The Logger’s Run!!” KidZville has 18 amazing adventures for the little ones!! Wyatt loves a good Merry-go-round and The world’s TALLEST Double Decker carousel is here!! WooHOO!! Planet SNOOPY is NEW this year! A Peanuts party in Celebration Plaza…Charlie Brown’s song-filled Hoedown and an all you can eat country BBQ!! Awareness and FUN on the AGENDA!!

If you still have energy after that…Go and be a “STAR” ! Jack’s Jukebox Karaoke goes down in the 50′s gazebo!! Perhaps, your child is a “Circus-Star”? Join the Ringmaster for the “Backyard Circus” in the KidZville Theatre!! We hope YOU can ALL make plans to JOIN US for the FUN~AWARENESS~CELEBRATION!! “Support Group” DISCOUNTS for 15 or more!! Check the site for all the details…and COME ON DOWN, UP or SIDEWAYS !! Whatever the case may be!!! SEE YOU There!!

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